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Anthony Wrote, ‘No Bashing Please, I’m 14’

Anthony isn’t your typical 14-year-old boy—he’s a bowhunter from northwest Pennsylvania who enjoys spending time in the outdoors. Whether he’s chasing whitetails or groundhogs, Anthony can be defined as a true archery enthusiast.
Sadly, at only 14, Anthony is also well aware of the criteria set by keyboard cowards whose sole mission it is to bash anyone who kills a deer that falls under their minimum set of standards.
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Recently, Anthony posted a picture of his latest bow kill (and biggest buck to date) in a popular Facebook group, which caters to archers and bowhunters. The few words above his photo spoke volumes, “Oh, ya got a big buck. No bashing please, I’m 14.”

“No bashing please…”

As a father of three boys, the thought of those words infuriated me. No 14-year-old bowhunter should ever have to say, “No bashing please…” to a group of fellow bowhunters.
There’s only one person who sets the standard for what we kill—it’s the person doing the killing. To shoot or not to shoot should only be determined by the one (young or old) holding the bow. And only the one whose adrenaline is flowing gets to dictate if the antlers are ‘big enough.’
Anthony’s words made me wonder if we’ve placed more value on antler size than the sparkle in a kid’s eye? Those words also have me asking if we have become self-righteous antler elitists who can’t celebrate with a 14-year-old unless the kill is at least of Pope and Young caliber?

What would Fred Bear say?

There is one thing for certain—if Fred Bear were still alive he would be as enthusiastic about Anthony’s kill as if he had killed it himself.
And so should we!
May God help us to get off our ‘high (score) horse’ and realize what’s at stake here. The last thing we want to do is squelch a young hunter’s enthusiasm because their ‘trophy’ just wasn’t good enough to receive accolades. Our responsibility is to make sure we’re encouraging young hunters in every way we can.
Hunting is a tradition that must be preserved. But our attitude toward those walking in our footsteps can do just as much damage as those who are against hunting altogether.
Sadly, there have been other young bowhunters who were either embarrassed to post pictures in the same Facebook group, so their parents did, or they also have made comments requesting they not be ‘bashed’ for the size of animal they killed.
Am I the only person who thinks there is something drastically wrong if we are sending this kind of message to the next generation? It’s time we stop being ‘size snobs’ and celebrate with the Anthony’s of the world!
anthony buck

More About Anthony

At only seven years of age Anthony experienced his first hunt. Since then, hunting has become his life. Anthony says, “My life is hunting when I’m not in school. I have hunted everything in PA except elk.”
In a little over three years, Anthony has taken three deer—two bucks and a doe—with his bow. He also enjoys the challenge of bowhunting groundhogs. Outside of a few trout fishing excursions in the spring, Anthony is a bowhunter at heart. With his Martin Nemesis 35 in hand, Anthony is part of a group of individuals who live for the next close encounter with some of nature’s most elusive creatures.
Obviously, he’s not a young man who deserves to be ‘bashed.‘
I challenge you to leave a comment and let Anthony know you appreciate his dedication and enthusiasm for the hunting tradition. Let’s pass on a little of what those great men before us handed down.

154 thoughts on “Anthony Wrote, ‘No Bashing Please, I’m 14’”

  1. Everyone who shoots a deer should be proud of it. It takes skill, determination, and hard work. At 14, Anthony should be super proud! I killed my first buck at 14. Kudos to Anthony for posting his trophy!

  2. Congrats Anthony! I am originally from NWPA and that’s a heck of a buck for anyone with archery equipment, let alone a 14 yr old. Hold that head high my man!

  3. That’s a Dandy buck Anthony! I have been bow hunting for 12 years, have won a National title in archery and guess what….. I have never killed a buck over 130″ and I am ok with that! I have killed a lot of white tails and am proud of every single one just as you should be proud of yours! It is always exciting to chase a “giant” but do not let it over shadow the purpose of hunting or the enjoyment that comes with. Keep it up kid!

