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How To Choose The Best Bowhunting Gear

Is there such as thing as the ‘best bowhunting gear?’ In jest I’d like to say, it depends on whether you’re speaking as a manufacturer, retailer, pro-staffer, or consumer.
Okay, so that was a poor attempt at cynical humor. But, when recently asked for my interpretation of the ‘best bowhunting gear,’ the answer boiled down to four very simple points.
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1. Quality

Just because someone gets paid a bundle of money to say a product is qualified to enter the realm of ‘best hunting gear’ doesn’t make it so. I determine what bowhunting gear I use based upon my personal needs and the quality of the product offered.
For instance, I’ve been using Havalon knives before Jim Shockey started promoting them. I would agree Jim has great taste in hunting gear, but the reason I chose Havalon knives is because they’re a quality product and meet my immediate needs. Furthermore, I’ve never had an issue with a Havalon product. I’ve found them to be of the utmost quality, so I’ll continue to use them even if Jim Shockey doesn’t.
best bowhunting gear havalon piranta

2. Company

Behind every brand is a team. A group of people that develop, manufacture, and market products. When choosing a product my entire hunt may depend on, I like to choose products manufactured by people who are hunters and have the utmost respect for other hunters. This is not a ‘deal breaker’ but is something I keep in mind when purchasing gear.
Let me illustrate. Just because there are optics companies making quality optics doesn’t mean they all understand the nuances of the bowhunter. One of the main reasons I use Vortex Optics is because the Vortex team is very passionate about hunting and the outdoors. This passion carries over into the products they offer and the service they provide.
While ‘quality’ trumps ‘company,’ knowing who is behind the product does influence my buying decision.

3. Warranty

I also consider what type of warranty is offered with the product upon purchase. For example, besides being a reputable brand, another reason I use Badlands Packs is due to their unconditional warranty. The same goes for Vortex Optics VIP Warranty. How can you go wrong with a product that comes with an unlimited, unconditional, and lifetime warranty?
Drop it, tear it, break it—and it’s covered. That alone is worth… how much?
best bowhunting gear vortex optics

4. Customer Service

Everyone desires a hassle free experience should an issue arise with a piece of hunting equipment. While some might rank customer service higher on the list, the first three qualifications usually determine the quality of customer service offered by a manufacturer.
When switching bow companies, one of the things that made Elite Archery so attractive was their Elite Hunt Guarantee. If something happens to my bow while on the hunt of a lifetime, Elite Archery will ship me the exact bow so I can finish my hunt. Now that is customer service offered by a team who understands hunters.


Defining the ‘best bowhunting gear’ might seem subjective to say the least. But, this short list offers a few objective items to keep in mind and are what I consider to be the most important elements when choosing the ‘best bowhunting gear.’
I hope this helps to answer the question at hand and trust each of you has a safe and blessed hunting season.

365 Whitetail Giveaway

The Bowhunter’s Bonanza Giveaway

Here’s your chance to begin this year’s hunting season with a nice selection of brand new hunting gear.
Starting today and running through September 30th, you have a chance to win the hunting gear featured in this giveaway. This giveaway includes products from Vortex Optics, Badlands Packs, Bushnell, Stic-n-Pic, Havalon Knives, Duel Game Calls, Scott Archery, Only Protein, DeerLab, Black Eagle Arrows, and more.
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Here’s how The Bowhunter’s Bonanza Giveaway will work.
Simply SIGN UP below, LIKE the Facebook page of each of these manufactures, and SHARE the giveaway on Facebook. (Feel free to SHARE the giveaway info from 365 Whitetail’s Facebook page or you can share it directly from here.) On September 30th one winner will be randomly selected to win ALL this gear. We want to make some bowhunter very happy!
For detailed information on the individual products included in this giveaway, see below. You must be 18 years of age and live in the United States to enter this giveaway.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


