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Archery and Life

In Both Archery And Life, The Little Things Matter

It wasn’t much, matter of fact it was barely noticeable. Yet, a small adjustment made all the difference at 40-yards. Although minuscule, it was all that was needed to sink an arrow into the three-inch circle.
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This insignificant tweak to a bow sight has changed more than my arrow flight—it has left me challenged in several areas of my life.

The Little Things

It was on a warm weekend when three boys and their mother came into my office and asked to go shoot bows as a family. Wanting to spend time with them and sight in the Elite Energy 35, I dropped my work, gathered up the targets and headed out to fling some arrows. Towards the end of the day while making changes to my sight pins—it occurred to me.
Moving a sight pin or placing a few more ounces of weight on the back bar were rather small adjustments. But these refinements were all that was needed to make major changes in downrange accuracy.

Archery And Life

Just like in archery, life’s successes are also the culmination of small adjustments made on a daily basis. In time, the little things make all the difference.
As I stood next to my wife and three boys (who would probably remember this day more than they would remember how much money I made last year) it occurred to me just how easy it is to underestimate or not appreciate what seems to be insignificant.

They Matter

Everyday life can get busy and with its busyness it’s easy to focus on the moment. Days can be short and so follows our patience and attention to what matters long term. This leads to passing up the opportunities we have been given that will make a difference in days to come.
Simply taking the time to say, “I love you,” “Good job” or “Thanks for dinner, honey” are rather small in the grand scheme of things. But so are the adjustments we make to our archery equipment. We adjust arrow weight by a few grains, we time our bows by a slight twist in the cable, and tune by extremely small adjustments—it’s the small things that make the difference. So it is in life.
The bible says in Matthew 10:42 “And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.”
If a cup of cold water seems like a small thing to you, just remember, it all depends if you’re the giver or the receiver. Small, insignificant, or irrelevant, are all qualifications that can only be measured by time (or downrange).
Etched into my mind from that moment to this, is an insignificant adjustment I made to a fiber optic pin on that sunny Saturday. It was a small movement that should reflect how I value the small things in life, because one day those minor things will have a great impact.
Make an adjustment in someone’s life today, it may seem small—but it could make all the difference tomorrow.
Remember, archery is a lot like life.

Scott Exxus release

Scott Exxus Release Review

The Scott Exxus release is the end result of an abnormal passion for perfection and a willingness to persist until it is achieved. Through a refusal to settle for second best, the Scott Exxus now offers unparalleled performance to the discerning archer.
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What began as a vision to develop the best thumb release on the market has now come to fruition in the form of the Scott Exxus. Already known for their superior products and uncanny innovation, Scott Archery has once again surpassed expectations by designing one of the most advanced releases produced today.

Why The Scott Exxus Release

Some time ago I posted a review of a thumb release from another manufacture. At the time we were very happy with its performance. However, after the ‘other manufactures’ release misfired a few times we became increasingly leery of its overall dependability.
Each time we drew our bow we would envision what would happen if the next misfire took place when drawing on a trophy whitetail. When the third misfire sent an arrow through a local archery shop’s air conditioning duct – it was time to switch to a more dependable release.
After spending some time with the Scott Exxus we knew this release was more than a just a replacement. The Exxus eclipsed the performance of our old release by a long shot. (Pun intended!)
Scott Exxus release review

Scott Exxus Features

With its proprietary three-finger design the Scott Exxus offers an ergonomic feel that is both smooth and solid. Although slightly larger than our previous thumb release, the Exxus provides a natural fit and well-fitting contour. This intuitive styling also helps to prevent fatigue when shooting for extended periods of time.
Like all Scott Archery releases, the Exxus has been engineered to provide a crisp break when executing the shot. Meticulously machined 440C stainless steel integral components with anti-friction Titanium coating insure a quiet and consistent release. And with its fully adjustable trigger the Exxus eliminates any trigger creep or unnecessary travel.
Scott Archery Exxus

Scott Exxus – Superior In Design

What makes the Scott Exxus superior in design is its full range of adjustability. Not only does this release allow for the micro-adjustment of trigger travel and sensitivity, but the height and radius of the trigger arm are adjustable as well. And if that isn’t enough, the trigger barrel can be rotated in either direction for a precise release-to-hand fit.
These additional features allow the shooter to make precision adjustments that compliment a consistent anchor point and smooth release. The Exxus ‘adjustability’ coupled with its proprietary hook design guarantee a crisp break at the moment of shot along with aiding in overall accuracy.