  4. I am an admin on archerytalk on facebook and we have been working night and day to try to prevent this from happening. We have seen alot of improvement in the group. Sadly with having almost 46000 members there will be bad apples in the group. I am proud to see all these young Hunters being so excited over there harvest and I try to offer as much advice as possible to our next generation of hunters to carry on our tradition. I think all the other admins would agree

    1. Thanks, Eric! To be clear, this was not a slam at AT. It’s happening all over. But, I certainly respect you for taking the time to let us know where you stand. I for one appreciate what AT does for the bowhunting and archery community. Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

  5. I am also one of the Archery Talk Admins and remember this post vividly. It becomes very cumbersome trying to sift through all the posts daily sometimes minute by minute to keep everything as clean as possible, it sometimes becomes quite the weight on your shoulders. I do remember “Likeing” this post and am very proud to have such an avid and successful hunter such as this young man amongst our ranks on the page! He makes Archery Talk on facebook a more valuable resource for new bow hunters!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Frank! I understand you have an impossible task! But, it’s not AT’s fault. The issue stems from an ego driven few who can’t celebrate others successes. I appreciate you taking the time to comment and I know Anthony does also. Keep up the great work!

  6. Randy you should do a story about Archery Talk Facebook group and the 46,000+ members in it and how it has helped so many others by getting sound advice from veteran bowhunters and people who have made their first successful hunt. There is so much more positive going on in AT then negative it’s just the negativity always gets the initial attention.

    1. Thanks, Frank! As we mentioned before, the issue isn’t Archery Talk or any other group. It was not my intent to distract from the premise by mentioning AT. These types of instances are happening within a community that needs one other. This article was meant to identify the selfish attitudes hunters so often have toward one another.

  7. As a member of AT I make sure to like and at least comment “Good Job Young Man or Lady” on each child I see that has harvested a deer no matter size or gender… It is hard enough to compete with all the distractions of today’s society and many kids are being drawn away from hunting. These kids and the experiences they have will either solidify their passion or send them away with hurt feelings and if there are no more hunters eventually there will be no more hunting…

    1. Thanks for commenting, Chris! You are dead on… if we don’t encourage these young hunters, they will go somewhere else for positive reenforcement.

  8. I see it all the time, people feel they have to preface a post with, “I know he’s not the biggest”, or “No bashing please”, or “Got a cull buck”. It’s sad, if the person that shot the deer is happy with it, they shouldn’t feel the need to justify it to others. Unfortunately it’s what deer hunting has come to. I don’t know how to rectify the situation. But I do know I will never get down on anyone for a deer they are proud of.

    1. Thanks, Robert! So true… there’s no shame in an ethical harvest. I think it’s time we start making as big of deal over the overall experience as we do the score.

  9. Good Job Anthony!!!!! keep on being a great ethical hunter who has a respect for the sport along with the respect for the majestic white tail. God has given us this awesome outdoor activity to first, know that he was the Almighty Creator and second, that we shall feed our families with its meat which he so graciously provides. “Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field, and take me some venison; And make me savory meat, such as I love, and bring it to me, that I may eat; that my soul may bless thee before I die”…….Genesis 27;3-4. May God bless you Anthony with many more successful hunts!!!!

    Your Fellow Hunter from Baltimore, Md.


    1. Thanks for the kind words, Wayne! I know Anthony will appreciate you taking the time to comment. Trust you have a wonderful hunting season.

  10. Congrats Anthony,I started bow hunting at the age of 11, took me 6 years to actually harvest an animal. It was a doe that only weighed about 60lbs but I was ecstatic. You should be also, it is the thrill of the kill that keeps most of us going and loving this sport. Your song an amazing job son and I bet with all the hours you put into being in the outdoors, you don’t find the time to run the streets and Grrrrr yourself into a heap of trouble! Keep up the good work kid you should be commended for all that you do and all you provide for your family and the youngsters who look up to you for years to come!!!

  11. Congratulations and don’t worry about what other people say. Some people just think that they are better than the rest of us. People lose sight of what’s really important, the morals that hunting can teach you rather than shooting a monster deer. But congratulations and keep up the good work!!

