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Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper Review

In a perfect blend of integrity and ingenuity, the Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper brings Spot Hogg innovation directly into the hand of the archer. From the makers of “The Worlds Toughest Archery Products,” the Whipper Snapper integrates the quality we have come to expect from Spot Hogg into an archery thumb release. 


Developed with the premise that perfection is achievable, the Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper offers comfort and consistency. With its unique design and proprietary trigger mechanism, the Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper delivers where it counts – downrange.


Why the Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper

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While visiting the Spot Hogg booth at the 2013 ATA Show, the Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper got my attention. Having used other thumb releases, I noticed Spot Hogg had definitely put a considerable amount of thought into this new release. Coupled with my fetish for Spot Hogg products, I had to try the Whipper Snapper thumb release for myself.


Having shot the Whipper Snapper for a few months now, I am convinced this release is more than what its name entails. The definition of Whipper Snapper might denote a “Johnny come lately,” but small arrow groups prove otherwise.


Spot Hogg Quality


Like all Spot Hogg products, the Whipper Snapper is built to last. A rigid body gives the Whipper Snapper a smooth and solid feel and the internal brass firing mechanism ensures long life and dependability. Engineered with the same quality that precipitates Spot Hogg’s slogan, “The Worlds Toughest Archery Products,” the Whipper Snapper finds itself right at home in Spot Hogg’s family of dependable archery products.


Smooth Loading


A key feature of the Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper is its smooth and seamless actuating system. Unlike some other release aids that require more than a single finger load, the Whipper Snapper is a one-handed operation. To load the Whipper Snapper, simply push the knurled trigger barrel in the opposite direction as you would to fire and it’s loaded. It’s that simple.


Spot hogg whipper snapper release


Crisp Break


The Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper has a distinctive “no creep” release trigger. The proprietary design prevents any unnecessary travel while applying pressure to the trigger barrel. This insures an extremely crisp break at the moment of shot execution and also helps to preserve the element of surprise for reduced target panic.


Adjustable Trigger 


Spot Hogg bow sights are known for their precision adjustments and the Whipper Snapper is equipped with a similar option. For those who prefer an adjustable trigger, the Whipper Snapper comes with a single-screw adjustment that can be made by using a standard hex wrench. Once you have fine-tuned your Whipper Snapper, you can rest assured the release settings won’t change no matter how much you shoot it (that’s just one reason I appreciate Spot Hogg innovation.) Spot Hogg has also equipped the Whipper Snapper with an  adjustable trigger barrel, guaranteeing a comfortable fit for any hand size.


Whipper Snapper Comfort


Ergonomically designed for comfort, the Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper boasts of a slender design intended to enhance the shooters experience throughout the entire shot sequence. From draw, anchor to release, the Whipper Snapper’s contoured handle fits and feels natural, giving you an edge when shooting for extended periods of time.




Overall, we would have to say this is the most comfortable thumb release we have ever used and as our groups continue to shrink, we like it even more. We chose the Whipper Snapper 3 finger model with an open jaw and have found it versatile, smooth and extremely comfortable. With hunting season getting closer, I would like to try the closed jaw model for hunting applications. While there is no substitute for tuned equipment, good form and consistent practice, the Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper is sure to serve to your advantage when executing a seamless shot.


The Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper is available in a 4 finger model and can be used by both right and left-handed shooters. To find out more about the Whipper Snapper release, visit Spot Hogg today.


Whipper snapper release



Muck Woody Elite Premium Hunting Boot Review

When temperatures drop and the weather turns less than favorable, quality footwear such as the Muck Woody Elite, can prevent your dream hunt from becoming a nightmare. Having invested months and sometimes years in planning for that once-in-a-lifetime moment, the last thing you need is failure on the part of your bootmaker. The Original Muck Boot Company stakes their reputation on making sure their footwear lives up to the outdoorsman’s definition of quality and crafts each pair of boots with your success in mind.


The Muck Woody Elite is a boot of a different breed. Integrating natural rubber and premium technology, the Elite offers optimum comfort and performance. Built with the hard-core hunter in mind, the Woody Elite is appropriately named.
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Starting with a 100% waterproof CR Flex Foam bootie, the Muck Woody Elite provides a warm and dry environment even on the nastiest of days. The closed cell neoprene interior offers structure, comfort, and flexibility while functioning as a neutral material that both cools in warmer weather and insulates when temperatures get colder. This proprietary material provides the wearer with unparalleled comfort from calf to toe.


Scent Control

The Woody Elite also offers proper moisture transfer and air circulation through its breathable Airmesh lining. This lining is antimicrobial and has been treated with Muck’s Incentible scent-masking technology to provide an additional layer of scent control. This added scent control feature is a perfect asset for the discerning hunter.
Muck Woody Elite Hunting Boot



An additional fleece lining is a nice benefit to the already cozy Woody Elite. This bonus feature gives added warmth on those days when it’s colder than usual and aids the 5mm neoprene lining in creating a comfort rating of -40 to 60 degrees.


Full Camo

The boot is fully camouflaged in the popular Mossy Oak Break-Up pattern. Furnishing concealment over the entire boot, the Mossy Oak Break-Up pattern offers unequaled detail and contrast, thus enabling the hunter to adequately break up his or her silhouette.



Nasty weather often means slippery terrain and the Woody Elite is equipped for the worst. A deep lug sole insures the best possible traction and stability. Supported by running shoe technology the contoured footbed and EVA molded midsole furnish an ultra-stable platform. Combine these features with a molded rubber outsole and the Woody Elite is sure to keep your footing secure.


