2014 ATA Show: CBE Tek Hybrid Bow Sight

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The 2014 ATA Show served as the platform for the unveiling of the new CBE Tek Hybrid. Redesigned with several new features, the CBE Tek Hybrid is a sight to behold.
CBE Tek Hybrid
This year the CBE Tek Hybrid will be offered in your choice of either a direct mount or dovetail mount. You can expect the 2014 CBE Tek Hybrid to be brighter due to a large acrylic window and an additional 12-inches of fiber that has been added to each pin.

The new CBE Tek Hybrid has a more ergonomic adjustment knob and has been updated for more convenient adjustment. The updated sight also features visible hash marks, allowing precision adjustment for ultimate accuracy.
CBE Tek Hybrid Sight
One of the bonuses of the CBE Tek Hybrid is its ability to be a single or multi-pin sight. With simple and swift pin removal the CBE Tek Hybrid offers all types of archers the best of both worlds.
To find for information about the new CBE Tek Hybrid visit Custom Bow Equipment.
CBE Tek Hybrid bow sight

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