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Safe keeping for the Cuddeback Cuddeview X2 Field Viewer

The Cuddeback Cuddeview X2 Field Viewer® is an essential piece of scouting gear. Allowing you quick and easy access to your trail camera photos, the Cuddeview X2 makes viewing and downloading your trail-cam photo’s a cinch.

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With the possibility of damage to the display and controls when transported with other gear, we set out to find some form of additional protection for the viewer. Searching for durability with a custom fit, we hit the jackpot with the Pelican 1020 Micro Case Series®. Durable, waterproof, and a perfect fit, made the 1020 Micro Case a no-brainer.


As if tailored for the Cuddeview X2, the Pelican 1020 removes all risks of damage associated with storing or transporting the Cuddeview X2 Field Viewer®. Adding Sony’s padded SD Card storage sleeve into the lid of the Pelican 1020 gave additional protection to the viewer, along with extra storage for multiple SD cards.


For added protection of your Cuddeview X2 Field Viewer check out the Pelican 1020 Micro Case Series®.


Cuddeback Cuddeview Field Viewer

S4 Gear Lockdown

Review: S4 Gear LockDown – Optics Deployment System

The S4 Gear LockDown – Optics Deployment System takes into consideration the deep appreciation outdoor enthusiast have a for quality optics. From the bird-watcher to the big game hunter, who spend hours if not days glassing for their quarry, binoculars are considered an invaluable asset. Avid outdoorsmen also understand the fatigue and frustration that comes with most binocular straps. Binocular retention systems have been known to leave your optics exposed to the elements and dangling from your neck.
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With an average binocular retention strap the motion of stooping or bending sends the optics swinging in a pendulum like motion. When running or climbing the notorious ‘bino-bounce’ occurs. Not to mention when belly crawling closer to game, normal bino straps allow optics to drag in the dirt and undergrowth. Some retention systems even put constant tension on the optics, which leads to fatigue when glassing. S4 Gear took all these negatives into consideration and came up with a solution, the S4 Gear LockDown – Optics Deployment System. 


The S4 Gear LockDown – Optics Deployment System is revolutionary in design. Rejecting all previous concepts, S4 Gear designed their system to meet the needs and necessary objectives of most binocular users. The S4 Gear LockDown was designed to:


1. Eliminate neck strain by using the shoulders to support the optic’s weight.

2. Retain the optics close to the body, regardless of the awkward position of the wearer.

3. Reduce glassing fatigue through tension-free use of the optics.

4. Protect the optics through a system that has little bulk or obstruction.

5. Improve the user’s experience by keeping the system simple and reliable.


No more neck strain


S4 Gear LockD own was engineered to keep the weight of the optics off your neck. The padded straps of the s4 LockDown distribute the weight of the binoculars evenly across the shoulders. This design also allows unhindered movement of the shoulders and neck. Gone are the chaffing and strain caused by the ordinary binocular strap. The s4 Gear LockDown is also lined with quick drying breathable mesh, which allows for proper moisture transfer. With its fully adjustable features the Lock-Down allows for proper fit and placement, providing the wearer with unparalleled comfort.


Stop the swing and bounce


With run-of-the-mill retention systems, any motion on the part of the wearer causes the optics to either swing outward or bounce upward and downward. S4 Gear LockDown eliminates this ‘swing’ and ‘bounce’ once and for all. This is done through a combination of two features. The first feature is a 360° waist retention strap that keeps the LockDown system from swinging outward. Fully adjustable and incorporating quick-release buckles this feature allows the wearer to adjust the tension as desired. The quick-release buckles also allow for a quick removal of the entire system. The second feature that keeps the binocular stationery is the adjustable aluminum pouch. Held in place by a moldable aluminum core and shock cord fastener, your optics are ‘locked’ in a secure position. So whether your running, climbing, hiking, horseback riding or spending time on your ATV, the s4 Gear LockDown lives up to its name.


The tug-of-war has been won


With the invention of the LockDown, S4Gear eliminated the constant tension felt with popular retention straps. With other styles of binocular retention systems, extended periods of glassing caused fatigue. S4 Gear’s unique design of the LockDown eliminates this fatigue and allows tension-free use of your optics. Fastened with Shock-Cord security straps your optics have maximum security without the tension.



