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Scott Backspin release

2014 ATA Show: Scott Backspin Release With Darrin Christenberry

When it comes innovative products at the 2014 ATA Show, Scott Archery takes the prize with the Backspin. So unlike other back tension releases, the Scott Backspin is in a league of its own.
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The Backspin’s rotating bearing design allows the archer to be assured of a self-centering and secure hand position every time. Greatly reducing release “hang-up” the Backspin provides archers a release aid that will assist in consistency and accuracy.
Professional archer Darrin Christenberry tells us more about the Scott Backspin.

Already known for their dependability and outside the box innovation, Scott Archery continues to strive for ultimate performance in their archery products.
To learn more about the visit Scott Archery.

2014 ATA Show Duel Grunt Call

2014 ATA Show: The Duel Stretchback Grunt Call With Weston Clark

Some might be thinking, “Are you serious, you went to the 2014 ATA Show only to feature another grunt call?” “Aren’t there enough grunt calls on the market?”
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Not like Duel Game Calls Stretchback Grunt Call. With its Dual Chamber Technology you can sound more like the real thing instead of a cheap imitation. The Duel Chamber Technology projects the sound of your grunt through two separate chambers. Why is that such a big deal? Watch as Weston Clark explains.

With the Duel Stretchback Grunt Call you can emulate more convincing and multidimensional sounds. Plus, the flex tube is made of soft rubber — not plastic. With this added feature you will not only produce more realistic sounds, but this call won’t make any unnatural sounds when extending or contracting the call during a calling sequence.
The Duel Game Calls Stretchback Grunt Call also comes with an outlandish guarantee. If you don’t think this call is the most realistic sounding and most effective call you’ve ever used, they will buy it back — no questions asked. Now that’s a guarantee.
To learn more about the Stretchback Grunt Call visit Duel Game Calls.
2014 ATA Show Duel Game Calls

2014 ATA Show Tenzing

2014 ATA Show: Tenzing Packs With Ralph And Vicki Cianciarulo

Tenzing introduced two new packs at the 2014 ATA Show that have been designed expressly for the discerning bowhunter. Collaborating with Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo, Tenzing has successfully tailored these new packs from both experience and success.
“America’s favorite hunting couple,” have spent countless hours in a treestand pursuing trophy whitetail and these packs are the culmination of what Ralph and Vicki believe the whitetail hunter needs and deserves in a pack.
So which one is the best? As usual, Ralph and Vicki can’t agree!


Tenzing TC1500

The Tenzing TC1500 features 1500 cubic inches of storage, can conveniently carry your bow, has 12 total compartments, an elastic waist-belt, and is hydration compatible. It also comes with a foldout bow boot for additional security and on those days when the weather is nasty, the TC1500 has you covered with a foldout rain cover. The TC1500 is a no frills pack built on the same quality we have come to expect from Tenzing.

Tenzing TC1260

Aiming to create the ideal daypack, Tenzing created the TC1260. The TC1260 features 1285 cubic inches of storage, 8 total compartments, two hip pockets for carrying critical bowhunting gear (such as a rangefinder), and a comfortable stretch waist-belt system. The TC1260 is just what the doctor ordered for the bowhunter wanting just enough storage to haul necessary gear.
For more information check out Tenzing Outdoors.

Thank you Ralph and Vicki for being so gracious. It was a highlight of the 2014 ATA Show.

2014 ATA Show

2014 ATA Show: Updates And Videos

The 2014 ATA Show will kick off on January 6th and go through January 8th at the Music City Center in the country music capital—Nashville, Tennessee. Featuring over 500 manufacturers and leaders in the archery and bowhunting industry, the 2014 ATA Show will spotlight just about anything that relates to the bow and arrow.
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For the archery enthusiast and bowhunting aficionado the 2014 ATA Show will be the highlight of the year. Both attendees and non-attendees will look forward to seeing and hearing what new innovations or ingenious products will be revealed at this years show. Much like Nashville does for country music, the ATA Show has come to epitomize the archery industry by successfully showcasing the latest in archery equipment, new product launches and updated bowhunting gear.