  12. Anthony, I am 54 yrs old I would be proud to harvest a buck like that, in my 45+ years of hunting I have never shot a buck larger than an 8pt. And that bucks rack would of fit inside of the deer you harvested, be proud you did good.

  13. I don’t care what anyone says that my friend is a nice buck.7 out of ten hunters never harvested a deer that size in there first 5 years of hunting.he done it in three years with 3 deer that it self is a task for a young Hunter.congratulations on a fine buck don’t pay no attention to these fools

  14. My name is chuck. I’m 25 years old. I grew up hunting and fishing and spending as much time outdoors as I could (usually resulting in me getting in trouble because I was in the woods to late). The man that fought me everything about hunting and fishing was my dad. Like you said in the article its a sport and past-time that gets handed down from generation to generation. I’m 25 years old and I have been bow hunting since I was roughly 7 or so. I have only been able to harvest 2 deer with a bow in that time span. Anthony ignore all the bashing bud you harvested a true trophy and no one can take that from you! Keep up the good work bud! Maybe you can teach me a thing or two!

    1. Hey, Chuck! Thanks for sharing. Anthony will appreciate your encouragement. Hope you have a very successful hunting season.

  15. Congrats on the awesome kill bud! You can’t listen to what others have to say! If hunting is your passion, like the majority of Pennsylvanians, keep on doing what you are doing! You can’t worry about what anyone thinks or says about you!!! And besides last time I checked you can’t eat the antlers anyways…big or small the meat is what we are all after not the antlers! Again, congrats and stop worrying about what others think or do!

  16. It’s a shame what the trophy hunting community has created. No hunter should forced to pass up the deer of their choice or be ridiculed and belittled for a legal and ethical harvest. Great job Anthony on harvesting a great deer!

  17. Anthony, That is bigger than all 30 of the bucks I have harvested. Awesome job. If it was a squirrel and that is what you were going after, then it is a good kill. Just the act of targeting a species and accomplishing your goal is what hunting is about, and doing it with a bow means you did it the hard way.
    Congrats on a successful hunt.

  18. At the end of the day a true hunter is putting meat on the table for the winter. If a buck goes on the wall that’s an added bonus.
    Anthony that is a beautiful buck. It’s a shame you felt others would bash you for that kill, I too would have dropped him if he came in front of my stand. Great job and hunt on young man.

  19. The fact that everyone has it in their mind that they are the best trained and well versed deer hunter has me baffled! We all have made mistakes while hunting and we were not bashed for it! But this young man did not make a mistake, he made a memory. And that memory will be with him forever. Every hunt should be a memory not a chance to jump on someone and tear them apart for their memory!

  20. Congrats on your trophy. I to was raised to kill what you eat and eat what you kill. You are a very lucky young man to have a father that cares enough to raise you right in our world today. Stand tall and never hang your head in shame. Also my daughter is 14 and wants to learn to bow hunt. What would you suggest we start with?

    1. Thanks for the comment, Sharon! And congrats to you for helping your daughter get started in bowhunting. I would recommend taking her to your local Archery pro shop and getting a bow she is comfortable with, and one that fits correctly. You’ll get a hundred opinions as to what is ‘best’ but it’s subjective. Most important is making sure your daughter can draw and shoot the bow as she needs to.

  21. I grew up in NW PA myself and shortly after graduating I joined the Army. I try to hunt in PA as often as I can but Uncle Sam often keeps me away. I would be proud to take a deer like that with my bow in PA. Take it from this crusty old sergeant that has served all over the world, keep doing what you’re buddy. Hopefully someday you can put a record book buck down. Until then keep learning and enjoying the sport.

    1. Thank you for your service, Clif! It’s because of men like you that we have the freedom to hunt at all. I also want to thank you for taking the time to encourage Anthony. God bless you, Sir!

