Badlands Treestand Pack


The Badlands Treestand Pack just might qualify as the most ingenious pack ever developed by Badlands. Built around the needs of treestand hunters, the Badlands Treestand Pack was inspired by those passionate enough to spend countless hours in a tree pursuing allusive quarry.


Branded with a name that is self-defining, the Badlands Treestand Pack needs little explanation. It is what it claims to be, a pack that offers multiple conveniences for the treestand hunter.
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The Badlands Treestand Pack Exterior


As we would expect, the Badlands Treestand Pack is build with the toughest of materials. So committed to offering its customers a quality product, Badlands clothed the Treestand Pack in its KXO-32 fabric. KXO-32 may sound intimidating, but it simply means that Badlands refused to quit and persevered 32 times in an attempt to get this fabric tough enough to meet their standards.
Badlands Treestand
This persistence became the birthplace of the quietest, most waterproof and strongest fabric in the hunting industry. An added bonus that comes with KXO-32 is its Teflon membrane. This technology gives the Badlands Tree Stand Pack the ability to remain supple even when it’s bone chilling cold outside.


Now, get this! Have you ever heard of Hypalon? It’s the material that Badlands uses to reinforce the high stress areas of the pack. As one of the strongest materials known to man, Badlands integrated this technology into the Treestand Pack for backup. So, not only do you have a pack with quality material, but a pack where every seam is taped and sealed and reinforced with Hypalon. Plus, the yellow bar tacking you see at the stress points are Arimid threads. Simply put, it’s some incredibly tough stuff. How strong are Arimid threads? Here’s the answer. One thread (that’s right) can lift 110 lbs. Think of that, two threads can lift more than my body weight. I’m impressed!


To keep you invisible to your quarry, the Treestand comes in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo. This pattern combines shadows, 3-D illusion and real visual elements making it an effective camouflage wherever you take it.

Badlands Treestand Pack Features


The Badlands Treestand Pack offers 2500 cubic inches of organized storage space. I say organized because this pack has plenty of smaller zipper compartments. Unlike some packs that leave you digging at the bottom of a black hole, the Treestand won’t keep you guessing where a particular piece of gear might be. With two large compartments and over twelve additional pockets the Treestand pack has more than ample room for organizing necessary gear.

Access your gear quickly and quietly

Badlands Treestand Pack Review
This ingenious pack also features an integrated “pouch” – think kangaroo! This “pouch” allows your essential gear to be accessed quickly and quietly when you need it. Simply unzip the large front compartment and the pouch is immediately at your disposal. There is also a convenient loop located within the pouch which provides the option of tethering items you could possibly drop from the treestand.


Speaking of loops, the Badlands Treestand Pack comes with three, large, external nylon loops making it easy to hang or fasten your pack while in the tree. Each loop is also protected by clear tubing which provides stability and makes each friction point extremely quiet.

Quiver or Rifle Boot

Whether you hunt with a firearm or bow, the Treestand Pack includes a unique feature for both. Simply unzip the bottom of either of the pack’s side pockets and you have immediate access to a sturdy pouch or “boot” that can become home to your firearm or your quiver. This handy pouch can be removed and buckled to either side of the pack depending on your personal preference or tucked away and hidden from sight.

Hydration Compatible


The Badlands Treestand Pack also provides a large compartment designed to keep you hydrated. This feature is a must for all day hunting and allows you to carry up to a 105-oz hydration bladder without added bulk.

AirTrack Suspension


To assist in proper moisture transfer and scent control, the Badlands Treestand Pack incorporates its new AirTrack suspension. Allowing the pack to breath and transfer moisture away from your body, the Treestand assists in getting you to your treestand as dry and scent-free as possible.
Badlands Pack

Badlands Unconditional Warranty


Badlands Packs has a reputation for its almost “too good to be true” warranty. Badlands doesn’t care if you bought your favorite pack at a garage sale – it’s under warranty. If something malfunctions, they don’t care if it was your fault or not. All they ask is that you get outdoors and use your pack as it was designed to be used.




As an avid bowhunter who is obsessed with organization, the Badlands Treestand Pack is the perfect prescription for my Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The “pouch” feature offers quick access or handy storage for wind checker, a grunt tube, lunch or my camera. With more pockets than a mob of kangaroos’s and plenty of additional storage, the Treestand will be my go-to pack this archery season. Considering it has a name like Treestand just might add to our hunting mojo.


For more information on the Badlands Treestand Pack, or other quality Badlands products visit Badlands Packs.


By Randy Hynes


  1. I looked at this pack earlier this year but balked. I also use the LW Alpha II and sticks. Carrying a pack, the LW, and my bow has been challenging at times. I end up wearing my pack backwards and centered on my chest. I do not have the option of hanging stands where I will be hunting the next few years so every time is a mobile setup. Do you have any suggestions on how to better get your stand, sticks, bow, and pack in while being quiet?

    1. I love this pack for accessing gear while in the tree. But, I do understand your dilemma. This is on my list of things to discuss with Badlands. If they designed a pack to carry a treestand and sticks it would be the ticket. I currently use a sling for my bow and carry my pack on my back. My stand and sticks I carry in my hands. It’s work, but keeps everything from banging together.

      1. I hunt out of my LW Alpha Hand Climber at least three days a week and the best method I’ve found is to strap my bow to my bag, drape the bag over the stand’s teeth just like you would put it on your shoulders and wear the stand on my shoulders. By far the most efficient way to haul everything and still have hands free to carry feed, rifle, etc. Sticks can also be secured to the bottom of the pack with the straps or bungee cord. Work perfectly fine for me walking through thigh deep sloughs and thick briars in South Louisiana cypress swamps.

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