Stay Tuned For 2014 ATA Show Updates

As you might imagine, the 2014 ATA Trade show floor will be a hectic place. What starts as a brief conversation might last an hour and just about the time one conversation ends another begins. Combined with meetings, the sharing of bowhunting stories, eating good food, along with trying to take notes and videos, the ATA Show is a busy place. (Did I say, sharing bowhunting stories?)
2014 ATA Show Updates
In spite of the fast-paced atmosphere, we want to bring you the best possible coverage of the 2014 ATA Show. We have done our best to prepare equipment that will allow us to upload videos right from the show floor. If technology cooperates (big “if”), we will be bringing you updates throughout the entire show.
To keep abreast of what is happening at the ATA Show, feel free to visit our YouTube Channel, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or our ATA Show category page.

What New Products Would You Like To See

If there are products you would like for us to highlight, please feel free to leave a comment or contact us through Twitter or Facebook. We look forward to sharing the 2014 ATA Show with you and whatever we can do to help you feel a part, please let us know.
Nashville, here we come!

Elite Energy 35

Elite Energy 35 – Initial Review

The Elite Energy 35 is said to be, “The world’s most shootable bow.” Claims such as this are a dime a dozen. Elite Archery should know it takes more than marketing clichés to build a reputable brand and reliable bow.
And obviously they do!
Shootability is and has been the trademark of Elite Archery since its inception. For 2014 that objective remains the same. This year Elite has not only improved shootability, but has continued to provide innovation, technology and dependability through its newly designed Energy 35 and Energy 32 series bows.
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Some change the game, others rewrite the rules—the Elite Energy 35 does both.

In 2013 Elite Archery turned heads when it redesigned its Hunter model. Introducing a new riser, redesigned limb pockets, and a generous 7.75-inch brace height, the Hunter quickly became a favorite among bowhunters.
But Elite Archery had even more tricks up its sleeve.
For 2014 Elite launched a new line of bows that have not only turned heads but has an entire industry gawking and countless archers wanting to experience the shootabilty of the Energy 35.

Elite Energy 35 – Riser Design

At its core the Elite Energy 35 has a cold forged machined riser providing superior strength and resistance to twist. Now with its added Riser Cage, the Energy 35’s riser is said to be 30% stronger and 19% stiffer than a standard machined riser.
Elite Archery Energy 35
With all the marketing fluff in the archery industry, I decided to approach an engineer who works for Rolls-Royce in the development of defense aero-engine products. Showing him photos of the Elite Energy 35 and its design, I asked if the Riser Cage would increase strength and stiffness as claimed. Without hesitation the engineer immediately explained how the riser design would increase overall strength and rigidity — without question.
Sorry, Elite Archery! Please forgive me for being such a skeptic.
One look at the Elite Energy 35 and you’ll notice it’s not just a 35-inch axle-to-axle bow. It has been designed with a long riser. I asked the same engineer about the geometry of the Energy 35. Using the least possible geek-engineering language, I wanted him to explain how the longer riser provided more stability?
His answer was summed up in three words – “Moment of inertia.” In layman’s terms, the longer the riser the more torque/inertia is needed to change the axis of the bow. This simply means the longer riser of the Energy 35 enables it to offer a more stable shooting platform for all types of archery. Whether bowhunting or tournament archery, the Energy 35 is designed to be the perfect choice for the all around archer.
So how did it shoot?

Rock Solid And Dead In The Hand

Having shot the Elite Energy 35 and the Energy 32 side by side, the 35 was the pick of the litter. Personally, I found the Energy 35 felt more solid. To some, a mere three inches in difference between the two bows may not have been noticeable; to me the difference was slight but worthy of consideration. Along with feeling rock solid at full draw, the shot sequence offered no hand shock and the Energy 35’s parallel limb design made it absolutely dead in the hand.
With a generous 7-inch brace height the Energy 35 felt as forgiving as the 7.75-inch brace height of the 2013 Hunter. After shooting and critiquing both the Energy 32 and the Energy 35, I would have to say the longer riser of the 35 combined with its overall geometry offered a more stable “feel” than its 32-inch counterpart.
This is not to say I had a bone to pick with the Energy 32. It was also a great shooting bow.

