Bowhunters Christmas

Bowhunters, Can We Talk Christmas?

Do you ever get discouraged? Be honest.
If you do, can we talk?
Can we sit down and push pause on bowhunting for a few moments? Can we take time to discuss what’s most important this time of year? Can we spend five minutes ditching the mask, opening our hearts and sharing the true meaning of Christmas? If you don’t have the time, I understand. If you have a moment to spare, let’s talk.
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During the holidays I try to read the biblical account of the Christmas story every morning. I’m always surprised as I read it over again at all the little details that stand out. This morning as I was reading Luke chapter 2, I saw something in a new light. It was a great encouragement to me and I want to share it with you.
The Christmas story as found in Luke 2 verse 6 says, “…that while they were there….” The entire verse reads, “So it was, that while they were there, the days were completed for her to be delivered.”
“There.” Where was “there?” Where were Mary and Joseph anyway?
Was “there” someplace Mary and Joseph had chosen? Was “there” someplace they had gone voluntarily? Was “there” a comfortable place? Was “there” an easy place?
No, none of the above.
1. They were forced by a dictator to leave home and occupation.
2. Due to a census they had travel around 80 miles by foot, caravan or beast of burden.
3. It is suggested they had no place to stay once they arrived.
4. It is inferred they were all alone in a strange place.
Here was a couple that had been forced to be in a place they didn’t choose. Ever been “there?”

Has life put you in a place that can only be described as “there?”

Ever had life put you in a place that could only be described as “there?”
Ever had reverses that caused you to have to start over?
Ever faced a situation that left you wondering why you even exist?
Unfortunately, we all have been, will be, or currently are “there.”
Now before you go on thinking that Randy is one of those guys whose life has been a bed of roses, let’s have some disclosure. If it wasn’t for God’s mercy, I wouldn’t be here. Having survived a gas explosion which left me burnt almost 70% of my body, rest assured I understand hard times. And have the scars to prove it.
I also know that God shows us through the Christmas story that He has a plan even when we are “there.”
I doubt Mary understood why her delivery room had to smell like animals. I doubt Joseph understood why the Ob/Gyn floor had to be a barn. Matter of fact, I doubt Mary and Joseph understood “there” at all.
Frankly, neither do I.
I will never understand why we have to face pain, hurt and situations in life that tear our very heart out. Yet…
“There” is where the first Christmas carol was sung.
“There” is where the first message of hope was spread.
“There” is where our Savior was born.
“There” is where God worked the greatest miracle ever – the birth of Jesus Christ.
As I have been reminded today, I want to remind you this Christmas season that no matter your frustration, pain, and “there,” God can redeem it. Even when it can only be described as “there.” Just remember, Christmas is because of “there.”
How ironic this is being written in a doctor’s office. In some form or fashion we all have been “there.”
And so has Jesus Christ.

10 thoughts on “Bowhunters, Can We Talk Christmas?”

  1. Great insight and thoughtful post, Randy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Interesting and leaves me pondering where ‘there’ really was.

  2. Great thoughts, Randy. I’ve been “there” before, and I’m thankful that He’s been “there” on my behalf. He is truly the greatest gift any of us could receive.

    1. Thank you, Aaron! Maybe someone should write a book entitled, “There.” It could be filled with stories of how God used crazy circumstances.

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