With its multiple adjustments the Scott Exxus has me asking why I waited so long to switch releases. Although I know the answer is because I’m loyal to a fault and not one to jump ship too quickly – the way the Exxus has delivered is almost too good to be true.
Overall the Exxus has us convinced of its supremacy among the ranks of thumb releases. Call it placebo if you want to, but what I do know is that I’ve never shot better. Oh, I know there is no substitute for a tuned bow, consistent form and quality practice, but the Scott Exxus sure has made executing a seamless shot a whole lot easier.
The Scott Exxus is available in either camo/black or red/black in color and can be used by both right and left-handed shooters. To find out more about the Scott Exxus release, visit Scott Archery today.
Scott Exxus Bow Release

Scott Backspin release

2014 ATA Show: Scott Backspin Release With Darrin Christenberry

When it comes innovative products at the 2014 ATA Show, Scott Archery takes the prize with the Backspin. So unlike other back tension releases, the Scott Backspin is in a league of its own.
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The Backspin’s rotating bearing design allows the archer to be assured of a self-centering and secure hand position every time. Greatly reducing release “hang-up” the Backspin provides archers a release aid that will assist in consistency and accuracy.
Professional archer Darrin Christenberry tells us more about the Scott Backspin.

Already known for their dependability and outside the box innovation, Scott Archery continues to strive for ultimate performance in their archery products.
To learn more about the visit Scott Archery.

Rinehart Raptor

Rinehart Raptor Bag Target Review

The Rinehart Raptor bag target combines modern innovation with Rinehart’s reputation for making quality archery targets. Built on the same long-lasting principals that Rinehart Targets are known for, the Rinehart Raptor has come to seize its prey.


With over 15 years of experience in making archery targets, Rinehart has established itself as a premier archery target manufacturer for both practice and 3D targets. With popular targets like the 18-1 and RhinoBlock, shooters have come to expect longevity and dependability from Rinehart Targets.
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Rinehart Raptor Bag Target Technology


The Rinehart Raptor bag target incorporates state-of-the-art Kevlar fibers into its very core. With its integrated Kevlar properties, Rinehart’s Raptor series allows you to own a bag target with superior strength, proven performance and optimum longevity.


Rinehart constructed this target to handle both arrows and crossbow bolts giving you added confidence in the Raptor’s stopping power. Choosing to title this advancement as “Smart Core Technology” shooters can expect this to be a long-lasting target that will not be going extinct any time soon.

Raptor Graphics


Not only does the inside of the Raptor bag target meet the rugged demands of a consistent shooter, but the outside does as well. Most bag targets are prone to fading and loss of color after extended use. When exposed to the elements, there can be a daily clawing away at your target’s exterior. With a proprietary infusion process, the Rinehart Raptor was designed to withstand prolonged climate change, keeping the printed graphics on your target alive and well.
Rinehart Raptor Bag Target

Arrow Removal

With its advanced technology, the Rinehart Raptor bag target doesn’t require dinosaur like strength to remove your arrows. Easy arrow and bolt removal is a favorite feature of the Rinehart Raptor. A simple one-handed tug will have your arrows ready to send down range without the frustration of struggling with a stubborn shaft or digging for a lost insert.

Zippered Bag


Unlike some bag targets that don’t allow easy access to what’s inside, the Rinehart Raptor bag target comes with a large zippered access. This access allows you to simply unzip the Raptor bag to reposition or replace the core of your target.
Rinehart Bag Target

Reinforced Corners with Grommets


For convenient mounting of the Rinehart Raptor target, there are two large grommets placed at the top of the bag. Reinforced with heavy duty stitching, these grommets allow for the option of positioning your target at eye level.
Rinehart Targets

Rubberized carry handle


Whether in hunting camp, the backyard or special events, transporting your bag target has never been easier. The Rinehart Raptor comes with a comfortable rubber reinforced carry handle for simple relocation. With its lightweight core and comfortable grip, your practice target can go with you anywhere.
Rinehart practice target
With the introduction of the Raptor bag target, Rinehart has once again successfully preyed on the competition. Leaving the fossils to fade and decay, the Raptor was designed for length of life.