Back (Brick) Wall and Draw Cycle

While visiting an archery shop that does not sell Elite, I recently heard a patron asking about a new bow. His question was, “Does (competitor’s brand) have a back wall like an Elite?” I had to smile.
Elite Energy 35 review
Elite has a reputation for offering a distinct and solid back wall. The Elite Energy 35 didn’t disappoint us. At full draw the wall was rock solid without any sponge.
The Energy 35 also offered a slight increase in speed over the 2013 Hunter. I was curious if the increase would come with a compromise in the draw cycle and controlled letdown. Surprisingly the draw cycle was even smoother than my 2013 Hunter and letdown was just as controllable.
The new Energy Cam System is definitely smooth and offers the same prominent valley that Elite shooters have come to expect.

Convenient Back Bar Mounting

One of the features of the Elite Energy 35 that has gotten little attention, is it’s factory pre-drilled and tapped in two locations for convenient mounting of a back bar. This is a small detail but one that reflects the ingenuity that has gone into the Energy 35.
Elite Energy 35 riser


Elite Archery has hit its mark with the Energy 35. For the all around shooter this bow has it all. Needless to say, I can’t wait until I get the call that Elite has shipped my Energy 35. Although this is not a comprehensive review, as I spend more time with the Energy 35, I’ll keep you updated.

Why I Switched To Elite Archery

Having been a loyal customer of another leading bow manufacturer for over 16 years, some have asked why I switched to Elite. The answers are simple.
1. Outstanding performance. The bows shoot, plain and simple.
2. The bows have a solid back wall, smooth draw cycle and distinct valley.
3. Each bow comes with a Transferable Lifetime Warranty.
4. Elite offers excellent Customer Service
5. Each bow comes with Winners Choice strings and cables
6. Each bow has factory installed Limbsaver accessories.
7. The Cerkote finish is bullet proof.
8. No matter where I am, if I have an issue with my bow while on a hunting trip, Elite will ship me a new bow so I can finish my hunt. Can’t beat that kind of service.
Take the Elite Shootability Challenge. I have never regretted it and I dare you to do the same!

lone wolf treestands alpha hang on

Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On II Review

The Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On II signifies not all adventures have to take place on a mountainside or in the African bush. This treestand represents the fact that for some, the most fulfilling challenge can take place 20-feet off the ground.
Cast for a different breed, the Lone Wolf Alpha combines state of the art technology with “made by bowhunters” ingenuity in order to offer essential gear designed specifically for the diehard treestand hunter.
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With A Name Like Lone Wolf – It Should Tell You Something

When it comes to treestand manufacturers, there are countless companies trying to carve out a niche in the treestand market. But when it comes to quality, all treestands are not created equal. Lone Wolf Treestands rises above the masses by offering superior crafted products that have been engineered for both performance and durability.
Lone Wolf’s flagship treestand is the Alpha Hang On II. This stand offers the bowhunter both optimum security and versatility. Having earned a reputation by living up to its namesake, countless bowhunters have made the Alpha Hang On their treestand of choice.
Constructed on a proprietary cast aluminum platform, the Lone Wolf Alpha is as robust as the passion that propels this company. Undaunted by cheap imitations and noisy knockoffs, the Alpha Hang On remains one of the quietest and most versatile treestands on the market today.

Alpha Hang On – Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Platform

No matter if you’re hunting early season when temperatures are downright hot or late season when temperatures are bone chilling cold, the Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On’s cast aluminum design allows the Alpha to be your silent hunting partner no matter the conditions.
The Alpha’s cast aluminum platform is engineered to be as quiet as your quarry. Its solid design insures there are no hollow chambers to amplify sound and no nerve-racking creaking experienced with expanded metal.
If hunting in rain, sleet, or wind, the Lone Wolf Alpha offers a secure non-slip platform designed to provide stability in all types of weather. Your potential trophy doesn’t wait on good weather to move and neither should you. The Alpha Hang On provides a distinct advantage when facing unpredictable elements, which in turn allows more days in the field.