With the added benefits of achilles protection, a kick rim, and a toe bumper, the Woody Elite is the perfect fit for your outdoor adventure.



Spending numerous days in the field demands a boot I can depend on. Having performed flawlessly on countless hunting trips, the Woody Elite has become the go-to boot. Its comfort and performance are superb. Whether walking, stalking, or in a treestand, the Elite met every adventure with confidence. Below zero temperatures to deep snow, the Woody Elite performed without fail and kept us comfortable and dry.



Slightly more expensive than the average hunting boot, the Elite may initially seem overpriced. Taking into consideration the features and benefits provided by the Elite makes this boot well worth the investment. You can’t put a price tag on being able to stay outdoors when everyone else has gone inside.



Trying to find an all-around hunting boot that is comfortable and performs across multiple hunting situations is no easy task. Thanks to Muck Boots, the Woody Elite has proved to be all that and more. We recommend this boot without reservation.


Visit your local Muck Boot dealer and try on a pair today. For more information visit The Original Muck Boot Company.



Hawke Premier Binoculars

Hawke Optics Premier 10×42 Binocular Review

The Hawke Optics Premier series binocular continues to redefine modern sporting optics by offering exceptional value without compromising optical performance or reliability. This commitment to integrity is reflected across Hawke Optics broad array of models and selected price points. 

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With a well-earned reputation for creating superior products, offering quality craftsmanship and providing affordable pricing, Hawke Optics is quickly becoming the choice of hunters and outdoorsmen worldwide.


Introducing the Hawke Optics Premier 10×42 Binocular


Polycarbonate Body


The Hawke Premier 10×42 provides the value conscience outdoorsmen with superior performance and outstanding durability. Built on a rugged full-size polycarbonate body, the Premier weighs in at a mere 22.9-ozs. Combined with its rubberized ergonomic design makes this binocular lightweight and water resistant. 

Hawke Premier Binoculars  

Multi-Coated Lenses


Images through the Hawke Premier multi-coated lenses are notably sharp and bright. Although there is some expected chromatic aberration, Hawke’s multi-coating keeps edges sharp and colors true. The BAK 4 roof prism provides consistent high-resolution images and allows proper color contrast through the entire field of view.


Center Focus


Hawke Binoculars 8x42The Hawke Premier features a center focus knob that offers user-friendly function. Its ambidextrous location makes it easy to use right or left hand for operation. Adjustment is slow and smooth with just enough tension to retain your desired focus. The Hawke Premier also offers a “close focus” feature, which delivers proper focus on items as close as six feet away.


Diopter Adjustment


Hawke Binoculars The Hawke Premier’s diopter adjustment is located on the right ocular. Hawke has conveniently incorporated more than enough adjustment in the diopter to suit a broad range of users. The diopter adjustment has definite ‘clicks’ to secure the diopter ring in the desired position. To adequately reduce glare along with accommodating the eyeglass wearer, the Premier offers twist-up eyecups for proper fit.


Options and Accessories 


If you have a color preference, the Premier is available in green, black or camo. Upon purchase of your selected optic, Hawke includes a neoprene neck strap, micro-fiber cloth, lens covers and soft case.


Summary of the Hawke Premier 10×42 binocular


Retailing at the one hundred dollar mark gives the Hawke Premier a leading edge over comparable models. Obviously, Hawke offers a broad range of optics including those of higher quality—but the Premier’s price point provides recognizable value. Coupled with the Hawke Optics Warranty the Hawke Premier 10×42 offers significant advantage for the economy conscious outdoorsman. 


For more information visit Hawke Optics.





Badlands Pursuit Daypack Review

The Badlands Pursuit Daypack is forged from the same quality that has given Badlands Packs a stellar reputation. “Badlands” may define inhospitable terrain, but the word also defines a brand. A trustworthy brand that has earned a reputation much like its namesake—from weathering adversity. 
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The Badlands Brand 


For over a decade Badlands packs have been the choice of discerning outdoorsman. Through understanding the performance, design and comfort that should accompany a quality hunting pack, Badlands has established itself as a leader in hunting pack innovation.


Expanding on its stellar reputation, Badlands continues to introduce a variety of packs designed to meet the demands of an array of hunting environments. No matter if your hunting in the Midwest, West or Southeast, Badlands has a product that meets the needs of the individual hunter. This customization enables the bowhunter and rifle hunter to choose a pack that is suitable for their specific application and makes Badlands packs as functional as they are dependable.


The Badlands Pursuit Daypack


The Badlands Pursuit Daypack is a one of a kind daypack. Combining quality with simplicity the Badlands Pursuit pack was designed with the “no-frills” hunter in mind.


With 1500 cubic inches of storage the Badlands Pursuit pack boasts of more than ample room. Its foundation is Badland’s KX032 fabric backed by a urethane waterproof shell. Every seam is triple-stitched with Aramid thread and stress points are reinforced with Hypalon panels.


Badlands Pursuit


The Badlands Pursuit Daypack has three large compartments along with two pockets for hydration. These allow for usage of a hydration bladder or separate water bottles. There are two bedroll straps, which can serve for strapping on a bow, spotting scope or treestand. Additional mesh pockets provide organization and keep small but necessary items within reach.