Anytime I can send an arrow into a target I consider it a good day, and having the opportunity to punch holes into the Rinehart Raptor made it even better. The Raptor definitely has adequate stopping power and the ease of arrow removal was a added bonus. Weighing in at around 25 pounds, the Raptor stayed put and was not prone to fall over when hit with multiple arrows.


My favorite feature is the multiple small targets printed across both sides of the Raptor. Not only do I prefer to shoot small diameter targets, but spreading shots out across a greater surface area helps to preserves the overall integrity of the target as well.


Unlike most other bag targets that I have used, the exterior of the Raptor is much heavier. Due to its stiff exterior fabric it seems the target is slow to self heal. As more shots are put into the target I anticipate the fibers to loosen and the self healing process to accelerate.


Thanks to Bass & Bucks of Wabash, Indiana for sponsoring this review. Bass & Bucks is a premier Rinehart Target dealer and host of the Rinehart 100. To know more about the Rinehart Raptor bag target, 18-1, individual 3D targets or the RhinoBlock, feel free to contact Bass & Bucks. Phone at 260-569-1853 or email


The Rinehart Raptor Series bag targets are available in both 22” and 26” models.


By Randy Hynes


Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper Review

In a perfect blend of integrity and ingenuity, the Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper brings Spot Hogg innovation directly into the hand of the archer. From the makers of “The Worlds Toughest Archery Products,” the Whipper Snapper integrates the quality we have come to expect from Spot Hogg into an archery thumb release. 


Developed with the premise that perfection is achievable, the Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper offers comfort and consistency. With its unique design and proprietary trigger mechanism, the Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper delivers where it counts – downrange.


Why the Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper

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While visiting the Spot Hogg booth at the 2013 ATA Show, the Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper got my attention. Having used other thumb releases, I noticed Spot Hogg had definitely put a considerable amount of thought into this new release. Coupled with my fetish for Spot Hogg products, I had to try the Whipper Snapper thumb release for myself.


Having shot the Whipper Snapper for a few months now, I am convinced this release is more than what its name entails. The definition of Whipper Snapper might denote a “Johnny come lately,” but small arrow groups prove otherwise.


Spot Hogg Quality


Like all Spot Hogg products, the Whipper Snapper is built to last. A rigid body gives the Whipper Snapper a smooth and solid feel and the internal brass firing mechanism ensures long life and dependability. Engineered with the same quality that precipitates Spot Hogg’s slogan, “The Worlds Toughest Archery Products,” the Whipper Snapper finds itself right at home in Spot Hogg’s family of dependable archery products.


Smooth Loading


A key feature of the Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper is its smooth and seamless actuating system. Unlike some other release aids that require more than a single finger load, the Whipper Snapper is a one-handed operation. To load the Whipper Snapper, simply push the knurled trigger barrel in the opposite direction as you would to fire and it’s loaded. It’s that simple.


Spot hogg whipper snapper release


Crisp Break


The Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper has a distinctive “no creep” release trigger. The proprietary design prevents any unnecessary travel while applying pressure to the trigger barrel. This insures an extremely crisp break at the moment of shot execution and also helps to preserve the element of surprise for reduced target panic.


Adjustable Trigger 


Spot Hogg bow sights are known for their precision adjustments and the Whipper Snapper is equipped with a similar option. For those who prefer an adjustable trigger, the Whipper Snapper comes with a single-screw adjustment that can be made by using a standard hex wrench. Once you have fine-tuned your Whipper Snapper, you can rest assured the release settings won’t change no matter how much you shoot it (that’s just one reason I appreciate Spot Hogg innovation.) Spot Hogg has also equipped the Whipper Snapper with an  adjustable trigger barrel, guaranteeing a comfortable fit for any hand size.


Whipper Snapper Comfort


Ergonomically designed for comfort, the Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper boasts of a slender design intended to enhance the shooters experience throughout the entire shot sequence. From draw, anchor to release, the Whipper Snapper’s contoured handle fits and feels natural, giving you an edge when shooting for extended periods of time.