Offset Bracket

Most treestands demand you locate a tree that is ramrod straight in order to fasten your stand securely. Lone Wolf Treestands knows nature better than that. Not all trees grow straight and no way in creation will you always find a straight tree in the exact location you need it to be in.
Taking into consideration that hunters want to spend more time hunting a trophy than hunting for a tree, Lone Wolf developed their “Offset Bracket.” With the Lone Wolf Alpha’s offset mounting bracket there are four points of contact when securing your treestand to a misshaped tree. This feature allows you to find the best location first, and then pick the tree, not visa versa.
lone wolf alpha

Stealth Attachment

Lone Wolf is well versed in the ways of aged animals whose instincts allow little margin of error. To insure you stay undetected, Lone Wolf has incorporated wolf like features into the Alpha Hang On design.
Outside of the roomy 30×19.5 inch platform, our favorite feature of the Alpha Hang On is what Lone Wolf calls their “Versa Buttons”. The Versa Buttons allow quick and easy attachment of the Alpha’s straps without unnecessary noise or frustration.
To fasten your stand, simply wrap the straps around the tree, then attach the strap loops around the Versa Buttons and tighten the straps securely. This unique feature makes hanging the Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On both quick and quiet.
Lone Wolf Treestands

Easy Leveling

Each Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On stand is also equipped with adjustment features that allow easy leveling of the platform and seat. By simply adjusting the platform cables to rest in the appropriate notch, the hunter has a level surface to stand on. To adjust the seat there is a convenient adjustment located within arms reach. These added features provide extended comfort on those all day hunts.


In order to harvest a mature buck, Lone Wolf understands mobility is not an option. With its folding features and low profile design the Alpha Hang On allows for mobility not found with other bulky stands. Equipped with shoulder straps the Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On can easily be packed into your favorite hunting spot without hassle.
Even with its solid cast aluminum platform, the Alpha Hang On weighs in at only 14 pounds. This convenient weight allows the Alpha to be taken wherever you choose to set up in pursuit of allusive game.


What is your life worth? Just throw out a number. I guarantee you said more than $259.
I often get asked, why would you spend that kind of money on a treestand. The answer is simple. When my life depends on what I’m standing on, I’m going to put my trust in something I know won’t fail.
Furthermore, I have used Lone Wolf Treestands in every kind of weather that Mother Nature can throw at you – without incident. Both my sons have Lone Wolf Treestands and the same goes for them.
The dependability and security offered by the Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On is worth every dollar. Why fuss about the cost of the very thing we trust our life with?

Summary – Like A Wolf

Having hunted out of the Lone Wolf Alpha for the last two seasons, it is without question that I believe this treestand is one of the best on the market. Its aluminum construction has provided a solid and silent platform on various size trees and in extreme weather conditions. This stand has been hung and hauled down more times that I can remember and continues to be as good as the day it was unboxed.
The only thing I added to the Lone Wolf Alpha were covers over top of the tension buckles. These neoprene covers help prevent any accidental metal to metal contact during the hanging of the stand. Read how to add these covers here: Silencing Your Long Wolf Treestand

With its countless features the Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On is a piece of bowhunting gear created by passionate bowhunters who believe that I deserve to have the best in quality and dependability. Plus, I have the added confidence of knowing the Lone Wolf Alpha is made and assembled right here in the United States.

Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On Details

  • 30″ x 19.5″ one-piece cast aluminum platform
  • Distinctive 3-D camo platform design
  • NEW In Cast Bow Holder accommodates most parallel limb bows
  • Large, contoured foam seat pad for great comfort
  • Fits trees 4″ – 22″ in diameter
  • Seat size 14″ x 12″, height 21″
  • 350-pound weight rating
  • Backpack straps included (optional padded straps available)


For more information visit Lone Wolf Treestands today
Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On

Badlands Treestand Pack


The Badlands Treestand Pack just might qualify as the most ingenious pack ever developed by Badlands. Built around the needs of treestand hunters, the Badlands Treestand Pack was inspired by those passionate enough to spend countless hours in a tree pursuing allusive quarry.


