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2015 ATA Trade Show Update – Day 1

The 2015 ATA Trade Show commenced with excited archery enthusiasts waiting to gain entrance to a world of innovative and recently developed products.
Beyond the entrance of the Indianapolis Convention Center was a variety of booths containing archery equipment, bowhunting accessories and just about anything relating to archery.
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Day one of the 2015 ATA Trade Show was spent perusing booth after booth in search of unique products we believed would benefit the bowhunter. Here are a few of our favorites.

Badlands Silent Series Packs

For 2015 Badlands offers the bowhunter a new line of ultra quiet hunting packs. Not only does the Silent Series provide a much quieter outer shell, but to insure these packs are the epitome of quiet, Badlands has used magnets and proprietary fasteners in place of buckles and zippers. The Silent Series packs are sure to be a favorite among hunters who understand the advantage of owning gear that’s just as stealthy as the game they pursue.

Lone Wolf Stick Quiver

For the bowhunter who packs in his climbing sticks and treestand, Lone Wolf now offers a unique solution to quietly transport those climbing sticks. By simply ‘snapping’ the sticks into their designated ‘holders,’ the hunter is guaranteed a quiet entry and exit to and from his or her stand site. Designed for both durability and ease of use the new stick quiver is sure to be a favorite at the 2015 ATA Trade Show.
2015 ATA Show

First Lite Sanctuary Pant

The First Like Sanctuary Pant provides the last piece to a long overdue system for bowhunters who desire a warm and quiet pant when hunting late season. The Sanctuary Pant is offered in a bib design with heavy duty suspenders, full length zippered legs, articulated knees and the quality First Lite is known for—what more could you ask for in clothing? (More on these pants later.)
First Lite Sanctuary Pant

Hunter Safety System Crow’s Foot

They say reinventing the wheel is impossible, but it would seem Hunter Safety System has been successful. Unlike traditional gear hooks, the all-new Crow’s Foot by HSS offers a three-in-one solution for organizing gear while in a treestand.
Not only does the Crow’s Foot fold into a small and lightweight package, but an additional feature of the Crows Foot is its recessed auger tip, meaning the screw-in point folds back into the Crow’s Foot leaving no sharp or exposed points to tear your pack or hunting gear.
2015 ATA Show Review
We’re excited for day two of the 2015 ATA Trade Show, for it is sure to introduce us to more innovative products. Stay tune for more updates and feel free to follow us on Twitter for additional show coverage. Read 2015 ATA Trade Show Update – Day 2 here.

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