Overall, we would have to say this is the most comfortable thumb release we have ever used and as our groups continue to shrink, we like it even more. We chose the Whipper Snapper 3 finger model with an open jaw and have found it versatile, smooth and extremely comfortable. With hunting season getting closer, I would like to try the closed jaw model for hunting applications. While there is no substitute for tuned equipment, good form and consistent practice, the Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper is sure to serve to your advantage when executing a seamless shot.


The Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper is available in a 4 finger model and can be used by both right and left-handed shooters. To find out more about the Whipper Snapper release, visit Spot Hogg today.


Whipper snapper release


Hawke Premier Binoculars

Hawke Optics Premier 10×42 Binocular Review

The Hawke Optics Premier series binocular continues to redefine modern sporting optics by offering exceptional value without compromising optical performance or reliability. This commitment to integrity is reflected across Hawke Optics broad array of models and selected price points. 

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With a well-earned reputation for creating superior products, offering quality craftsmanship and providing affordable pricing, Hawke Optics is quickly becoming the choice of hunters and outdoorsmen worldwide.


Introducing the Hawke Optics Premier 10×42 Binocular


Polycarbonate Body


The Hawke Premier 10×42 provides the value conscience outdoorsmen with superior performance and outstanding durability. Built on a rugged full-size polycarbonate body, the Premier weighs in at a mere 22.9-ozs. Combined with its rubberized ergonomic design makes this binocular lightweight and water resistant. 

Hawke Premier Binoculars  

Multi-Coated Lenses


Images through the Hawke Premier multi-coated lenses are notably sharp and bright. Although there is some expected chromatic aberration, Hawke’s multi-coating keeps edges sharp and colors true. The BAK 4 roof prism provides consistent high-resolution images and allows proper color contrast through the entire field of view.


Center Focus


Hawke Binoculars 8x42The Hawke Premier features a center focus knob that offers user-friendly function. Its ambidextrous location makes it easy to use right or left hand for operation. Adjustment is slow and smooth with just enough tension to retain your desired focus. The Hawke Premier also offers a “close focus” feature, which delivers proper focus on items as close as six feet away.


Diopter Adjustment


Hawke Binoculars The Hawke Premier’s diopter adjustment is located on the right ocular. Hawke has conveniently incorporated more than enough adjustment in the diopter to suit a broad range of users. The diopter adjustment has definite ‘clicks’ to secure the diopter ring in the desired position. To adequately reduce glare along with accommodating the eyeglass wearer, the Premier offers twist-up eyecups for proper fit.


Options and Accessories 


If you have a color preference, the Premier is available in green, black or camo. Upon purchase of your selected optic, Hawke includes a neoprene neck strap, micro-fiber cloth, lens covers and soft case.


Summary of the Hawke Premier 10×42 binocular


Retailing at the one hundred dollar mark gives the Hawke Premier a leading edge over comparable models. Obviously, Hawke offers a broad range of optics including those of higher quality—but the Premier’s price point provides recognizable value. Coupled with the Hawke Optics Warranty the Hawke Premier 10×42 offers significant advantage for the economy conscious outdoorsman. 


For more information visit Hawke Optics.





Having a Mantra Can Make Your Hunt More Successful

Elk hunter extraordinaire and extreme athlete Cameron Hanes often quotes, “We are what we think.” Even the Bible says, “…as a man thinks, so he is.” Medical science concurs with this fact and has determined that there is a definite mind-body connection. If our thinking affects our actions, then mantras are important. In critical moments, mantras reinforce concentration, help to eliminate stress and serve to steady our nerves. These mantras can be nothing more than short sayings that bring focus to the mind and motivation to the will.

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Host of Easton Bowhunting TV and traditional archer Fred Eichler recently shared one of his mantras. Fred found his mantra through renowned bowhunter Chuck Adams. Fred said even after years of hunting success, he still experiences a host of emotions when coming face-to-face with the hunted animal. His adrenaline starts to flow, his heart races, and his breathing gets heavier. In that moment he brings his mantra to mind and tells himself, “It ain’t gonna happen.” A simple but complex mantra. These four words have repeatedly helped Fred rid himself of anticipation, settle his nerves and make the shot on numerous trophy animals.