1. Vortex Optics – 10×42 Diamondback Binocular & Vortex Camo Hat

The Vortex Diamondback 10×42 binocular provides superior quality in a hunter friendly package. Offering multicoated lenses, phase-corrected prisms, and waterproof/fogproof contruction, these binoculars will have you seeing like you’re supposed to. While there are several optics companies making quality optics, few know hunting like the team at Vortex. Vortex Optics are designed by hunters for hunters and not only that, Vortex knows the outdoors is not a friend of glass. Therefore they offer a VIP Warranty with every purchase. What’s a VIP Warranty? Check this out: Vortex VIP Warranty
Click here for more information on the Vortex Diamondback 10×42.
vortex diamondback

2. Badlands – Treestand Pack

Known for their unconditional lifetime warranty and quality hunting packs, the Badlands brand is no stranger to the bowhunter. The Badlands Treestand Pack was designed, crafted and named for those who pursue their quarry from a treestand. I personally use this pack and love it. The treestand pack offers plenty of pockets and even has a ‘basket’ for convenient storage. See our review here: Badlands Treestand Pack

3. Havalon Knives – NEW Baracuta Bone Saw

Have you seen the new Baracuta Bone Saw? Talk about innovative! This (bad to the bone) saw is Havalon’s latest invention made specifically for the hunter-gatherer. Offering a proprietary blend of steel this saw is both strong and sharp. And just like the Havalon knives, the blades are replaceable. Cool stuff.
Giveaway includes the Baracuta saw, two replacement blades and a nylon holster. Color is blaze orange. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. For more information visit Havalon Knives.
havalon baracuta bone saw

4. Havalon Knives – Piranta-Bolt Hunting/Skinning Knife

While I’ve been a fan of the original Havalon Piranta for some time, the new Piranta-Bolt features a stronger, thicker 60A blade and a much larger handle. Literally these knives are razor sharp, so once you start using a Piranta-Bolt, you’ll never use anything else.
Giveaway includes the Piranta-Bolt, 12 additional blades and a nylon holster. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Havalon products are beyond good, they’re simply amazing.

5. Bushnell – Trophy Cam Essential Trail Camera

Bushnell’s Trophy Cam Essential 6MP trail camera has become a favorite among hunting enthusiasts. Featuring 32 low-glow LED’s, video mode and Field Scan technology, the Trophy Cam Essential provides both value and performance. Known for their quality photos, some lucky bowhunter is going to win a chance to photograph the buck of a lifetime.

6. Scott Archery – Shark Caliper Release

Scott releases are known for their quality, which is why the Scott Shark release has become a best seller among bowhunters. This duel-caliper release provides even distribution of friction resulting in enhanced accuracy. For the predator who prefers a caliper release, you can’t go wrong with a Shark. This giveaway includes a Scott Shark in Realtree AP, with a buckle style strap.

7. Black Eagle Arrows – ½ Dozen Outlaws

Black Eagle Arrows is taking the archery industry by storm. Although a new brand in the industry, the Black Eagle team is well experienced in what it takes to build an arrow that will perform beyond expectation. Offering surpising consistency and arrow accuracy, Black Eagle Arrows is receiving raving reviews among archery enthusiasts. And rightfully so. This giveaway includes ½ dozen Black Eagle Outlaws.
Once the winner is announced, we will coordinate with Black Eagle so the winner can receive the correct spine. Check out Black Eagle Arrows.
Black Eagle Arrows

8. Deer Lab – 1 Year Subscription

Managing Trail Camera photos has never been easier. Now with DeerLab’s Trail Camera Software you can conveniently keep track of not only photos, but individual bucks as well. Plus this unique software automatically taps into your closest weather station and coordinates it with your photo’s time stamp. This means you can track what wind, temperature, or barometric pressure your hit list buck is moving to. For information on additional features visit DeerLab.

9. Bass & Bucks – $50 Gift Card / Online Store

Stocking over 800 new and used bows, Bass & Bucks is Indiana’s premier archery retailer. Included in this giveaway is a $50 gift card to be used on Bass & Bucks’ new on-line store. From Elite Archery, Scott, Black Eagle and a host of other quality brands, here’s your chance to make your gear list complete. Looking for a new bow, check out Bass & Bucks.