The Badlands Pursuit pack comes in the popular Mossy Oak Break-Up camouflage. Mossy Oak’s innovative layering of perfectly shaped branches, leaves, and limbs delivers an incredibly effective pattern for woodland and bottomland hunting. Combining ghost shadows, enhanced 3-D illusion and realism of digitized elements, the woods comes to life in the details of this extraordinary camo pattern.


With a weight of only 1 lb. 8 oz., numerous technical attributes and Badlands new Air Track Suspension—the Badlands Pursuit Daypack lives up to its name.


Badlands Pursuit Warranty


Badlands is known for having one of the best warranty’s in the hunting industry. They don’t care if you bought one of their packs at a garage sale or gear swap—it’s under warranty. If something malfunctions, they don’t ask whose fault it was. All they ask is that you use and abuse your pack as much as possible so they can learn how to make their products even better.


The Badlands promise is simple—“We’ll fix it for free.”




Exceeding all expectations, the Badlands Pursuit Daypack withstood an uncanny amount of abuse. Rain, snow and even ice were no match for the KX032 fabric. Through the hunting season we saw this pack overloaded, stressed and filled to the max. In spite of the assault, no zippers were broken, no seams were torn and the pack remained as good as new. Triple stitched with ample reinforcement gives this pack the quality we have come to expect from Badlands.  From its nylon buckles to heavy-duty zippers, this pack is designed to perform.




Retailing at under $100 the Badlands Pursuit daypack is the definition of value. Costing much less than some  inferior packs, the Pursuit is worth every dollar. Considering the lifetime warrenty, this pack is an investment—not an expense.




Considering its quality, warranty and economical price point, the Badlands Pursuit has a five-star rating all the way. The Pursuit is the perfect pack for the treestand or a stalk. If you’re in the market for a dependable daypack that won’t break the bank, check out the Pursuit at your nearest Badlands retailer.


For more information visit Badlands today.


Badlands Pursuit Pack





10 Bowhunting Favorites From The 2013 ATA Show


2013 ATA show


I doubt the Kentucky Derby has brought more enthusiasm to Louisville than the 2013 ATA Show. Just driving through the Kentucky Expo Center parking lot made one realize the passion that is woven into this industry. The personalized license plates, back window decals and trailer logos announce to the world that the attendees are extremely proud to share in an experience called – bowhunting


2013 ATA Show Favorites 


The 2013 ATA Show was jammed packed with new and innovative bow hunting products. As a bowhunter, I appreciated the culmination of dreams, ideas and hard work displayed by each exhibitor. Each booth within the ATA Show represented  someones dream for a better or more efficient product. With thousands of items to choose from, it was difficult to pick our favorite ten. After sorting through the brand new and some not-so-new products, here are a few of our favorite bowhunting items from this years ATA Show.


Prime Defy


1. 2013 G5 Prime – Defy


In introducing the all-new Defy, G5 at this years ATA Show, Prime once again distinguishes itself as a leader in archery innovation. With its PCX Parallel Cam technology, Ultra-Fit Grip, I-Guide Flex cable guard and 8190 BYC Strings, this bow is a recipe for accuracy.


Built on a solid 7000 series aluminum riser with extra wide limbs, there is no question as to the stability of this platform. With its extremely smooth draw cycle, definite valley and solid wall, the Defy ranks at the top for shootability.


Not only is Prime committed to quality, they are also committed to their customers. Every Prime bow purchased through an authorized dealer comes with a lifetime warranty – if that isn’t enough – a Prime original owner is also eligible for a free set of strings and cables every two years for the life of the bow.


(For over a decade I have been a loyal patron of another leading bow manufacturer, but I’ll have to admit – the G5 Prime Defy has me looking over the fence.)


IBO Speed: 330 FPS

Axle To Axle: 31″

Brace Height: 7.25

Draw Length: 26” – 30”

Pounds: 50, 60, 70

Weight: 4.1 lbs.

Let-Off: 80%


For more information visit G5 Prime  


Wicked Tree Gear Pole Saw


2. Wicked Tree Gear – Wicked Tough Pole Saw


A personal favorite from the 2013 ATA She, The Wicked Tough Pole Saw is in a class of its own. Built on the same principle as the popular Wicked Tough Hand Saw the Wicked Tough Pole Saw definitely lives up to its name – wicked tough.


The 11-inch curved carbon steel blade is designed to cut smooth and fast. A hardened steel ‘fail-safe’ design eliminates blade lock failure, keeping the Wicked Tough Pole Saw blade securely locked during use.


When folded, the saw blade integrates nicely into the rugged aluminum head. There are no exposed edges to tear clothing or your favorite hunting pack.


The head of the saw is made from rugged aluminum and folds neatly while transporting. The Zero Stop Hinge provides a stable cutting platform and does away with slop or movement in the pole saw head.


The handle assembly is of a tubular telescoping design, which allows the saw to stay rigid when extended; yet collapse and become compact when not in use.


Once again, Wicked Tree Gear has proven to be at the forefront of innovative bowhunting products.


Available in both 6-ft and 12-ft models.


6-ft Model

Open length: 6-ft.

Closed length: 19 in.

Weight: 2.8 lbs.


12-ft Model

Open length: 12-ft.

Closed length: 32 in.

Weight: 3.9 lbs.


For more information visit Wicked Tree Gear 


Top Secret Deer Scents


3. Top Secret Deer Scents


One look at a bottle of Top Secret Deer Scents and you will notice something’s different. Instead of the usual dark brown color associated with bottled deer urine, Top Secret is transparent yellow. Why – because without oxygen Top Secret’s urine stays ammonia free.


