10 Bowhunting Favorites From The 2013 ATA Show


2013 ATA show


I doubt the Kentucky Derby has brought more enthusiasm to Louisville than the 2013 ATA Show. Just driving through the Kentucky Expo Center parking lot made one realize the passion that is woven into this industry. The personalized license plates, back window decals and trailer logos announce to the world that the attendees are extremely proud to share in an experience called – bowhunting


2013 ATA Show Favorites 


The 2013 ATA Show was jammed packed with new and innovative bow hunting products. As a bowhunter, I appreciated the culmination of dreams, ideas and hard work displayed by each exhibitor. Each booth within the ATA Show represented  someones dream for a better or more efficient product. With thousands of items to choose from, it was difficult to pick our favorite ten. After sorting through the brand new and some not-so-new products, here are a few of our favorite bowhunting items from this years ATA Show.


Prime Defy


1. 2013 G5 Prime – Defy


In introducing the all-new Defy, G5 at this years ATA Show, Prime once again distinguishes itself as a leader in archery innovation. With its PCX Parallel Cam technology, Ultra-Fit Grip, I-Guide Flex cable guard and 8190 BYC Strings, this bow is a recipe for accuracy.


Built on a solid 7000 series aluminum riser with extra wide limbs, there is no question as to the stability of this platform. With its extremely smooth draw cycle, definite valley and solid wall, the Defy ranks at the top for shootability.


Not only is Prime committed to quality, they are also committed to their customers. Every Prime bow purchased through an authorized dealer comes with a lifetime warranty – if that isn’t enough – a Prime original owner is also eligible for a free set of strings and cables every two years for the life of the bow.


(For over a decade I have been a loyal patron of another leading bow manufacturer, but I’ll have to admit – the G5 Prime Defy has me looking over the fence.)


IBO Speed: 330 FPS

Axle To Axle: 31″

Brace Height: 7.25

Draw Length: 26” – 30”

Pounds: 50, 60, 70

Weight: 4.1 lbs.

Let-Off: 80%


For more information visit G5 Prime  


Wicked Tree Gear Pole Saw


2. Wicked Tree Gear – Wicked Tough Pole Saw


A personal favorite from the 2013 ATA She, The Wicked Tough Pole Saw is in a class of its own. Built on the same principle as the popular Wicked Tough Hand Saw the Wicked Tough Pole Saw definitely lives up to its name – wicked tough.


The 11-inch curved carbon steel blade is designed to cut smooth and fast. A hardened steel ‘fail-safe’ design eliminates blade lock failure, keeping the Wicked Tough Pole Saw blade securely locked during use.


When folded, the saw blade integrates nicely into the rugged aluminum head. There are no exposed edges to tear clothing or your favorite hunting pack.


The head of the saw is made from rugged aluminum and folds neatly while transporting. The Zero Stop Hinge provides a stable cutting platform and does away with slop or movement in the pole saw head.


The handle assembly is of a tubular telescoping design, which allows the saw to stay rigid when extended; yet collapse and become compact when not in use.


Once again, Wicked Tree Gear has proven to be at the forefront of innovative bowhunting products.


Available in both 6-ft and 12-ft models.


6-ft Model

Open length: 6-ft.

Closed length: 19 in.

Weight: 2.8 lbs.


12-ft Model

Open length: 12-ft.

Closed length: 32 in.

Weight: 3.9 lbs.


For more information visit Wicked Tree Gear 


Top Secret Deer Scents


3. Top Secret Deer Scents


One look at a bottle of Top Secret Deer Scents and you will notice something’s different. Instead of the usual dark brown color associated with bottled deer urine, Top Secret is transparent yellow. Why – because without oxygen Top Secret’s urine stays ammonia free.


Top Secret is collected without oxygen from the time the deer urinates, through collection, bottling and continues to be oxygen free while sitting on the shelf of your favorite retailer.


Don Bell, the original founder of Code Blue Deer Scents, has once again established the next generation of top quality scent.


In addition to this proprietary collection process, Don has also introduced a Scent Saver System.