10. Duel Game Calls – Stretchback Grunt Call

Duel Game Calls is not just another call maker. Setting themselves apart by using duel chamber technology, Duel Game Calls produces some of the most realistic calls on the market. Watch Weston Clark demo the call here.
Duel Stretchback Grunt Call

11. Dead Down Wind – 64oz Field Spray, 12oz Spray bottle, String & Rail Lube, and Face Paint

This company needs little introduction. Known for providing quality scent control products, Dead Down Wind offers just about any product you would ever need in scent free form. This giveaway includes a 64oz bottle of Dead Down Wind Field Spray & spray bottle combo, a three pack of rail & string lube, plus Dead Down Wind’s new Face Paint.

12. Stic-n-Pic – Mini Ground Mount

Stic-n-pic trail camera mounts are some of the most innovative mounts on the market today. Just released this year is their new Mini Ground Mount. The mini mount comes in a small convenient package along with offering all the advantages we have come to expect from Stic-n-Pic. Awesome product!

13. Only Protein – 10 Protein Powder Sticks / Chocolate

Perfect for the health conscious hunter who wants to keep a quality source of protein in his pack. Only Protein is free of GMO’s, Gluten, Chemical Additives, Hydrolyzed Proteins, Sugar and the list goes on. Not only does Only Protein offer top quality protein, but it taste great as well. Visit Only Protein for more info and additional products you shouldn’t live without.
Only Protein Sticks

14. Steve Sorensen – Growing Up With Guns

Yes, he’s an an award winning author, but why would we give away a book entitled “Growing Up With Guns” in a ‘bowhunter’s giveaway?’ Well, because Steve Sorensen’s book isn’t limited to the subject of guns. This book contains a collection of meaningful articles any hunter will benefit from. To know more about Steve and his publications, check out The Everyday Hunter.

15. Hawk Hunting Products – Tactical Tree Hook

Just because I absolutely love these things, I’m going to throw in a Hawk – Tactical Tree Hook. If your not familiar with Hawk or their treestand accessories, you should be. Here’s a little more info on why I won’t be without a few of these Tree Hooks when I head to my stand.
tree hook
Thank you for participating in The Bowhunter’s Bonanza Giveaway. We can’t wait to see who’ll take home the mother load of hunting gear.

Talk the walk deer call

Talk The Walk Deer Call: Replicate A Whitetail’s Walk

The Talk The Walk deer call is the invention of Pennsylvania resident and bowhunting veteran, Valentine Wtorkiewicz. Having spent countless hours watching how whitetail respond to the sound of their own species, Valentine set out to create a call which would replicate the sound of a whitetail’s walk. And by reviewing this product, I’d say he has succeeded.
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Whitetails are communicative by nature and are known to respond to visual, vocal and olfactory cues. By producing a variety of sounds and smells an entire deer herd is able to communicate, breed, and establish dominance.
Hunters understand the effectiveness of mimicking both the sounds and smells of whitetail and do so by using grunt calls or attractants such as deer urine. The outdoor marketplace has no shortage of calls and attractants due to their ability to produce definite results when used properly.

Talk The Walk: It’s All About Replicating A Whitetail’s Walk

So what if we could replicate the sound of a walking deer? Or have a small handheld call that would add the sound of rustling leaves to our rattling sequence? Most bowhunters would agree these sounds could only add a positive dimension when calling whitetails. And that is exactly why Valentine set out to make a simple but useful call that can be taken anywhere and used in a multitude of hunting scenarios. While it may sound completely insane to some, the avid bowhunter will immediately recognize the theory behind the Talk The Walk call.
Valentine states, “I also got the idea from doing things differently many years ago and still apply this technique today. When getting 200 yards from my stand, on those dry, calm days I would start walking, toe, heal, toe, heal, pausing at different times. Because of this I was approached by deer many times over. At first I thought it was just blind luck but the more it happened the more I got involved with researching whitetails and how they respond to environmental sounds associated with their own species.
If you really take note and watch how deer respond and move toward the sound of their own species the next time your out in the woods you will understand more on why this is essential to the whitetail world.
The bucks in PA are high pressured animals and I know grunting alone is how most bucks can tell the difference between a hunter and the real deal. But adding the environmental sounds is truly a ground breaking technique that will revolutionize the way we hunt.”
So does it work? This video will give you a first hand account of just how well it does work.