Top Secret is collected without oxygen from the time the deer urinates, through collection, bottling and continues to be oxygen free while sitting on the shelf of your favorite retailer.


Don Bell, the original founder of Code Blue Deer Scents, has once again established the next generation of top quality scent.


In addition to this proprietary collection process, Don has also introduced a Scent Saver System.


This system is designed to go with you hunting and enables you to remove oxygen between usages. The Scent Saver System permits you to start with oxygen free urine and keep it oxygen free. This feature allows for a perpetual shelf life and scent that is as fresh as the day it was bottled.


Top Secrets premier offering is their “Reserve” Doe Estrous, available in a 26 fl. oz. bottle. With only 12,000 bottles collected for 12 million deer hunters, means only 1/10 of 1% of hunters in the 2013 season will be able to get a bottle to hunt with.


For more information on products and how to become a member of the “1/10 of 1% Club” visit Top Secret Deer Scents


Watson Airlock Bag


4. Watson Airlock Bottomless 26 Bowhunters Roller Bag


Bowhunters understand the necessity of proper scent control and Watson Airlock has designed a storage bag to meet that demand. Built exclusively with the bowhunter in mind, the Watson Airlock Bottomless 26 Bowhunters Roller Bag has you covered.


Watson Airlock bags are constructed from premium Barrier nylon and polyester fabrics treated with BACK2BACK coatings. These fabrics and coatings provide odor protection along with water and abrasion resistance.


Along with providing ample room in its main compartment, the Watson Airlock Bottomless 26 also features a large bottom compartment for boots/gear, fold-out changing mat, and rugged in-line wheels and handle system.


After you have packed your gear in the main compartment, the Watson Airlock bags are secured with a zippered roll top, providing compression and a tight seal.


The Watson Airlock Bottomless 26 Bowhunters Roller Bag  is theperfect travel and storage bag for the discerning bowhunter.


For more information visit Watson Air Lock 


Covert Scouting Cameras


5. Covert Special Ops “Code Black”


Named after highly trained military units known for their “hit and run” tactics, the Special Ops “Code Black” wireless MMS camera from Covert Scouting Cameras was intended to be like its namesake – unconventional.


With its ability to silently monitor your favorite hunting area and send photos directly to your cell phone or email, the Special Ops “Code Black” camera has earned a place in the ranks of the elite.


The 2013 Special Ops “Code Black” camera features added MMS capability, 12 MP photos, 60 black LED’s, 60-foot flash range and 32GB SD Card capacity.


Unveiled at the ATA Show is a brand new feature for the 2013 “Code Black” camera. It is the ability to remotely communicate with the camera via text message. If you want to add a phone number, add an email address, set to picture or video mode, acquire a photo, or turn the MMS on or off, simply text message the camera a proper code and it’s done – great technology for the bowhunter who wants to keep his or her hunting area undisturbed.


With its primary objective being infiltration, the Special Ops “Code Black” can claim – mission accomplished.


For more information visit  Covert Scouting Cameras 


Rocky Broadhead Gear


6. Rocky Broadhead Bowhunting Apparel


Rocky Brands launches a new collection of their Broadhead gear for 2013. Rocky’s Broadhead gear offers bowhunters the ultimate in agility and protection by combining the latest technologies with extremely quiet, flexible material.


The new line of apparel includes a convertible jacket/vest, two shirts, pants, gloves and a cap, all available in Realtree Xtra with olive accents.


The Broadhead jacket and pants are made from Silent Hunter Suede with VapourFlex. This high performance material is some of the quietest in the industry. Both the jacket and pants are articulated, breathable and waterproof. These garments also include Rocky’s Scent IQ and Climate IQ technology.


The Broadhead shirts are made from moisture-wicking, four-way stretch performance fabric and feature an athletic cut for proper fit. Both shirts in the Broadhead line include Rocky’s Climate IQ and Scent IQ control. The Broadhead shirts are available in both crew neck and hooded styles.


With dozens of clothing manufactures to choose from at the ATA Show, we chose Rocky Broadhead based upon its functionality and extremely quite material. You’ll be hard pressed to find bowhunting clothing as quiet as this.


For more information visit Rocky Boots


Hunters Safety System Elite Vest


7. Hunters Safety System – Elite Vest Safety Harness


Hunters Safety System has always been at the forefront of safety harness innovation. In introducing the Elite Vest they have raised the bar once again.


The Elite Vest Safety Harness combines the fit of a high-performance vest with the function of a safety harness. The Elite’s design eliminates the bulk and lack of comfort associated with most safety harnesses.


With an outer shell made from brushed micro-tricot, the vest is deadly quiet, weather resistant, and provides just the right amount of warmth when the temperatures drop. The shoulders feature a unique silicone print that keeps backpacks or straps from slipping while walking in the field; a great asset when packing in your treestand.


The exclusive Six-Plus-Two pocket design features two large bellows pockets with magnetic closures, two divider pockets to keep gear separated and quiet, and two quick-access pockets provide instant access to items like cell phones or mouth calls.


The unique “plus-two” zippered pockets in the upper portion of the vest, house removable binocular/accessory straps, or they can serve as another set of easy-access security pockets.


With numerous features and weighing less than 3 lbs., the Elite Vest design provides the bowhunter the best of all worlds – comfort and security.


