A Christmas List: 10 Gifts You Can Give But Can’t Buy

The mantle is graced with garland and the manger scene is positioned just inside the entryway. Decorations have been placed in every room, creating a mood that’s festive and cozy. Sparkling lights and shimmering candles add to the Christmas ambience. It’s Christmas time and our family, like yours, enjoys celebrating the occasion.
Placed in the middle of the dinning room table is a beautiful Christmas centerpiece. With its mixture of deep burgundy’s, gold’s and greens it complements the entire room. Lying next to the centerpiece is yesterday’s mail — what a disparity.
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The centerpiece asks for nothing, it simply gives of its beauty and adorns the table. Arranged with candles, garland and glass, it’s content to simply glitter and give. A stark contrast to the numerous post-cards, pamphlets, bulletins and brochures claiming some last-minute sale for the would-be shopper. Each ad asserts it has something I can’t live without and lures me to buy the latest sporting goods item. The brightly colored advertisements suggest happiness comes through giving some product as a gift.
The contrast between centerpiece and marketing piece quietly confirmed — you can’t put a price tag on the best gifts.
1.   You can’t buy a relationship with Jesus Christ. It was purchased for you.
2.   You can’t buy time quality time with your family. You have to make it.
3.   You can’t buy true friends. Friendships are priceless.
4.   You can’t buy people who love you. Love is inestimable.
5.   You can’t buy indelible memories. They are constructed from the intangible.
6.   You can’t buy time. It’s God’s gift to each of us.
7.   You can’t buy contentment. It’s a state of the heart.
8.   You can’t buy kindness. It’s an act.
9.   You can’t buy compassion. It’s a response.
10.  You can’t buy encouragement. It’s a selfless gesture.
To be truthful, I don’t have a Christmas list this year. Instead, I chose to make a list of people. People like the bowhunter in our subdivision that I barely know. On our Christmas list is the act of taking him and his family some gifts and groceries.
The best Christmas gifts can’t be bought – but they can be given.
Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!  2 Corinthians 9:15

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