Branded with a name that is self-defining, the Badlands Treestand Pack needs little explanation. It is what it claims to be, a pack that offers multiple conveniences for the treestand hunter.
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The Badlands Treestand Pack Exterior


As we would expect, the Badlands Treestand Pack is build with the toughest of materials. So committed to offering its customers a quality product, Badlands clothed the Treestand Pack in its KXO-32 fabric. KXO-32 may sound intimidating, but it simply means that Badlands refused to quit and persevered 32 times in an attempt to get this fabric tough enough to meet their standards.
Badlands Treestand
This persistence became the birthplace of the quietest, most waterproof and strongest fabric in the hunting industry. An added bonus that comes with KXO-32 is its Teflon membrane. This technology gives the Badlands Tree Stand Pack the ability to remain supple even when it’s bone chilling cold outside.


Now, get this! Have you ever heard of Hypalon? It’s the material that Badlands uses to reinforce the high stress areas of the pack. As one of the strongest materials known to man, Badlands integrated this technology into the Treestand Pack for backup. So, not only do you have a pack with quality material, but a pack where every seam is taped and sealed and reinforced with Hypalon. Plus, the yellow bar tacking you see at the stress points are Arimid threads. Simply put, it’s some incredibly tough stuff. How strong are Arimid threads? Here’s the answer. One thread (that’s right) can lift 110 lbs. Think of that, two threads can lift more than my body weight. I’m impressed!


To keep you invisible to your quarry, the Treestand comes in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo. This pattern combines shadows, 3-D illusion and real visual elements making it an effective camouflage wherever you take it.

Badlands Treestand Pack Features


The Badlands Treestand Pack offers 2500 cubic inches of organized storage space. I say organized because this pack has plenty of smaller zipper compartments. Unlike some packs that leave you digging at the bottom of a black hole, the Treestand won’t keep you guessing where a particular piece of gear might be. With two large compartments and over twelve additional pockets the Treestand pack has more than ample room for organizing necessary gear.

Access your gear quickly and quietly

Badlands Treestand Pack Review
This ingenious pack also features an integrated “pouch” – think kangaroo! This “pouch” allows your essential gear to be accessed quickly and quietly when you need it. Simply unzip the large front compartment and the pouch is immediately at your disposal. There is also a convenient loop located within the pouch which provides the option of tethering items you could possibly drop from the treestand.


Speaking of loops, the Badlands Treestand Pack comes with three, large, external nylon loops making it easy to hang or fasten your pack while in the tree. Each loop is also protected by clear tubing which provides stability and makes each friction point extremely quiet.

Quiver or Rifle Boot

Whether you hunt with a firearm or bow, the Treestand Pack includes a unique feature for both. Simply unzip the bottom of either of the pack’s side pockets and you have immediate access to a sturdy pouch or “boot” that can become home to your firearm or your quiver. This handy pouch can be removed and buckled to either side of the pack depending on your personal preference or tucked away and hidden from sight.

Hydration Compatible


The Badlands Treestand Pack also provides a large compartment designed to keep you hydrated. This feature is a must for all day hunting and allows you to carry up to a 105-oz hydration bladder without added bulk.

AirTrack Suspension


To assist in proper moisture transfer and scent control, the Badlands Treestand Pack incorporates its new AirTrack suspension. Allowing the pack to breath and transfer moisture away from your body, the Treestand assists in getting you to your treestand as dry and scent-free as possible.
Badlands Pack

Badlands Unconditional Warranty


Badlands Packs has a reputation for its almost “too good to be true” warranty. Badlands doesn’t care if you bought your favorite pack at a garage sale – it’s under warranty. If something malfunctions, they don’t care if it was your fault or not. All they ask is that you get outdoors and use your pack as it was designed to be used.




As an avid bowhunter who is obsessed with organization, the Badlands Treestand Pack is the perfect prescription for my Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The “pouch” feature offers quick access or handy storage for wind checker, a grunt tube, lunch or my camera. With more pockets than a mob of kangaroos’s and plenty of additional storage, the Treestand will be my go-to pack this archery season. Considering it has a name like Treestand just might add to our hunting mojo.