  22. Way to go buddy!! You set a good example other young people should follow we need more young people like u in the world

  23. Well said sir! Hunting with my 9 year old son, and watching him shoot a small 8 point with a crossbow is more exciting than most hunting shows where monster bucks get shot 🙂 great job Anthony

  24. Good job anthony. There will always be people with low self esteem that will pull you down but thats what makes us strong. Bowhunting takes skill and dedication. That will pay off for you in life. Besides i hear deer antlers don’t taste that good !

  25. even a 7 point is better than what a lot of other people can claim… the biggest thing is that you hit it and took it down. congrats on another successful hunt!

  26. Way to go Anthony!!! Seeing young hunter success stories always reminds me of some of my best hunting experiences, like being with my own kids when they harvested everyone of their deer. And all the special moments I had with my father while hunting. As the adrenaline from the hunt fades, it is replaced by equally powerful memories, that will last a lifetime.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Shawn! Congrats to your kids on their harvests. So true… “As the adrenaline from the hunt fades, it is replaced by equally powerful memories, that will last a lifetime.”

  27. Way to go young brother! This is why we do what we do at Timberghost Outdoors! We are here to show the world it’s not just about shooting a 200″ buck to hang on the wall and gloat about! We are hunters because we are passionate about hunting and the outdoors. Way to go on your trophey! Be proud and hunt hard!

    1. Thanks, Timberghost Outdoors! “We are hunters because we are passionate about hunting and the outdoors.” Yes, Yes!

  28. Hey man, the trophy is in the eye of the beholder. Most of your bashers are just jealous. You will find as you grow older the bashers dont have a deer that big on their wall. They d rather ruin your proud moment out of jealousy. When my boy was 14 his first buck was bigger than any I’d killed as of then. So, when the haters hate just smile and know they are jealous. Thats a hec of an accomplishment for a 14 year old to shoot a buck lick that. Be proud, get some thick skin and remember the haters are dont hate you personally but are only jealous of your accomplishments. Hunt hard and dont be discouraged.

  29. I have a HUGE amount of respect for you Anthony! I didn’t start hunting until I was 32 years old and still don’t even consider myself a hunter because I’ve never gotten a deer. I can’t wait for the day I get to post a picture of my first one and I can only hope it’s as nice as any of yours. Keep up the good work and don’t ever think they’re not big enough.

  30. That is a great buck.. congratulations on your trophy… Any white tail hunter would say so… And if not they’re just jealous that they wasn’t the one killing it… Anthony don’t ever give up your passion of hunting or fishing.. Don’t ever let anyone discourage you from what you love to do.. Keep your head held high.. That’s a great buck.. And I wish you luck this hunting season and the rest to come… Congrats..:)

  31. Way to go Anthony! I have children of my own and 2 out of hunt and love it. I can’t wait for them to get their first deer no matter how big or small. We also live in PA and enjoy the outdoors and want the same for our children!

  32. Nice kill dude. Way to fill the freezer as well as stand up for yourself. All the bashing I see in these groups make me sick to my stomach. In my opinion “Trophy hunters ” aren’t real hunters. Way to go man.

  33. Way to go buddy! I’m 28 years old and only killed my first buck a few weeks ago. Don’t let anyone get you down! At your young age you have already accomplished a lot. Best of luck to you in all your future hunts as well. You are a true hunter and that’s what matters.

  34. Great job Anthony! Any deer take should be celebrated. Two years ago at deer camp my uncle shot a 13 point buck; our largest ever. That was great, but our real celebration was because my cousin’s son shot his first deer. My uncle referred to his 5 pointer as the real trophy. Keep at it!

  35. Well done Anthony!! I have been hunting with my father for over 25 years and enjoy every minute of it. I now have a 3 month old and look forward to the day he is sitting next to me learning to be a safe and conscious hunter.

    1. Congrats on the baby, Dan! And he will be in the tree with you before you know it. They grow up fast, cherish every minute. Thanks for sharing!