For more information visit Hunters Safety System


Stic n pic Tree Mount


8. Stic-n-pic Tree Mount Screw-In


Stic-n-pic featured their new Tree Mount Screw-In trail camera mount at the 2013 ATA Show. The same strength and flexibility found in their trail camera stand is now in a screw in tree mount.


The Tree Mount Screw-In allows you to quietly and efficiently mount your trail camera exactly where you want it. If you can’t find a flat surface to mount your camera – no problem. The mount’s rotating head gives you the ability to adjust your camera for proper tilt and the rotating Add-a-Cam allows you to swivel the camera 360 degrees in any direction.


The Tree Mount Screw-In also permits you to mount an additional camera. It’s as simple as adding an additional Add-a-Cam. This feature allows to monitor your favorite spot with more than one scouting camera.


The Tree Mount Screw-In mount makes it possible to properly mount your camera every time. No more hassle caused by crooked trees or uneven surfaces.


For more information visit Stic-n-Pic 


Tree Stand Buddy

9. Tree Stand Buddy – Quick Attach Slide Mount System


Using its “bracket and receiver” concept, the Tree Stand Buddy is a two-part system designed to take the challenge out of hanging and protecting your treestand. For those bowhunters using hang-on treestands, the Tree Stand Buddy slide-mount system is the fastest, easiest and safest way to hang your stand.


The Tree Stand Buddy bracket attaches to any single or double post hang-on stand, creating a rock-solid, no-squeak connection. The receiver is mounted to the tree by ratchet straps or lag-bolts. This unique system allows you to mount or remove your treestand quickly and quietly by sliding the bracket on or off the receiver.


If you have multiple stand locations, simply mount a receiver at those locations and you can use the same treestand for each. Not only does the Tree Stand Buddy System protect your stands from theft, but saves you the added expense of buying multiple stands.


For more information visit Tree Stand Buddy 


Real Avid Multi-Cutter


10. Real Avid – Multi-Cutter


Without a doubt, Real Avid thinks outside the box.


Introducing the Multi-Cutter – Multi-Function Cutting Tool, Real Avid has once again brought innovation into the hands of the bowhunter. The Multi-Cutter is more than a heavy-duty set of shears. It’s a whole new multi-function cutting tool, with incredible capabilities.


Name it and the Multi-Cutter can cut it, snip it, slice it, saw it and bore into it. In addition to the stainless steel cutting shears, the Multi-Cutter includes a limb saw, claw point knife, drop point knife, tree-step starter, a universal choke tube wrench and a pin punch.


This handy tool is jam packed with functionality. Unlike most bulky cutters, the Multi-Cutter conveniently folds and fits into a nylon sheath.


Saw a branch, clean out a shooting lane or brush in a ground blind – the Multi-Cutter can help you do it all.


For more information visit Real Avid 




On the last day of the ATA Show we stayed to help some friends tear down their booth. As we packed the shipping containers, I noticed a small piece of cardboard with a crude sketch – it brought a smile – I realized next years ATA Show had already begun.


We are already looking forward to what great bowhunting products that crude sketch develops into by next year.




Review: Costa Camo Sunglasses in Realtree AP

The fact that Costa camo sunglasses are now available in Realtree AP is a camo aficionado’s dream come true. In a perfect blend of class and function, Costa has tailored four of its favorite styles to create the perfect gift for the avid outdoorsman.


Built on the premise that clarity and durability can co-exist, Costa camo sunglasses offer dedicated sportsmen optimum clarity and unrivaled quality. Worthy of whatever thrill you pursue, Costa’s are designed to be just as hardcore as your adventure. Whether you consider yourself an avid angler or hunting enthusiast, Costa-designed eyewear will stand up to your playground.
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Each style of the Costa camo sunglasses provide fit and function you’ll come to appreciate. With a superior wrap-around design to eliminate glare, proprietary anti-fog vents, rugged integral hinges, co-molded hydrolite nosepieces, sleek styling in a hardcore frame and nearly indestructible nylon construction, the Costa camo design meets the needs of the discerning sportsman.



Costa camo styles are available in Costa’s patented 580 lens technology. Allowing maximum light transmission and enhanced depth perception, the 580 lenses allow you to see more clearly in the low light of early morning or late afternoon. The polarized 580 lenses also block yellow light, creating razor-sharp color enhancement and superior visual acuity.


Whether to fit your outdoor activity or just for aesthetics, you can select from an array of lens colors. Chose from Costa’s new specialty sunrise option, as well as gray, copper, amber, blue mirror, green mirror and silver mirror.



Lightweight and impact resistant the 580P polycarbonate lens is the perfect solution for the shooting or angling enthusiast. Passing ANSI Z80.3 and ANSI Z87.1 high impact/velocity testing makes the lenses ideal for protecting your eyes from a stray hook or ricochet.



A proprietary process of coating the 580P lens results in protective molecules covering the lens surface with what Costa named its – C-WALL. This C-WALL provides the 580P with unmatched durability and scratch resistance. Able to repel water, sweat and other liquids; the C-WALL helps prevent smudges from fingertips, oil and other chemicals from sticking to the surface of the lens, making cleaning easier.



Available in the popular Fantail, Blackfin, Double Haul and Zane (pictured) styles, the Costa camo glasses have obvious class. The Realtree AP camo features lifelike overlapping limbs and hazy background elements for a stunning 3D effect. Mixing pine and hardwoods the Realtree AP camo can coordinate with your hunting clothes or favorite casual dress. A family night or Saturday shoot, these stylish shades can either make you blend in or stand out.