Keep it compact


Unlike some bulky bino systems the LockDown is very streamlined. Designed to mold around any size of binocular this system remains very compact. The moldable aluminum body is covered in durable PVC and lined with neoprene, keeping your lenses safe from debris. With its fully adjustable features the low-profile protective pouch keeps the optics secure and snug against your body. Even when wearing the s4 Gear LockDown under a tree stand harness or backpack, all straps and adjustments have been properly placed for a comfortable fit.


Combining strategy and simplicity


Easily adjustable, the s4 Gear LockDown is user-friendly even in low-light or complete darkness. The S4 Gear system allows for rapid placement without the frustration of untangling multiple straps. Each feature on the LockDown is fully adjustable meaning that it can fit any sized hunter or outdoor enthusiast. All adjustments on the LockDown are positioned so as to be 100% accessible when wearing a backpack or tree stand harness.


In comparison the S4 Gear LockDown in a class of its own. To the avid binocular user the LockDown is an indispensable tool. From bowhunter to birder this retention system is sure to give you more comfort and protection in the field. With the two sizes available the S4 Gear LockDown is sure to fit your need. To learn more about the S4 Gear LockDown visit


LockDown for optics 6” to 7.5” in length.
LockDown Micro for optics 4.5” to 6” in length.



Hawke Optics: Frontier ED 10×43 Binoculars

Glassing day in and day will earn you a degree in the fact that all optics are not created equal. The unforgiving backcountry demands details that few optic companies can deliver. Functionality and dependability are not just added luxuries – they are a necessity!

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With that said its no secret that most high-end optics cost a bundle. Expect to pay a couple thousand dollars for a pair of high-end binoculars. As a glass fanatic I will admit to having owned models from all three companies. Until recently introduced to Hawke Optics Frontier binoculars, I was unconvinced that vision and value could be delivered in the same optics package.

Introducing the Hawke Frontier ED 10×43 Binocular


Having owned the Swarovski EL 10×42 Series binocular, my first hands on impression of the Hawke Frontier ED binoculars was “feels like the Swarovski EL.” With its ‘open hinge’ and rubber armored coating the ergonomic design is flawless. The Hawke Frontier ED is also engineered with a magnesium body, this not only gives extreme strength but reduces weight for long periods of glassing. Overall, the fit and feel of this binocular is pleasingly comfortable.


The biggest surprise that awaited us was the clarity of the ED glass. Having had opportunity to do a side-by-side comparison with several other binoculars, the extra-low dispersion glass truly delivered. Images through the Hawke Frontier ED multi-coated lenses are sharp and extremely bright. With almost all other binoculars in this price range there is definite “chromatic aberration.” Hawke’s proprietary technology keeps edges sharp and colors true. Through the entire field of view images were high-resolution and contrast remained consistent. Eye fatigue was little to none, which could not be said for some other optics we compared. Considering the price of the Hawke Frontier ED, its overall optical quality is down right astounding.


The center focus knob on the Frontier ED is very user friendly. Its ambidextrous location makes it easy to use either hand for operation. Adjustment is slow and smooth with just enough tension to retain your desired focus. The Hawke Frontier ED’s ability to focus on objects as close as 6 feet away was a definite and pleasant surprise.


The diopter adjustment is located on the right ocular. You will notice immediately that Hawke has incorporated more than enough adjustment in the diopter to suit a broad range of users. The diopter adjustment also has definite ‘clicks’ to secure the diopter ring in the desired position. The Frontier ED also features very comfortable, three position, twist-up eye cups. I found a full field of view was possible with the cups in any given position. As with binoculars costing a whole lot more, the functionality of the ED is flawless.


Weighing in at just 26oz qualifies the Hawke Frontier ED for any backcountry or treestand hunt. To prevent the lenses from fogging in nasty weather, the Frontier ED is Nitrogen purged. Guaranteed to be water-proof and fog-proof are definitely features that qualify these bino’s for any environment. Given their life-time warranty I would not have a problem taking these bino’s anywhere.


Another nifty feature of Hawke Frontier binoculars is hidden under the front hinge cap. Unscrew the hinge-cap and you will find the Frontier ED’s are threaded for a binocular tri-pod adapter. This is a great asset when glassing on all day excursions. The integrated lens covers are another though-out feature of the Frontier ED. No more lost lens covers in the woods or weeds. If you have a color preference; the Frontier ED is available in green or black. Hawke Optics also include a neoprene neck strap, micro-fiber cloth, lens covers and soft case upon purchase.