For more information on the Badlands Treestand Pack, or other quality Badlands products visit Badlands Packs.


By Randy Hynes

Rinehart Raptor

Rinehart Raptor Bag Target Review

The Rinehart Raptor bag target combines modern innovation with Rinehart’s reputation for making quality archery targets. Built on the same long-lasting principals that Rinehart Targets are known for, the Rinehart Raptor has come to seize its prey.


With over 15 years of experience in making archery targets, Rinehart has established itself as a premier archery target manufacturer for both practice and 3D targets. With popular targets like the 18-1 and RhinoBlock, shooters have come to expect longevity and dependability from Rinehart Targets.
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Rinehart Raptor Bag Target Technology


The Rinehart Raptor bag target incorporates state-of-the-art Kevlar fibers into its very core. With its integrated Kevlar properties, Rinehart’s Raptor series allows you to own a bag target with superior strength, proven performance and optimum longevity.


Rinehart constructed this target to handle both arrows and crossbow bolts giving you added confidence in the Raptor’s stopping power. Choosing to title this advancement as “Smart Core Technology” shooters can expect this to be a long-lasting target that will not be going extinct any time soon.

Raptor Graphics


Not only does the inside of the Raptor bag target meet the rugged demands of a consistent shooter, but the outside does as well. Most bag targets are prone to fading and loss of color after extended use. When exposed to the elements, there can be a daily clawing away at your target’s exterior. With a proprietary infusion process, the Rinehart Raptor was designed to withstand prolonged climate change, keeping the printed graphics on your target alive and well.
Rinehart Raptor Bag Target

Arrow Removal

With its advanced technology, the Rinehart Raptor bag target doesn’t require dinosaur like strength to remove your arrows. Easy arrow and bolt removal is a favorite feature of the Rinehart Raptor. A simple one-handed tug will have your arrows ready to send down range without the frustration of struggling with a stubborn shaft or digging for a lost insert.

Zippered Bag


Unlike some bag targets that don’t allow easy access to what’s inside, the Rinehart Raptor bag target comes with a large zippered access. This access allows you to simply unzip the Raptor bag to reposition or replace the core of your target.
Rinehart Bag Target

Reinforced Corners with Grommets


For convenient mounting of the Rinehart Raptor target, there are two large grommets placed at the top of the bag. Reinforced with heavy duty stitching, these grommets allow for the option of positioning your target at eye level.
Rinehart Targets

Rubberized carry handle


Whether in hunting camp, the backyard or special events, transporting your bag target has never been easier. The Rinehart Raptor comes with a comfortable rubber reinforced carry handle for simple relocation. With its lightweight core and comfortable grip, your practice target can go with you anywhere.
Rinehart practice target
With the introduction of the Raptor bag target, Rinehart has once again successfully preyed on the competition. Leaving the fossils to fade and decay, the Raptor was designed for length of life.




Anytime I can send an arrow into a target I consider it a good day, and having the opportunity to punch holes into the Rinehart Raptor made it even better. The Raptor definitely has adequate stopping power and the ease of arrow removal was a added bonus. Weighing in at around 25 pounds, the Raptor stayed put and was not prone to fall over when hit with multiple arrows.


My favorite feature is the multiple small targets printed across both sides of the Raptor. Not only do I prefer to shoot small diameter targets, but spreading shots out across a greater surface area helps to preserves the overall integrity of the target as well.


Unlike most other bag targets that I have used, the exterior of the Raptor is much heavier. Due to its stiff exterior fabric it seems the target is slow to self heal. As more shots are put into the target I anticipate the fibers to loosen and the self healing process to accelerate.


Thanks to Bass & Bucks of Wabash, Indiana for sponsoring this review. Bass & Bucks is a premier Rinehart Target dealer and host of the Rinehart 100. To know more about the Rinehart Raptor bag target, 18-1, individual 3D targets or the RhinoBlock, feel free to contact Bass & Bucks. Phone at 260-569-1853 or email


The Rinehart Raptor Series bag targets are available in both 22” and 26” models.