  36. Anthony congatulations, that’s a mighty fine buck. Never let the harmful words of others influence or change the hunter you’ve become and continue to be. Every deer hunter would like to have a 200″ buck on their wall to marvel at. If a hunter chooses to be a “TROPHY HUNTER” that’s their choice, BUT in no way shape or form does it make the m lord of the woods. You should be embarrassed for bashing a fourteen year old hunter for taking a deer that doesn’t meet your standard. As the author stated, you nor anyone else sets the standard. That’s every hunters decision to make. It’s hunting not “TROPHY HUNTING”! For deer hunting to survive we have to encourage our young hunter and teach them how to hunt so as they grow older they can past the touch to the next generation.

    1. Thanks, Jerry! “For deer hunting to survive we have to encourage our young hunter and teach them how to hunt so as they grow older they can past the touch to the next generation.” Couldn’t agree more!

  37. Look here kiddo, You let me know if you need me to drive up there from VA and stand next to you! Don’t worry about cowards. The web is full of them, and so is this world. You are on the right side and your dad is doing you a great service raising an outdoorsMAN who understands God’s creation and our place in it. It will be your duty one day to pass it on as he has.

    1. Pick me up on the way, Scott! Ha! I’ll defend any young man who is getting bullied over a legal and successful bow kill. Thanks for the support!

  38. Way to go buddy i hope some day i can pass the honorable bow hunting tradition to my children and tbhy will have the true passion that you have! Good shooting Tex!

    1. Thanks for the comment, S. Bailey! Anthony inspires us all and Lord willing you’ll be able to pass on the tradition. : )

  39. Nice buck buddy i would have shot it I’ve never got one with a bow yet listen to what these guys are telling u im 30 years old and been hunting with my dad since i was 7 and i would have loved to kill one like that when i was your age keep at next time it might be a boone and Crockett congrats buddy

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, David! I always enjoy hearing stories of guys who started hunting with their dads.

      1. No problem i have 3 boys myself there ages 3,8, and 10 and its the first year my oldest is going i hope he gets one that nice it would make my day i think its one of the best things you can do with your kids my best memories growing up was hunting with. My dad i encourage more people to doit thanks for wr back

        1. Without a doubt! Hunting with your kids is one of the most memorable things you can do. Good luck to you and your son!

  40. better to see a young hunter with there prize big or small then to see them in front of a video game or doing drugs. so to Anthony give your self a pat on the back from me for a nice deer that will help feed your family

    1. Great perspective, Gator1767! Comments like these will hopefully encourage more young people to keep hunting and enjoy time in the outdoors.

  41. Anthony, we over at The Albino Whitetail Army have recently gone through the same thing. Just know we support you and so do thousands of other hunters, trappers and fisherman nationwide! Great job my friend!

    1. Thanks for the comment, TAWA! We appreciate you taking the time to let Anthony know you support him. Much appreciated.

  42. Awesome job Mr Anthony keep up with what you are doing 🙂 and never let anyone put you down with words. And i might not understand much about hunting YET. But no one don’t matter if you are 14 or 9 or whatever age you are. As long as you are following the rule of hunting i don’t see why peoples should say stuff mean or whatever. i could understand if it was something to say stuff about. But nice job with getting a deer this year. I hope i can kill a deer at least once when my parents let me go hunting. but again awesome job Mr Anthony… And sorry if half of what i said didn’t make sense. I cant spell good. 🙁 but to me its don’t matter how old you are or how young you are as long you are doing the right thing and not hurting anything or breaking any laws. then keep doing what you are doing. I hope you have a good deer season( have a good day and God bless. (but again sorry of i’m not really making sense on what i say)

  43. Awesome job Mr Anthony keep up with what you are doing 🙂 and never let anyone put you down with words. And i might not understand much about hunting YET. But no one don’t matter if you are 14 or 9 or whatever age you are. As long as you are following the rule of hunting i don’t see why peoples should say stuff mean or whatever. i could understand if it was something to say stuff about. But nice job with getting a deer this year. I hope i can kill a deer at least once when my parents let me go hunting. but again awesome job Mr Anthony… And sorry if half of what i said didn’t make sense. I cant spell good. 🙁 but to me its don’t matter how old you are or how young you are as long you are doing the right thing and not hurting anything or breaking any laws. then keep doing what you are doing. I hope you have a good deer season( have a good day and God bless. (but again sorry of i’m not really making sense on what i say) and this is coming from a 16 year old. I never really got into fishing or hunting until i was 13, i’m fishing but i want to go hunting my parents and grandfather didn’t want me or my brother to go hunting until we pass the hunter safety course. so hopefully next year i will get to go hunting for the first time. But i saw this and i had to say something about it. Like my parents raise me up if i can’t say anything nice then don’t say it at all or however that go.