This system is designed to go with you hunting and enables you to remove oxygen between usages. The Scent Saver System permits you to start with oxygen free urine and keep it oxygen free. This feature allows for a perpetual shelf life and scent that is as fresh as the day it was bottled.


Top Secrets premier offering is their “Reserve” Doe Estrous, available in a 26 fl. oz. bottle. With only 12,000 bottles collected for 12 million deer hunters, means only 1/10 of 1% of hunters in the 2013 season will be able to get a bottle to hunt with.


For more information on products and how to become a member of the “1/10 of 1% Club” visit Top Secret Deer Scents


Watson Airlock Bag


4. Watson Airlock Bottomless 26 Bowhunters Roller Bag


Bowhunters understand the necessity of proper scent control and Watson Airlock has designed a storage bag to meet that demand. Built exclusively with the bowhunter in mind, the Watson Airlock Bottomless 26 Bowhunters Roller Bag has you covered.


Watson Airlock bags are constructed from premium Barrier nylon and polyester fabrics treated with BACK2BACK coatings. These fabrics and coatings provide odor protection along with water and abrasion resistance.


Along with providing ample room in its main compartment, the Watson Airlock Bottomless 26 also features a large bottom compartment for boots/gear, fold-out changing mat, and rugged in-line wheels and handle system.


After you have packed your gear in the main compartment, the Watson Airlock bags are secured with a zippered roll top, providing compression and a tight seal.


The Watson Airlock Bottomless 26 Bowhunters Roller Bag  is theperfect travel and storage bag for the discerning bowhunter.


For more information visit Watson Air Lock 


Covert Scouting Cameras


5. Covert Special Ops “Code Black”


Named after highly trained military units known for their “hit and run” tactics, the Special Ops “Code Black” wireless MMS camera from Covert Scouting Cameras was intended to be like its namesake – unconventional.


With its ability to silently monitor your favorite hunting area and send photos directly to your cell phone or email, the Special Ops “Code Black” camera has earned a place in the ranks of the elite.


The 2013 Special Ops “Code Black” camera features added MMS capability, 12 MP photos, 60 black LED’s, 60-foot flash range and 32GB SD Card capacity.


Unveiled at the ATA Show is a brand new feature for the 2013 “Code Black” camera. It is the ability to remotely communicate with the camera via text message. If you want to add a phone number, add an email address, set to picture or video mode, acquire a photo, or turn the MMS on or off, simply text message the camera a proper code and it’s done – great technology for the bowhunter who wants to keep his or her hunting area undisturbed.


With its primary objective being infiltration, the Special Ops “Code Black” can claim – mission accomplished.


For more information visit  Covert Scouting Cameras 


Rocky Broadhead Gear


6. Rocky Broadhead Bowhunting Apparel


Rocky Brands launches a new collection of their Broadhead gear for 2013. Rocky’s Broadhead gear offers bowhunters the ultimate in agility and protection by combining the latest technologies with extremely quiet, flexible material.


The new line of apparel includes a convertible jacket/vest, two shirts, pants, gloves and a cap, all available in Realtree Xtra with olive accents.


The Broadhead jacket and pants are made from Silent Hunter Suede with VapourFlex. This high performance material is some of the quietest in the industry. Both the jacket and pants are articulated, breathable and waterproof. These garments also include Rocky’s Scent IQ and Climate IQ technology.


The Broadhead shirts are made from moisture-wicking, four-way stretch performance fabric and feature an athletic cut for proper fit. Both shirts in the Broadhead line include Rocky’s Climate IQ and Scent IQ control. The Broadhead shirts are available in both crew neck and hooded styles.


With dozens of clothing manufactures to choose from at the ATA Show, we chose Rocky Broadhead based upon its functionality and extremely quite material. You’ll be hard pressed to find bowhunting clothing as quiet as this.


For more information visit Rocky Boots


Hunters Safety System Elite Vest


7. Hunters Safety System – Elite Vest Safety Harness


Hunters Safety System has always been at the forefront of safety harness innovation. In introducing the Elite Vest they have raised the bar once again.


