Profile1Somewhere around 1927 our family began deer hunting in the woods of North Michigan. It was this family tradition that spurred my interest in pursuing whitetail. For as long as I can remember, deer season has been the highlight of the year. This sacred time in November meant skipping school for a entire week and going “up-north”  to share hunting camp with family and friends. This annual time of chasing the elusive whitetail has evolved into a relentless pursuit.

Hunting Is Our Lifestyle

Across the years I’ve had opportunity to hunt in Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan, Illinois, Wyoming, Idaho and Indiana. There is nothing I enjoy more than hunting Whitetail.
As a father, it’s our privilege to hunt with my sons and pass along the heritage that I have been given. And it won’t take you very long to figure out that our family is steeped in the hunting tradition. Whether waterfowl or whitetail we simply enjoy being in Gods great outdoors. We believe an outdoors lifestyle does not come and go with a season. Most days find us reading, training, scouting or practicing for the upcoming season. 

As An Outdoor Writer

I consider it an honor to share the lessons we have learned, thoughts on various topics and the gear we have come to appreciate. In no way do we consider ourselves to be a professional or an expert, but we are passionate about encouraging others to participate in hunting. Our hope is that in sharing we might encourage others to get outside and experience the outdoors.

Thank you for visiting 365 Whitetail and remember to take a kid hunting.



2 thoughts on “ABOUT 365”

  1. Randy, nice to see a hunting blog out there. As a transpanted New-Englander to Kentucky, I’ve caught bow-hunting fever myself. I can’t think of a more challenging, fulfilling, and exciting pursuit.
    I’ll be writing some posts relating to hunting soon at my own blog.

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