One would think that the likes of Fred Bear, Chuck Adams or the ‘motor city madman’ Ted Nugent would be free from the need of a mantra. Their experience and expertise would seem sufficient for any given hunting situation. In reality most successful hunters have one or more mantra’s. We would expect nothing less than a colorful description from ‘The Nuge’ of his shot saving mantra:


“As a mind clearing, calming, verbal mantra, throughout the shot preparation and sequence, I slowly say the sign of the cross, my little projectile management prayer. Eventually I staggered the prayer to coincide with stages of the shot procedure. As I concentrate on the “spot” I want to hit, I lift my bow into actual sight picture shooting position and say, “In the name of the Father”, then as I begin to draw, “And of the Son”, then when I come to solid anchor and my eyes are riveted to the exact point of desired arrow impact, I say, “And of the Holy Spirit,” finally I begin to tighten my back muscles, and at “Amen” I touch her off.”


Ted’s mantra may bring a smile, but what matters most are the results. Mantras are developed for a specific outcome. Whether focusing your mind or calming your nerves, your mantra can help pull you through a critical moment.


Here are three mantras that can be adapted to various hunting situations.


1. “It only takes five minutes”


Sitting all day with little or no deer activity can be wearisome, especially when the weather is less than favorable. Incorporating the “it only takes five minutes” mantra into those moments can help bring reality to your weary mind. If fighting the urge to bail out of the cold and go home, divide each hour into 15-minute segments. Begin each segment with a new hope that your trophy will show up in that 15-minute period. Focus on the truth of how long it takes for a deer to appear under your tree stand. You may sit there all day waiting for an opportunity, but when presented with a shot opportunity, it can all come together in five minutes or less.


There are no magic words to make a deer appear but there are helpful words to dwell on when our minds are weary and bodies tired. Continuing to believe that the opportunity will present itself just might be the very thing that puts you in the right place at the right time. Use this mantra to encourage yourself to hang tough. The trophy of a lifetime just might show up in a matter of moments.


having a hunting mantra


2. “Breathe, it’s only a deer”


SWAT teams, elite fighter units, and law enforcement officers have mastered the art of remaining calm during an adrenaline dump. Retired Army Lt. Col. David Grossman, who has trained thousands of those who put themselves in harm’s way, continually stresses the importance of proper breathing. “The more excited or stressed you are,” he explains, “the quicker and shallower your respiration will be and the higher your blood pressure and heart rate will jump. Too many people live in this state of alert, which compromises physical and mental performance.”


When a twig snaps, the leaves crunch, or we see a flicker in the brush, most of us have a tendency to breathe faster but much more shallow. When that elk or deer finally steps into the shooting lane and we receive an adrenaline dump, our breathing becomes even more rapid. Incorporating the “breathe, it’s only a deer” mantra can help to keep you breathing deep, your blood oxygenated, and benefit your nerves for a proper shot placement.


With the “breathe, it’s only a deer” mantra, take a deep breath from your diaphragm and hold for a count of four, exhale slowly and hold for a count of four. You might be surprised by how much more steady you will be under pressure after you make it a habit to control your breathing.


3. “Don’t look…pick a spot”


Stories abound of dedicated hunters who, when coming face to face with a trophy buck or bull, completely blew the shot. Even though they had practiced, were very capable, and had previously been successful, they simply focused on antlers and not aorta. The ‘pick a spot’ focus had not become second nature. When you determine the deer or elk is a shooter, immediately stop looking at what he has for headgear. Engage this mantra in your mind and repeatedly tell yourself, “don’t look…pick a spot.”


Keeping a razor-sharp focus during crunch time is a matter of disciple. The “pick a spot” mantra should bring your focus down to single animal hair. This might seem extreme, but success rest in the hands of those who are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it.