Review Summary

Our initial review of the Costa brand was done in the unforgiving environment of bright sun and saltwater. These conditions confirmed that Costa is undoubtedly one of the best sunglasses on the planet. The quality and durability are exceptional. Having done a side-by-side comparison with other leading brands, the Costa’s came out on top with the clearest lenses, best in glare reduction and were overall the most comfortable to wear.


The Costa quality is simply incomparable. Whether shooting, fishing or strolling uptown, they will soon become a favorite. Setting a high standard in every aspect of its design, Costa camo eyewear is the epitome of reliability. This quality is what makes Costa the choice of guides and discerning sportsman worldwide. Hunting whitetail, waterfowl, upland game or fishing the flats, when your eyes depend on it – you can count on Costa.
With quality that exceeds other leading brands, the Costa’s are priced accordingly. Considering the value of the human eye puts perspective on the initial cost of a pair of Costas.


Our review was done on a pair of Zane in Realtree® AP Camo with amber 580P lenses. Retailing for $169.95.


With the clarity and comfort Costa offers, we would encourage you to try a pair of camo Costa’s on your next outdoor adventure. With four different styles in Realtree® AP to choose from, you can be assured of proper fit and function.


If you have any doubts about the clarity of the 580P lens, find your local Costa dealer and simply see the difference. Seeing is believing.


With the Realtree® AP camo being a limited time offer, you may want to get your camo Costa’s as soon as possible. Your Christmas list won’t be the only one naming the Costa brand this year.


If you’re Christmas shopping for the individual who spends time in the woods, weeds or on the water, the Costa camo sunglasses are the perfect gift for that sportsman or sportswoman who you think has everything.


For for more information and to view selected styles please visit Costa Sunglasses



muck woody sport

Muck Woody Sport All Terrain Hunting Boot

The Muck Woody Sport takes into consideration that Old Man Weather is the epitome of inconsiderate. Renowned for dumping buckets of rain or sending brutal blasts of freezing air, the old codger delights in driving us back indoors. He seemingly takes pleasure in making our life miserable while all we’re trying to do is enjoy a day outside. With a lifelong reputation of disrupting our outdoor plans, Mr. Weather can’t be trusted.

[post_thumbnail size=”post-hero”]

In 1999 Muck Boots decided to challenge Mr. Weather. They took it upon themselves to design a boot that would be comfortable, 100% waterproof and made from natural rubber. Thirteen years later and with over 40 styles, the Original Muck Boot Company has an earned reputation for its ability to tackle tough weather conditions. One of these styles that has all features needed to keep you warm and dry is the Muck Woody Sport All Terrain Hunting Boot.


Muck Woody Sport Hunting Boot


muck woody sport

Designed as an all-terrain boot, the Muck Woody Sport is ideal for the discerning hunter. Built around a 5mm CR flex-foam bootie with 4-way stretch nylon top-line binding, the Muck Woody Sport delivers proper fit and feel. Combining the warm and waterproof performance of the flex-foam interior with a 16-inch tall hunting boot design provides a 100% waterproof barrier from natures unwanted elements.


All Natural Rubber


As with all Muck boots, the Woody Sport has a non-cracking natural rubber upper. With a state-of-the-art exterior this boot is extremely durable, making it suitable for rugged hunting applications. Not only does the natural rubber exterior create a waterproof barrier, but also provides scent control while walking to and from your hunting area


Comfortable Fit


Durable and lightweight, the Muck Woody Sport furnishes a secure and comfortable foot-bed. Locking your heel securely and weighing in at just over four pounds, this boot is designed for comfortable walking. Combined with its hypoallergenic and non-abrasive lining, chaffing and blisters are virtually eliminated.


Moisture Transfer


Incorporated into the Muck Woody Sport is the Structured Air-mesh lining. Thousands of vertical fibers allow air to circulate through the boot interior, allowing proper moisture transfer. This feature takes into consideration those long walks to and from your hunting area and helps to dissipate sweat efficiently.


Easy On and Off


Providing the wearer with an easy-on pull tab and 10mm kick rim the Muck Woody Sport is easy to pull on and slip off. Forget those childhood reminisces of a rubber boot that stuck like glue. The Original Muck Boot design is user-friendly and does not require a tug-of-war for removal.


Warm and Dry


Defining a new standard of comfort and quality, the Muck Woody Sport keeps your feet comfortable even in the harshest of weather. When faced with adverse conditions, the Woody Sport’s performance can be summed up in two words: warm and dry.


In case you haven’t figured it out, the Original Muck Boot Company is Old Man Weather’s nemesis. Mr. Weather may have some devious plans up his sleeve, but now you can head to your favorite hunting spot with some high-performance defense on your feet. It’s about time someone turned the tables on that ole geezer!


The Muck Woody Sport comes with all the standard Muck Boot features plus:


  • Stretch-fit topline binding snugs calf to keep warmth in and cold out
  • 5mm CR flex-foam bootie with four-way stretch nylon
  • 100% waterproof,
  • lightweight and flexible
  • Additional achilles overlay for added protection
  • Molded rubber Speed-Tracker outsole with molded EVA midsole
  • Reinforced toe
  • Added toe protection with a wrap-up bumper
  • New Mossy Oak Break-Up® Camo
  • Comfort range of -20ºF to 70ºF


For more information or to view selected styles visit the Original Muck Boot Company.