By Randy Hynes

Realtree Cobra Xhybrid Shoe review

Realtree COBRA Camo Athletic Shoe Review

Packaged in class and comfort, Realtree Outfitters introduces the Predator Series – COBRA Xhybrid camo athletic shoe. Designed with the belief that an outdoor lifestyle is reflected in everyday life, the Predator Series collection is for those who live the outdoors 24/7.

Cobra Xhybrid Camo Athletic Shoe

[post_thumbnail size=”post-hero”]
The Realtree COBRA Xhybrid athletic shoe reinforces Realtree’s unrivaled reputation by making a definite visual statement. Rendered with a Realtree Xtra Green underlay and a clear rugged mesh overlay, the Realtree COBRA Xhybid offers optimal breathability and aesthetic authenticity. In a unique color contrast, the overall design showcases the Realtree Xtra Green camo, making the COBRA both a stylish and functional athletic shoe.


Realtree Cobra Comfort


Realtree Cobra XhybridThe Realtree COBRA Xhybrid is more than a trendsetter. It promises to offer glove-like comfort when crossing demanding terrain or while spending time in the gym. The Realtree COBRA Xhybrid incorporates a Real-Shock™ footbed
 for off-road performance and a premium arch support
 creating a customized feel no matter what surface you tread on. 


With dense memory foam at strike points
 the Realtree COBRA is more than seriously stylish; it’s a performance shoe with high-tech construction and blazing good looks.

Realtree Rugged

Underfoot, the aggressive rubber outsole of the Realtree COBRA adds an insert for additional arch protection along with sporting a multi-directional lug pattern giving ultra-stability on any terrain. The EVA midsole
 and protective rubber outsole unite to provide traction and support for off-road trekking or a simple stroll at the mall.
From sole to shoestring the Realtree COBRA Xhybrid boasts of a design philosophy that understands quality and recognizes that when you love the outdoors — what you wear reflects what you believe.


The Realtree COBRA is not only the coolest looking pair of kicks I’ve ever sported, but the craftsmanship and comfort of this shoe are very impressive. The COBRA has indisputable good looks, and at the end of the day my feet felt great.
Having a slightly wider foot, it was exciting to find the Realtree COBRA quite generous in width. We chose to order the Realtree COBRA Xhybrid in a half-size larger than normal and found it fit perfect. The COBRA’s footbed is quality and outsole is aggressive but comfortable. Undoubtedly it has become my go-to shoes when dressing casual.


Having had opportunity to wear the Realtree COBRA around numerous folks who appreciate Realtree camo, I can tell you that I have never received more compliments on my footwear. From “where’d you get those shoes” to “I want those shoes,” the COBRA’s are always getting accolades. Like all things grandiose, these shoes will definitely stir a little jealousy.


Available Sizes: 8-12 (whole & 1/2 sizes) 13, 14 & 15

MSRP: $64.99


For more information on the Realtree COBRA Xhybrid athletic shoe visit Realtree Outfitters.


Realtree Cobra Hybrid


Nikon Archers Choice Max Laser Rangefinder Review

With the Nikon Archers Choice Max Laser Rangefinder in hand, you can say goodbye to the days when judging critical yardage was an educated guess at best. The Archers Choice Max rangefinder was designed to bring ethical efficiency to the bowhunter and give an edge when chasing that once in a lifetime trophy.


Now equipped with a compact and concealable unit, bowhunters can have a sense of confidence never before experienced. Thanks to advanced development in laser rangefinder technology, the Nikon Archers Choice Max rangefinder can change the way you bowhunt altogether.

The Nikon Archers Choice Max Rangefinder

 [post_thumbnail size=”post-hero”]


The Nikon Archers Choice Max laser rangefinder is built around the specificity that accompanies bowhunting. Taking into consideration the recommendations of Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo of Archer’s Choice Media and incorporating the features needed by the discerning bowhunter, this rangefinder has been rightly named – Archers Choice Max. Incorporating Nikon’s ID (Incline/Decline) Technology and Active Brightness Control, the Nikon Archers Choice Max rangefinder is suited for every bowhunting situation.