Valentine has also taken the time to provide a helpful tutorial. There is a definite cadence to a whitetail’s walk and the call’s creator has figured out how to replicate it. Check it out.



Few things can compare to rattling in a shooter buck. But, knowing my rattling sequences left out the sound made by the fighting buck’s feet has always bothered me. For several years I’ve used Walmart bags, Ziploc bags or some form of noise to sound like rustling leaves during a rattling sequence. With the Talk The Walk deer call, that issue is solved.
Having spent time talking to Valentine, he continually stresses the fact of the call being very effective when used as a stand alone call. It does not need to be accompanied by a grunt call or by rattling. You can view the multiple videos on his website to see how deer respond to the call when used just by itself.
While I cannot attribute any harvest’s to this call, I do believe it is designed with a solid theory behind it and will continue using it again this year.
The call is very easy to use. Simply squeeze the bag style call in the proper cadence and it will produce the desired sounds. The Talk The Walk deer call is also light weight and will fit into most any day pack.
The only thing I wish was different about the call is the shiny material inside the call that actually produces the sound. Due to the cloth shell being thin enough to allow sound to escape, you can vaguely see the internal shine from outside the call. If hunting in direct sunlight you’ll want to keep the call somewhat hidden.
For more information on the Talk The Walk Deer Call visit:
For the bowhunter, this call brings new meaning to ‘Talk The Walk.’

Scott Exxus release

Scott Exxus Release Review

The Scott Exxus release is the end result of an abnormal passion for perfection and a willingness to persist until it is achieved. Through a refusal to settle for second best, the Scott Exxus now offers unparalleled performance to the discerning archer.
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What began as a vision to develop the best thumb release on the market has now come to fruition in the form of the Scott Exxus. Already known for their superior products and uncanny innovation, Scott Archery has once again surpassed expectations by designing one of the most advanced releases produced today.

Why The Scott Exxus Release

Some time ago I posted a review of a thumb release from another manufacture. At the time we were very happy with its performance. However, after the ‘other manufactures’ release misfired a few times we became increasingly leery of its overall dependability.
Each time we drew our bow we would envision what would happen if the next misfire took place when drawing on a trophy whitetail. When the third misfire sent an arrow through a local archery shop’s air conditioning duct – it was time to switch to a more dependable release.
After spending some time with the Scott Exxus we knew this release was more than a just a replacement. The Exxus eclipsed the performance of our old release by a long shot. (Pun intended!)
Scott Exxus release review

Scott Exxus Features

With its proprietary three-finger design the Scott Exxus offers an ergonomic feel that is both smooth and solid. Although slightly larger than our previous thumb release, the Exxus provides a natural fit and well-fitting contour. This intuitive styling also helps to prevent fatigue when shooting for extended periods of time.
Like all Scott Archery releases, the Exxus has been engineered to provide a crisp break when executing the shot. Meticulously machined 440C stainless steel integral components with anti-friction Titanium coating insure a quiet and consistent release. And with its fully adjustable trigger the Exxus eliminates any trigger creep or unnecessary travel.
Scott Archery Exxus

Scott Exxus – Superior In Design

What makes the Scott Exxus superior in design is its full range of adjustability. Not only does this release allow for the micro-adjustment of trigger travel and sensitivity, but the height and radius of the trigger arm are adjustable as well. And if that isn’t enough, the trigger barrel can be rotated in either direction for a precise release-to-hand fit.
These additional features allow the shooter to make precision adjustments that compliment a consistent anchor point and smooth release. The Exxus ‘adjustability’ coupled with its proprietary hook design guarantee a crisp break at the moment of shot along with aiding in overall accuracy.