Review Summary 


The Original Muck Boot Company has a proven track record for a commitment to quality. Superior workmanship is exhibited in the design and functionality of their boots. The Muck Woody Sport showcases this quality through its durability and comfort. 




Traipsing through undergrowth and wading through calf-deep water the Muck Woody Sport performed as expected. With its rugged construction and adequate reenforcement the boot definitely met the criteria for reliability.




Quality comes with a price and the Woody Sport is priced accordingly. Considering how many hunting seasons this boot will last, the Woody Sport is a definate value.




Having field tested this boot across a broad range of temperatures and weather conditions, the Muck Woody Sport performed more than adequately.


If you are predominately a treestand hunter, my only recommendation would be to take into consideration the overall average temperatures you hunt in. If you predominately hunt in temperatures at freezing or below, you may want to try a warmer boot. If your hunting application allows for constant or intermittent movement, this boot will perform well at freezing or below.


Lone Wolf Treestands

How to Silence Your Lone Wolf Treestand

When attempting to harvest an animal that survives by its acute instincts, the margin of error remains razor-thin. A quarry as vigilant as a mature whitetail leaves little room for mistakes. Getting in close to a trophy whitetail takes wolf-like dedication.
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Understanding the stealth and dedication necessary for the treestand hunter,Lone Wolf Portable Treestands is committed to being the hunters confidante. With a reputation built on lightweight cast aluminum stands, the Lone Wolf brand remains separated from the pack. Staying quiet even in the coldest conditions, the Lone Wolf stand design is optimum when pursing wary game.


While hanging the Lone Wolf Alpha this season we had a few unwanted moments that were based on human error. These instance were caused by the strap buckle swinging into the aluminum body and creating a loud metal-to-metal clang. Realizing this careless mistake could cost us our trophy for the season; we decided to look for a solution.



Searching for a combination of neoprene and rubber to cover the strap buckle, we stumbled upon: Yakgrips – Comfort Kayak Paddle Grips. Designed to reduce fatigue and prevent blisters for kayakers, the Yakgrips were exactly what our “quest for quietness” called for.



The inside of the Yakgrip sleeve is rubber lined, making a tacky surface that will adhere to the buckle. The outside of the sleeve is neoprene, making it quite and water-resistant. A perfect solution to eliminate noise caused by buckle-to-treestand contact.


Step 1


Measure the Yakgrip into equal parts and cut exactly in half. Each portion should measure approximately 3 inches in length.



Step 2


Select your favorite household dish soap and drop a few drops into a cup of water. Slosh the soap and water until bubbles appear. Lather the interior of the Yakgrips with the soapy water.



Step 3


Slip the trimmed pieces of the Yackgrips over each of the Lone Wolf strap buckles. Allow to air dry before tightening or loosening the strap.


Lone Wolf Treestands


With the Buckles covered, your Alpha treestand is the epitome of stealth. If the buckle should swing into the aluminum body it remains quiet. This same tip can be applied to the straps for the Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks or the Lone Wolf One Piece Ladder Stick.


If you would be interested in Lone Wolf Treestands offering neoprene buckle covers, please leave us a note or comment. Lone Wolf is very curious as to your interest.




In God we trust, On Lone Wolf we stand.

For more information on the Lone Wolf brand please visit Lone Wolf Portable Treestands


Wicked Tree Gear Wicked Tough Hand Saw Review

Wicked Tree Gear engineered the Wicked Tough Hand Saw to be a trusted tool for any hunting application: trimming shooting lanes, lopping limbs for tree stand placement, brushing your ground blind, and whatever else may come. Unlike its rivals, the Wicked Tough Hand Saw was designed to withstand abuse. This bad boy needs no babying. The Wicked Tree Gear hand saw lives up to its name – Wicked Tough.
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The Brand


The Wicked Tough Hand Saw was birthed in the heart of trophy whitetail country. Designed by whitetail aficionado Todd Pringnitzan, the Wicked Tough saw is no ordinary invention. Todd states the innovation came from his own personal experience with inferior saws.


“I put a ton of time into hanging and trimming stands each season, and I got sick of breaking multiple plastic hand saws every year. I wanted to build something better! As an engineer I knew the importance of quality products from my die-hard bowhunting background and in filming hunts for our DVD series (White Knuckle Productions) and online show (Whitetails, Inc.). The Wicked Tough Hand Saw is something I’ve been dreaming of for years. I’m just excited to have a saw to use in the field this season that will rip through anything I put in-front of it, and won’t break.”


The Build


wicked tree gear hunting sawAlong with its uncompromising qualities, the Wicked Tough saw was conceived to be user-friendly. With its ergonomically-molded aluminum handle and easy-grip black rubber inlay, the patented design allows for proper fit and function.


In hand, the Wicked Tough saw balances nicely. While cutting, the Wicked Tough saw design allows for proper stress on the blade without discomfort to the hand or wrist.


Measuring at just over 8 inches when folded and weighing in at just .5 lbs, this saw is a pleasure to use and is a welcomed visitor to any hunting pack. The Wicked Tough Hand Saw has undoubtedly met the demand for practicality and performance within the world of passionate outdoorsmen.