  44. No worries buddy! When you read other peoples post saying that ” you are supported by thousands”, take that to heart. the hunters who understand the importance of our youth (you) being out and having the knowledge and respect for the animal he/she takes, are the ones behind you.
    We are thousands strong!

  45. Congratulations on your deer. I won’t bash on anyone’s harvest, I only got 2 doe with mine but I haven’t been out to do a lot of bow hunting lately. But good luck on your elk hunt someday. From Iowa.

  46. WTG, Anthony! Be proud of who you are and all you can accomplish in your life. In Michigan, we have some pretty big deer but most hunters end up boasting about the one that got away rather than being able to prove the actually were bringing one home. Do not let anyone still your moment or let those who do not understand the importance of culling the herds, bring you down. Kudos, kid!

    1. Thanks, Rachel! I’m laughing because I grew up in Michigan. Your comment brings back many memories from hunting camp. Appreciate the comment.

  47. I have yet to kill anything bigger than 5 points, and I’m 23. So I envy you my friend! Keep doing what you’re doing! Besides, can’t eat the horns. 😉 Congratulations and good luck in the upcoming seasons!

  48. No reason for bashing here at all that’s a decent buck whether your 14 or 40! I would neveR say something to a youth even if it wasn’t though, because most of us have been there…heck, I wouldn’t say something to an adult specifically ,after a kill… but there’s come a time as I myself have gotten older anyway, that I am very selective on my hunts, and I wish more hunters would do the same, it’d make it better for all of us!
    That being said, this buck would have been a taker in my book regardless. I’m not thaT selective lol. Nice job!

  49. Anthony, take pride in your harvest, I remember my first kill, it was a doe, most hunters back then gave me a bunch of crap, because killing a doe was a sin, although legal I was shamed for taking it, oh ya I was 21. So forgive those who are hunter slobs. Keep doing what you do and congratulations.

  50. Thanks, Brittany! Great story and thanks for sharing. Congrats on your buck and ‘super jazzed’ is a perfect description. Appreciate the comment.

  51. Killed my first buck, an 8 point, at 24. This young man is worldly both in his ethics as a hunter and poise at dealing with the nay-sayers. You have a bright future and keep hunting. Spirit of the Wild!

  52. That’s an awesome takedown kiddo! Lemme tell you, this is only my second season hunting and I’ve yet to take my first deer and I’m 30ish (a woman never tells her age

  53. Good job man I’m 21 years old and have hunted all my life and iv only killed 2 bucks and neither one of them is bigger than yours so keep up the good work man and don’t let nobody tell u whether your deer is a trophy or not because that’s for u to decide. Your the one who put in all the work to get that deer and done all the practicing to b able to make a clean shot so whether it’s a 200 inch buck or a doe ur the one who decides if its a trophy or not

  54. I am 19 years old I killed my first deer at fifteen 8 point got lucky but even when I get a doe I never forget the hunt yoy killed an awesome deer congrata and u got it with a bow I hadnt got any with a bow and tour other buddys that kill komonsters ask them how much they pay for em haha congrata

  55. Anthony should be very proud of his deer. Any person that takes the time and effort to hunt ethically and skilfully should be proud of their efforts. I am 67 years old and have hunted since I was a pre-teen and I was lucky enough to have teachers that instilled in me the responsibility of being a good steward and apparently this young man is on that same track. I wish you many seasons of joyful hunts and great stories to be retold for a lifetime.

  56. Congratulations on your harvest Anthony. The trophy is in the eyes of the beholder. Keep your head high and keep hunting. This is a great buck for many hunters standards. Good luck in the future.

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