With its multiple adjustments the Scott Exxus has me asking why I waited so long to switch releases. Although I know the answer is because I’m loyal to a fault and not one to jump ship too quickly – the way the Exxus has delivered is almost too good to be true.
Overall the Exxus has us convinced of its supremacy among the ranks of thumb releases. Call it placebo if you want to, but what I do know is that I’ve never shot better. Oh, I know there is no substitute for a tuned bow, consistent form and quality practice, but the Scott Exxus sure has made executing a seamless shot a whole lot easier.
The Scott Exxus is available in either camo/black or red/black in color and can be used by both right and left-handed shooters. To find out more about the Scott Exxus release, visit Scott Archery today.
Scott Exxus Bow Release

Hawk Hunting Products Jab Handle

Hawk Hunting Products: Treestand Accessory Review

Prior to the 2014 ATA Show, Hawk Hunting Products requested that we stop by their booth and check out a new line of hunting products. Failing to mention what kind of products they were marketing—curiosity got the best of us.
Not to be detoured by the vague “outdoor product” metonymy, we found Hawk Hunting Products booth number and searched the ATA Show directory to find what type of products they would be launching.
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Reading the words “treestand manufacturer,” our cynicism instantly kicked in. Quietly we were saying, “As if we need another one?” But after seeing some initial reviews of Hawk’s treestand accessories, we were eager to check them out.
Now that we’ve had the opportunity to put some of these products to use, it’s safe to say that not only has Hawk Hunting Products launched a unique brand, but the ingenuity and quality of their treestand accessories is astounding.
Let’s take a look.

1. Hawk Hunting Products: Twist-Up Hoist Line

You can’t help but admire a company that believes they can make a better mousetrap, or in this case a more innovative hoist line.
Hawk Hunting Products Twist Up Hoist Line
How many times have you dug into your backpack only to find your hoist line had become a tangled mess? With Hawk Hunting Products Twist-Up Hoist Line—the days of a twisted hoist line are over. Hawk’s Hoist Line features 25 feet of anti-tangle flat cord that keeps your line quickly deployable along with allowing organized storage.
Hawk Hunting Products Hoist Line
Not only does the Twist-Up Hoist Line come with a flat anti-tangle cord, it also has an overmolded rubber ‘twist tie’ instead of the standard carabineer found on most hoist lines. This new ‘twist tie’ approach serves two purposes: One, it allows quiet and quick fastening of your bow or gear. Second, it serves as a method of retention when storing your hoist line.
This is one product I won’t be without.

2. Hawk Hunting Products: Tactical Tree Hook

Most bowhunters haul a handful of tree hooks in their backpack. Once settled in the tree we screw the hooks into the tree and hang our gear. And how many times has the sharp point of a tree hook caught on or poked into your pack?
Hawk Hunting Products Tree Hook
With Hawk’s Tactical Tree Hook you can keep those sharp points covered, have a tree hook conveniently fastened to your pack and with its proprietary AugerTip, you now have a tree hook that screws quickly into any tree. The Tactical Tree Hook also comes with a unique carabineer that provides the bowhunter with a Thread Protector when transporting the tree hook.
Hawk Hunting Products Tactical Tree Hook
Hawk’s Tactical Tree Hook is rated for 60 pounds and has a rubber overmolded body making it both extremely quiet and durable.

3. Hawk Hunting Products: Jab’ Handle Tree Hook

They say necessity is the mother of invention and the Hawk Jab’ Handle was born out of those frustrating moments when a bowhunter struggles to get a gear hook into a stubborn or frozen tree.
Hawk Hunting Products Jab Handle Hook
The Jab’ Handle features a flip-out locking AugerTip that acts much like a pocketknife. Pull out the AugerTip and it locks securely, press the release and it retracts neatly back into the Jab’ Handle. Not only can Hawk’s Jab’ Handle be used to hang essential gear, but it can also be used to start a pilot hole when attempting to hang other treestand accessories.
Like other Hawk Hunting Products, the Jab’ Handle is also overmolded with rubber making it very quiet and rigid.