Having a hunting mantra might seem a little bizarre, crazy and even humorous. Your mantra is not something that has to be shared and varying personalities will tailor the mantra to what works for them. Sayings as strange as “jelly beans” and “I’m Randy Ulmer” have been the seldom-admitted mantras of the successful hunter. Whatever mantra you incorporate into your hunting experience will have to suit and benefit you. Albert Gray said it best, “The common denominator of success lies in forming the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do.”





having a hunting mantra

S4 Gear Lockdown

Review: S4 Gear LockDown – Optics Deployment System

The S4 Gear LockDown – Optics Deployment System takes into consideration the deep appreciation outdoor enthusiast have a for quality optics. From the bird-watcher to the big game hunter, who spend hours if not days glassing for their quarry, binoculars are considered an invaluable asset. Avid outdoorsmen also understand the fatigue and frustration that comes with most binocular straps. Binocular retention systems have been known to leave your optics exposed to the elements and dangling from your neck.
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With an average binocular retention strap the motion of stooping or bending sends the optics swinging in a pendulum like motion. When running or climbing the notorious ‘bino-bounce’ occurs. Not to mention when belly crawling closer to game, normal bino straps allow optics to drag in the dirt and undergrowth. Some retention systems even put constant tension on the optics, which leads to fatigue when glassing. S4 Gear took all these negatives into consideration and came up with a solution, the S4 Gear LockDown – Optics Deployment System. 


The S4 Gear LockDown – Optics Deployment System is revolutionary in design. Rejecting all previous concepts, S4 Gear designed their system to meet the needs and necessary objectives of most binocular users. The S4 Gear LockDown was designed to:


1. Eliminate neck strain by using the shoulders to support the optic’s weight.

2. Retain the optics close to the body, regardless of the awkward position of the wearer.

3. Reduce glassing fatigue through tension-free use of the optics.

4. Protect the optics through a system that has little bulk or obstruction.

5. Improve the user’s experience by keeping the system simple and reliable.


No more neck strain


S4 Gear LockD own was engineered to keep the weight of the optics off your neck. The padded straps of the s4 LockDown distribute the weight of the binoculars evenly across the shoulders. This design also allows unhindered movement of the shoulders and neck. Gone are the chaffing and strain caused by the ordinary binocular strap. The s4 Gear LockDown is also lined with quick drying breathable mesh, which allows for proper moisture transfer. With its fully adjustable features the Lock-Down allows for proper fit and placement, providing the wearer with unparalleled comfort.


Stop the swing and bounce


With run-of-the-mill retention systems, any motion on the part of the wearer causes the optics to either swing outward or bounce upward and downward. S4 Gear LockDown eliminates this ‘swing’ and ‘bounce’ once and for all. This is done through a combination of two features. The first feature is a 360° waist retention strap that keeps the LockDown system from swinging outward. Fully adjustable and incorporating quick-release buckles this feature allows the wearer to adjust the tension as desired. The quick-release buckles also allow for a quick removal of the entire system. The second feature that keeps the binocular stationery is the adjustable aluminum pouch. Held in place by a moldable aluminum core and shock cord fastener, your optics are ‘locked’ in a secure position. So whether your running, climbing, hiking, horseback riding or spending time on your ATV, the s4 Gear LockDown lives up to its name.


The tug-of-war has been won


With the invention of the LockDown, S4Gear eliminated the constant tension felt with popular retention straps. With other styles of binocular retention systems, extended periods of glassing caused fatigue. S4 Gear’s unique design of the LockDown eliminates this fatigue and allows tension-free use of your optics. Fastened with Shock-Cord security straps your optics have maximum security without the tension.



Keep it compact


Unlike some bulky bino systems the LockDown is very streamlined. Designed to mold around any size of binocular this system remains very compact. The moldable aluminum body is covered in durable PVC and lined with neoprene, keeping your lenses safe from debris. With its fully adjustable features the low-profile protective pouch keeps the optics secure and snug against your body. Even when wearing the s4 Gear LockDown under a tree stand harness or backpack, all straps and adjustments have been properly placed for a comfortable fit.


Combining strategy and simplicity


Easily adjustable, the s4 Gear LockDown is user-friendly even in low-light or complete darkness. The S4 Gear system allows for rapid placement without the frustration of untangling multiple straps. Each feature on the LockDown is fully adjustable meaning that it can fit any sized hunter or outdoor enthusiast. All adjustments on the LockDown are positioned so as to be 100% accessible when wearing a backpack or tree stand harness.