The Blade


Fastened with a proprietary locking nut and bolt, the Wicked Tough Hand Saw blade integrates nicely into the rugged aluminum shroud. There are no exposed edges to tear clothing or your favorite hunting pack. A hardened steel ‘fail-safe’ design eliminates the blade lock failure that is so prevalent among underling saws, keeping the Wicked Tough saw blade securely locked during use. Strong enough to withstand the rowdy conduct of stubborn limbs, the Fail Safe Blade Lock Design is functional and dependable.


Made of high-carbon steel, the Wicked Sharp blade cuts quickly and smoothly. The cutting teeth are designed to prevent the blade from binding under stress, making cutting pesky limbs an easy chore. A side-by-side cutting comparison between a leading brand saw and the Wicked Tough saw was no real match at all. The Wicked Tough saw blade cut twice as fast as the leading brand. This blade has no fluff and is definitely wicked tough.


The Brawn


Wicked Gear SawWicked Tree Gear’s claim of “won’t break” is rather intriguing and inviting. Putting the saw through its paces was a challenge to be enjoyed. Limbs up to 6 inches in diameter were no match for the Wicked Tough saw. Small limbs were hacked machete style with no damage to the saw. Cutting into the dirt while making a mock scrape left the blade unscathed. With Herculean proportions, the Wicked Tough saw is even tough enough to be driven over. Robust claims are a dime a dozen, but obviously Wicked Tree Gear is not about pretending, they are about delivering.




The build and performance of this saw are truly exceptional. After being purposely abused and driven over multiple times the Wicked Tough saw indisputably retained its integrity. With its resilient construction the Wicked Tough saw is just that–Wicked Tough. Complete with a lifetime warranty makes this saw a must for every serious hunter.




Constructed of state-of-the-art materials, the Wicked Tough saw was strong enough to withstand be driven over by a full size Suburban more than once. Its superior design makes it the epitome of quality.




Purposely abused and driven over multiple times reassured us as to the reliability of this saw. The saw’s rigid design stood up to testing that reached far beyond normal use. The reliability of the Wicked Tough Hand Saw speaks for itself.



Priced far below the cost of inferior hand saws the Wicked Tough saw is a definite value.



Quality and performance coupled with a lifetime warranty, this is one saw that any avid outdoorsman should not be without. Camping, hunting, or for the backyard, Wicked Tree Gear’s Wicked Tough Hand Saw is the answer to the need for a capable and dependable saw.


For more information on the Wicked Tough Hand Saw visit Wicked Tree Gear.


wicked tree gear wicked tough saw


Covert Special Ops Code Black Trail Camera Review

Named after highly trained military units known for their “hit and run” tactics, the Covert Special Ops Code Black was intended to be like its namesake – unconventional. With its ability to silently monitor your favorite hunting area and send photos directly to you, the Covert Special Ops Code Black camera has earned a place in the ranks of the elite.


Covert Special Ops Code Black – Unconventional 

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Covert designed the Special Ops Code Black to help create the perfect scouting scenario. Traditional trail cameras require you to regularly retrieve your SD card and risk being exposed to your quarry. Integrating a wireless feature into the Special Ops camera, Covert Scouting Cameras made it possible for game animal pictures to be sent directly to your cell phone, email or both. This innovation allows strategic hunting areas to remain undisturbed and scent free.


Covert Code BlackThe cellular operations of this camera are simple. The Covert Special Ops Code Black operates on GSM networks and uses a SIM card for activation. With no plans or contracts to buy from Covert Scouting Cameras, simply purchase a prepaid SIM card for as low as $9.99 and receive up to 1000 messages per month. Your local AT&T or T-Mobile store can help you with the necessary cellular activation process.


Covert Special Ops Code Black – Clandestine


Covert Scouting Cameras engineered this camera with a full understanding of the mission at hand. To insure clandestine operations, the Covert Special Ops Code Black weatherproof case comes cloaked in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity. To assure the hunter of undisturbed game, the camera features whisper-quiet function and invisible “black” infrared. With its 8MP resolution and 1.2-second trigger speed, this unit has what it takes to get the job done. Fully aware of the objectives, this trail camera is willing to match wits with any wary whitetail or elusive elk.


Equipped with the latest technology, the Covert Special Ops Code Black specializes in coordinating and transmitting up-to-date photos from your hunting area right into your hand. Designed to monitor remote and complex environments, the Covert Special Ops Code Black works as your very own operative. With its primary mission being infiltration, the Special Ops Code Black can help remove the guesswork when planning your next hunt.




  • 60 ‘Black Flash’ IR LEDs
  • 8MP high quality photos
  • Fast trigger speed
  • Built-in true color display
  • 640×480 MMS resolution
  • User-friendly interface
  • Works with external power source
  • Low power consumption


Technical Specifications:


  • Operates on 4, 8 or 12 batteries
  • 8MP color CMOS sensor
  • Up to 8GB SD/SDHC Card
  • 5.6″x 4.75″x 3″ in size
  • Takes pictures and videos
  • Adjustable picture resolution – 3MP, 5MP or 8MP
  • Adjustable video resolution – 320×240 or 640×480
  • Adjustable PIR Sensitivity (Low, Med or High)
  • Password Protected
  • High Resolution (640 x 480) pictures sent to phone or email
  • Photo burst of 1, 2 or 3
  • Intervals adjustable from 1 second to 60 minutes.
  • Date, Time, Temp, Moon phase stamp
  • Select standard camera or wireless feature


For more information visit Covert Scouting Cameras or our friends at




Covert Game Camera