4. Hawk Hunting Products: Xtendible Bow Arm

Hawk Hunting Products launched two styles of bow arms at the 2014 ATA Show. The Hawk Xtendible Bow Arm is the smaller of the two and is designed for the bowhunter who desires a bow arm that is both packable and light. Measuring in at only 8.5″ collapsed and 16.5″ extended, the Xtendible Bow Arm packs perfectly, yet offers more than sufficient length to keep your bow within reach.
Hawk Hunting Products Xtendable Bow Arm
Across the years I’ve tried several different bow arms and come to prefer a longer bow arm in order to keep the bow as close as possible. So, I wasn’t for sure how I would like the Xtendible Bow Arm until putting it to use in the state of Alabama. Overall, the bow arm performed flawlessly. Featuring a heavy duty auger thread the bow arm threaded into the tree very easily, was very stable, had plenty of horizontal adjustment and was extremely quiet when setting up and while in use.
The Xtendible Bow Arm has become my go-to bow arm due to its packability.
Hawk Hunting Products Xtendible Bow Arm
Overall we were extremely impressed with each of the treestand accessories and look forward to seeing what other products Hawk will develop for the avid bowhunter. For more information on these and other products visit Hawk Hunting Products.

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD

2014 ATA Show: Bushnell Trophy Cam HD, HD Max & HD Wireless

Each year it’s exciting to see what new technologies can assist the bowhunter and the 2014 ATA Show showcased those advancements well. At the top of the ‘new technology list’ is the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless trail camera.
Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless

The Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless is the first ever wireless trail camera to feature a completely integrated and hassle-free system. Each camera comes with a SIM card, available data plan, and a no contract pay-as-you-go renewal option. If you’ve never used a wireless trail camera, I can assure you that Bushnell has simplified the process of set up.

Simply sign on through their website, enter your camera’s serial number and sign up for the pay-as-you-go data plan. Plus, Bushnell has developed an accompanying app so you can control all your camera settings and check your photos right from your mobile phone.
There’s even more.
Bushnell also allows you to command and control your camera and photos from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. When you want to share your favorite photos through email, web or Facebook, they’ve made it easy.
How cool is that?

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD & Trophy Cam HD Max

Along with their Trophy Cam HD Wireless, Bushnell also featured the updated Trophy Cam HD and Trophy Cam HD Max at the 2014 ATA Show. With this years redesign the Trophy Cam HD has been engineered to endure the harshest of conditions. It now comes standard with a removable LED shield, strengthened cable lock for added security and improved latch. And there’s is even more advancements on the inside.
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The standard Bushnell Trophy Cam HD has 720p video capabilities and the Trophy Cam HD Max has 1080p — both with audio. With 8MP resolution, black LED’s, a one year battery life and the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD’s reputation, these cameras are changing the game.

For more information about the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless, HD, and HD Max visit Bushnell today.

First Lite Sanctuary Jacket

2014 ATA Show: First Lite Sanctuary Treestand Jacket

Out of numerous pieces of clothing at the 2014 ATA Show, the First Lite Sanctuary Treestand Jacket was one of the most impressive pieces of bowhunting clothing I saw. Made from First Lite’s high quality merino wool, the First Lite Sanctuary Jacket has been designed expressly for the late season bowhunter.
[post_thumbnail size=”post-hero”]
As a late season bowhunter I get frustrated with how noisy warm clothing can be. But, unlike most late season gear the outer shell of the Sanctuary Jacket is incredible quiet. No matter which way I rubbed or scratched the outer it was dead silent. Someone give these guys an award!

First Lite Sanctuary Treestand Jacket


Not only is the outer shell quiet, but the inner is as well. This combination makes for quiet drawing of your bow no matter what the temperature. Designed to keep you warm without additional bulk, the body of the Sanctuary is insulated with 200 fill Cocona. The tapered sleeves are 160 fill Cocona and the hood is 200 fill.
With this technology and blueprint, the Sanctuary Jacket should easily keep you warm during those cold late season bowhunts. Kenton Carruth informed us at the ATA Show that he had recently worn the Sanctuary Jacket on a whitetail hunt where temperatures dipped into the single digits and the jacket performed flawlessly.
First Lite Sanctuary
The First Lite Sanctuary jacket comes with interior pockets, waterproof zippers, a kidney pouch for hand warmers and baffled pockets for heat retention. It will be available in Realtree Xtra and ASAT camo and should be released June of 2014.
For more information about the First Lite Sanctuary Jacket and to learn more about Cocona technology, feel free to visit First Lite.
First Lite Sanctuary Treestand Jacket