The Elite Vest Safety Harness combines the fit of a high-performance vest with the function of a safety harness. The Elite’s design eliminates the bulk and lack of comfort associated with most safety harnesses.


With an outer shell made from brushed micro-tricot, the vest is deadly quiet, weather resistant, and provides just the right amount of warmth when the temperatures drop. The shoulders feature a unique silicone print that keeps backpacks or straps from slipping while walking in the field; a great asset when packing in your treestand.


The exclusive Six-Plus-Two pocket design features two large bellows pockets with magnetic closures, two divider pockets to keep gear separated and quiet, and two quick-access pockets provide instant access to items like cell phones or mouth calls.


The unique “plus-two” zippered pockets in the upper portion of the vest, house removable binocular/accessory straps, or they can serve as another set of easy-access security pockets.


With numerous features and weighing less than 3 lbs., the Elite Vest design provides the bowhunter the best of all worlds – comfort and security.


For more information visit Hunters Safety System


Stic n pic Tree Mount


8. Stic-n-pic Tree Mount Screw-In


Stic-n-pic featured their new Tree Mount Screw-In trail camera mount at the 2013 ATA Show. The same strength and flexibility found in their trail camera stand is now in a screw in tree mount.


The Tree Mount Screw-In allows you to quietly and efficiently mount your trail camera exactly where you want it. If you can’t find a flat surface to mount your camera – no problem. The mount’s rotating head gives you the ability to adjust your camera for proper tilt and the rotating Add-a-Cam allows you to swivel the camera 360 degrees in any direction.


The Tree Mount Screw-In also permits you to mount an additional camera. It’s as simple as adding an additional Add-a-Cam. This feature allows to monitor your favorite spot with more than one scouting camera.


The Tree Mount Screw-In mount makes it possible to properly mount your camera every time. No more hassle caused by crooked trees or uneven surfaces.


For more information visit Stic-n-Pic 


Tree Stand Buddy

9. Tree Stand Buddy – Quick Attach Slide Mount System


Using its “bracket and receiver” concept, the Tree Stand Buddy is a two-part system designed to take the challenge out of hanging and protecting your treestand. For those bowhunters using hang-on treestands, the Tree Stand Buddy slide-mount system is the fastest, easiest and safest way to hang your stand.


The Tree Stand Buddy bracket attaches to any single or double post hang-on stand, creating a rock-solid, no-squeak connection. The receiver is mounted to the tree by ratchet straps or lag-bolts. This unique system allows you to mount or remove your treestand quickly and quietly by sliding the bracket on or off the receiver.


If you have multiple stand locations, simply mount a receiver at those locations and you can use the same treestand for each. Not only does the Tree Stand Buddy System protect your stands from theft, but saves you the added expense of buying multiple stands.


For more information visit Tree Stand Buddy 


Real Avid Multi-Cutter


10. Real Avid – Multi-Cutter


Without a doubt, Real Avid thinks outside the box.


Introducing the Multi-Cutter – Multi-Function Cutting Tool, Real Avid has once again brought innovation into the hands of the bowhunter. The Multi-Cutter is more than a heavy-duty set of shears. It’s a whole new multi-function cutting tool, with incredible capabilities.


Name it and the Multi-Cutter can cut it, snip it, slice it, saw it and bore into it. In addition to the stainless steel cutting shears, the Multi-Cutter includes a limb saw, claw point knife, drop point knife, tree-step starter, a universal choke tube wrench and a pin punch.


This handy tool is jam packed with functionality. Unlike most bulky cutters, the Multi-Cutter conveniently folds and fits into a nylon sheath.


Saw a branch, clean out a shooting lane or brush in a ground blind – the Multi-Cutter can help you do it all.


For more information visit Real Avid 




On the last day of the ATA Show we stayed to help some friends tear down their booth. As we packed the shipping containers, I noticed a small piece of cardboard with a crude sketch – it brought a smile – I realized next years ATA Show had already begun.


We are already looking forward to what great bowhunting products that crude sketch develops into by next year.



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