Quality Optics


The Nikon Archers Choice Max rangefinder incorporates Nikon’s adjustable, multicoated and legendary light transferring 6x optics. With its proprietary anti-reflective coatings the Nikon Archers Choice Max rangefinder offers the bowhunter high-resolution images even in less than ideal lighting conditions. The Nikon Archers Choice Max also provides a large adjustable ocular for quick target acquisition and precise focus, allowing the bowhunter to confidently assess and accurately range his or her target.


Active Brightness Control


Bowhunters understand the frustration associated with the diverse spectrum of light and shadows that come naturally within any hunting environment. To compensate, Nikon has taken extra measures to insure that in brighter conditions the LCD provides a readable display and in darker conditions the rangefinder automatically adjust to an orange LED illumination for optimum visibility. The Nikon Archers Choice Max rangefinder’s Active Brightness Control guarantee bowhunters the contrast and readability needed across a variety of light conditions.


Tru-Target Ranging


At the push of a button, the Nikon Archers Choice Max rangefinder allows prioritization when acquiring and ranging a target. The First Target Priority Mode feature makes it easy to prioritize objects; such as if you are ranging a tree or fencepost. The Distance Target Priority Mode allows for target acquisition when picking out a targets range while it is partially obscured by vegetation. This is a unique feature that assists the bowhunter in achieving the exact yardage necessary for an ethical harvest.


Incline/Decline Technology


Whether in the mountains of Montana or in a treestand in Iowa, Nikon’s advanced ID (incline/decline) technology is sure to save you a missed opportunity. The Nikon Archers Choice Max rangefinder incorporates proprietary technology that allows accurate angle compensation for those steep uphill and downhill shots up to +/- 89 degrees. This technology gives necessary confidence to the bowhunter in those critical moments when shot execution is from various incline or decline shooting angles. Automatically calculating the angle of your shot, the ID technology ensures your shot placement is where it needs to be.




Nikon technology allows the Archers Choice Max rangefinder to accurately read yardage in just milliseconds. With the push of a single button you can instantly know the yardage necessary to harvest your trophy. Built with the bowhunter in mind, the Nikon Archers Choice Max has been designed to precisely range your quarry from 5 – 200 yards in .1 yard increments quickly and efficiently. Nikon understands that your window of opportunity wont last forever and the Nikon Archers Choice Max guarantees fast target acquisition when you need it.




The Nikon Archers Choice Max measures in at just the right size to fit in your pocket or pack. Its slim features make it light and also provides ultimate comfort for any hand size. Its compact dimensions also make the ranging button easy to access and actuate.




Having used the Nikon Archers Choice Max rangefinder in extreme temperatures, various weather conditions and for an extended period of time, I can attest to its dependability. Its waterproof body and ranging functions have performed without a flaw or issue. The original battery still shows a full charge and its neoprene case is both quiet and durable.


Although a rangefinder is no substitute for adequate archery practice, a quality rangefinder is a useful aid when attempting an ethical harvest. Combined with a hunters high level of ethics and respect of game, the Nikon Archers Choice Max is a piece of bowhunting gear you don’t want to be without. For more information visit Nikon Sport Optics.




  • Finish: Green
  • Measurement Range* (yds): 5-100
  • Increment Reading (yds): 0.5
  • Increment Reading in ID mode*** (yds): 0.2
  • Viewfinder Display: m/YD
  • Magnification: x6
  • Angular Field of View (Real): 6
  • Angular Field of View (Apparent): 34.9
  • Eye Relief (mm): 18.2
  • Diopter Adjustment: ±4
  • Power Source: 1 CR2 lithium
  • Size (LxHxW) (inches): 5.1×2.7×1.5
  • Size (LxHxW) (mm): 130x69x37
  • Weight (w/o batteries) (oz): 6.3
  • Weight (w/o batteries) (grams): 180
  • Objective Diameter (mm): 21
  • Exit Pupil (mm): 3.5


 Nikon Archers Choice