Take time to listen

Are We Taking The Time To Listen?

The sun dabbed its colors on the dark canvas of dawn and began painting a breathtaking backdrop. In a matter of a few moments the master artist had transformed darkness into indescribable beauty.
In response to this magnificent display of color the woods erupted with applause. As if directed by an invisible conductor, the notes of nature’s symphony filled the early morning with song.
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Somewhere in the disappearing shadows of the woodlot, a bird of prey welcomed the morning. Responding to the owl’s early morning call, a gobbling Tom echoed with a vibrato of his own. And in perfect harmony a choir of bearded birds joined the soloist in his incessant sonata.
We listened. This was music.
Serenaded by a melody of gobbling, yelping, clucking, and an occasional purr, we had been honored with the best seats in the house. Creation’s choir was performing and we were privileged to be in the audience.

Take Time To Listen

In contrast to the irritating sounds of emails, text messages and cell phones, the sounds of nature are inviting and tranquil. The sounds of a trout stream laughing its way across the rocks can quickly carry away stress. The voice of a bobwhite quail can erase the burdens of life. The cadence of a whitetail’s walk through the fallen leaves can cause us to either forget or remember.
There is something about the sounds of the outdoors that we need – we long for. Could it be one of the reasons why we climb to mountain peaks, hike to little known places, and seek to find tranquility beyond the reach of manmade noise?

What Are We Listening To

I for one am guilty of allowing myself to get distracted by life’s racket. With bills to pay, work to do, and burdens to carry, the noise of everyday life can quickly drown out the voice of God, my wife, and kids. Overwhelmed by blaring negative influences we hear what is loud, but not what is most important.
While most outdoorsmen have learned to differentiate between the walk of a whitetail and the scurrying of a squirrel – sorting out the sounds of life takes the same type of discipline.
To the hunter – sounds matter. To the Christ follower, husband, and father – sounds are even more important.
Are we taking the time to listen?
Some might call us old-fashioned and out of date, but our need to listen is why I find it vitally important to read God’s word every day. It’s also the reason why after twenty-three years of marriage my wife and I still need to go on dates. It’s also why our family has decided to keep all electronic devices away from the dinner table.
Listening is vital in any relationship.
Take time to hear what God, your wife, and kids are saying. Much like hunting, it is in the place of listening where we begin to find what it is we’re really seeking.
He who has ears to hear, let him hear! Matthew 11:15

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