In comparison the S4 Gear LockDown in a class of its own. To the avid binocular user the LockDown is an indispensable tool. From bowhunter to birder this retention system is sure to give you more comfort and protection in the field. With the two sizes available the S4 Gear LockDown is sure to fit your need. To learn more about the S4 Gear LockDown visit


LockDown for optics 6” to 7.5” in length.
LockDown Micro for optics 4.5” to 6” in length.



Real Avid: The Bowsmith – Designed by Murphy’s Law

If you’re a bowhunter, Ole’ Murphy has smiled as he broke a string loop or loosened that allen screw he knew you didn’t have the tool for. Admit it, we are no match for Murphy and how many times has it been said in an emergency, “If I only had a … !” Thanks to Real Avid they have taken some notes from Ole’ Murphy. Though, they have not disclosed what they paid him, rumor has it, Murphy’s Law actually invented the Real Avid Bowsmith.

[post_thumbnail size=”post-hero”]

Real Avid is all about “rugged” and their Bowsmith bow tool is all that and more. Torx™ fasteners secure the entire Bowsmith tool system and all the implements are made of stainless steel. The anodized aluminum side plates combined with the ergonomic design allow it to fit the hand and feel comfortable. If Murphy helped with design he was definitely concerned with quality.


This tool was born with the bowhunter in mind. It is a micro toolbox for those who enjoy the challenge of a stick and string. Somehow Real Avid packed twenty-eight tools  into this hand held multi-tool.


Just maybe having this tool within reach will make Mr. Murphy stay away and we’ll never have to use some of these handy tools.

Here is the rundown.


  • Needle nose pliers with cutters
  • Nock spreader
  • Nock crimp
  • D-Loop Set tool
  • 14 Allen bits
  • Integrated 1/4″ hex driver
  • Ceramic file for sharpening a broadhead
  • Steel file for sharpening whatever
  • Arrow insert extractor tool
  • Fletching stripper
  • Broadhead wrench
  • String separator
  • Tree step starter
  • Knife (of course)



real avid bowsmith review


Packed into a durable Cordura® case the Bowsmith is a convenient tool that will definitely be on the gear list for the next bowhunt. Having this emergency advantage in a convenient package is true innovation. It has been said, “If you can’t beat ’em … join ’em” and somewhere Real Avid and Murphy’s Law must have had a come to Jesus meeting.

“… he hath bent his bow, and made it ready.” Psalm 7:12


Visit today!

Arrow Lube for 3D archery

The Three Little Pigs and Arrow Lube On a Retractor

In childhood we heard how the “The Three Little Pigs” were threatened with “huff and puff.” Enshrined in our culture is the saga of a big bad wolf, brick house, and a boiling pot. Like our tip for today, it is “huff and puff” that set the wheels of innovation in motion.

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3D archery shooters attempting to extract arrows from stubborn targets understand “huff and puff.” Its no fairy tale when tugging on carbon arrows tightly pinned in foam. That’s why most 3D shooters won’t be without their favorite arrow lubricant. Stored in neat little applicator bottles this slimy stuff is essential for extracting arrows.


Arrow lube is not something you want to lose during a 3D shoot. Once again the threat of “huff and puff” got the pigs thinking. With some creativity they set out to find a better way to keep the lubricant handy.


Think – Fly Fishing


arrow lube


Gadgets and gear in the fly-fishing world are frequently attached to retractors, often known as “zingers”. When the tool is not in use it is stored neatly in its place. When the tool is needed just give it a tug and its convenient tether will reach where you need it. When finished, let go of the implement and its spring loaded cable retracts to its original position.


Using a double retractor we set out to outsmart the wolf. With the retractor pinned neatly on the inside of the quiver pocket, the lube stays conveniently located. The arrow lube bottle is fastened to the retractor using a “fly floatant” holder. Now you can effortlessly use the lube and ‘whala’ the retractor takes it right back home. For convenience we also elected to fasten our bow string wax in the same way. This tip may not build a brick house or boil the “Big Bad Wolf” but it might save you some “huff and puff.”


3D arrow lube