CBE Tek Hybrid

2014 ATA Show: CBE Tek Hybrid Bow Sight

The 2014 ATA Show served as the platform for the unveiling of the new CBE Tek Hybrid. Redesigned with several new features, the CBE Tek Hybrid is a sight to behold.
[post_thumbnail size=”post-hero”]
This year the CBE Tek Hybrid will be offered in your choice of either a direct mount or dovetail mount. You can expect the 2014 CBE Tek Hybrid to be brighter due to a large acrylic window and an additional 12-inches of fiber that has been added to each pin.

The new CBE Tek Hybrid has a more ergonomic adjustment knob and has been updated for more convenient adjustment. The updated sight also features visible hash marks, allowing precision adjustment for ultimate accuracy.
CBE Tek Hybrid Sight
One of the bonuses of the CBE Tek Hybrid is its ability to be a single or multi-pin sight. With simple and swift pin removal the CBE Tek Hybrid offers all types of archers the best of both worlds.
To find for information about the new CBE Tek Hybrid visit Custom Bow Equipment.
CBE Tek Hybrid bow sight

indiSystems sidekick jib

2014 ATA Show: Campbell Cameras IndiSYSTEMS Jib

One of the first places I wanted to visit at the 2014 ATA Show was Campbell Cameras. This year 365 Whitetail will be featuring more videos and I wanted to see what was new in the world of video equipment.
[post_thumbnail size=”post-hero”]
Unfortunately, I ended up seeking their help in fixing an electrical short in my Rode mic. Thanks to the friendly service of Campbell Cameras I was able to identify a bigger problem. Very nice people and thanks to their help, we got it fixed.
One of the coolest things I saw in the Campbell Camera booth was the IndiSYSTEMS Sidekick Jib. This thing is awesome.

Weighing less than 4 pounds (did you get that?), and folding to approximately 20-inches in length, this thing is a must. Now by mounting the Sidekick to any tripod, with or without a fluid head, you can add dramatic and cinematic shots to your B-roll. And the Sidekick retails for only $139.
The IndiSYSTEMS Sidekick is both a packable and affordable – kind of a rare find in the camera world.
To find more info on the IndiSYSTEMS jib, visit Campbell Cameras.

Lone Wolf Alpha Tech

2014 ATA Show: Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1 Treestand

The 2014 ATA Show showcased a myriad of treestands from a multitude of manufacturers. From ladder stands, climbers or lock on’s – just name it and someone displayed it. Among those, Lone Wolf introduced their new Alpha Tech F1 series treestand.
[post_thumbnail size=”post-hero”]

Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1

The Alpha Tech is built with all the features you have come to expect from Lone Wolf; including a roomy 30”x19.5” platform constructed of powder coated aluminum. Just to be clear, the Alpha Tech is not a replacement for the Alpha Hang On but is a more economical addition to the Lone Wolf family.

The Alpha Tech features a self-leveling platform, offset bracket, versa buttons for easy mounting, E-Z hang hook and more. Lone Wolf offers all this in a stand for right at the $200 mark. Plus this stand weighs in at under 14 pounds.
Although I have heard some mixed emotions regarding this stand, I’m impressed and here’s why. With the Alpha Tech’s E-Z hang hook, you don’t need 20 of these stands. Simply use the E-Z hang system on a multitude of sets and you have a high quality aluminum stand that won’t break the bank and is built to last. Having physically hit the platform on several stands at the 2014 ATA Show in an attempt to see how subjective the stands were to noise, I can honestly say that I would have no issues hunting from the new Lone Wolf Alpha Tech.
Plus, with the Alpha Tech you can have the assurance that your product is backed by one of the most reputable brands in the industry.
For more information feel free to visit Lone Wolf Hunting Products.
Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1