Having owned binoculars that cost significantly more, I suggest that for the money, you will be dollars ahead with Hawke. The Hawke Frontier ED 10×43 binoculars which cost 60-80% less than some premier optics, is the obvious antidote for “if it’s too good to be true, it usually is.” After spending time comparing the Hawke Frontier binoculars I am thoroughly impressed. I am now convinced that Hawke has met the demand for vision and value … and I’m not just seeing things. Visit your nearest Hawke Optics dealer today.


hawke sport optics frontier


Real Avid: The Bowsmith – Designed by Murphy’s Law

If you’re a bowhunter, Ole’ Murphy has smiled as he broke a string loop or loosened that allen screw he knew you didn’t have the tool for. Admit it, we are no match for Murphy and how many times has it been said in an emergency, “If I only had a … !” Thanks to Real Avid they have taken some notes from Ole’ Murphy. Though, they have not disclosed what they paid him, rumor has it, Murphy’s Law actually invented the Real Avid Bowsmith.

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Real Avid is all about “rugged” and their Bowsmith bow tool is all that and more. Torx™ fasteners secure the entire Bowsmith tool system and all the implements are made of stainless steel. The anodized aluminum side plates combined with the ergonomic design allow it to fit the hand and feel comfortable. If Murphy helped with design he was definitely concerned with quality.


This tool was born with the bowhunter in mind. It is a micro toolbox for those who enjoy the challenge of a stick and string. Somehow Real Avid packed twenty-eight tools  into this hand held multi-tool.


Just maybe having this tool within reach will make Mr. Murphy stay away and we’ll never have to use some of these handy tools.

Here is the rundown.


  • Needle nose pliers with cutters
  • Nock spreader
  • Nock crimp
  • D-Loop Set tool
  • 14 Allen bits
  • Integrated 1/4″ hex driver
  • Ceramic file for sharpening a broadhead
  • Steel file for sharpening whatever
  • Arrow insert extractor tool
  • Fletching stripper
  • Broadhead wrench
  • String separator
  • Tree step starter
  • Knife (of course)



real avid bowsmith review


Packed into a durable Cordura® case the Bowsmith is a convenient tool that will definitely be on the gear list for the next bowhunt. Having this emergency advantage in a convenient package is true innovation. It has been said, “If you can’t beat ’em … join ’em” and somewhere Real Avid and Murphy’s Law must have had a come to Jesus meeting.

“… he hath bent his bow, and made it ready.” Psalm 7:12


Visit today!


Button Buck Kids Clothing – for those passionate about an outdoor lifestyle

Ralph Waldo Emerson penned, “Passion, though a bad regulator,  is a powerful spring.” It was this very spring that catapulted Brad and Lauren Christian to start a clothing line, a kids clothing line that would reflect a passion for the outdoors. With a serious commitment to pass on a heritage – Button Buck was born.

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The Christian’s eye for detail has helped to make Button Buck clothing a nonpareil brand. From their unique logo to the unrivaled quality of every garment, Button Buck has created a classy niche when it comes to kids clothing. Combining extraordinary style with flawless function ranks them among the notable makers of kids outerwear.


button buck kids huntingUntil now, finding kids clothing that reflected an outdoor passion was difficult. Thanks to Button Buck, selective shoppers now have an option. Whether your kids are into fishing, archery, deer hunting or just cool clothes, Button Buck is sure to excite them about what they wear. Having this option is a great asset for any parent whose children enjoy the outdoors. Considering Button Bucks distinct style even makes mom a happy camper.


With its distinct pizzazz your kids are sure to get noticed in Button Buck. Neatly adorned with subtle sayings, Button Buck is designed to blend in with today’s retro look. Tailored with taste, it’s easy to see why Button Buck is loved by both kids and parents.


Visit today. Pass on a passion – preserve a heritage.

Havalon Piranta Edge Review

Havalon Piranta EDGE Knife Review

Havalon knives has once again established itself as a leader in innovation with the Havalon Piranta EDGE. Designed to follow up that special moment when your hands tremble, your heart beats, the arrow flies and a trophy falls, the Havalon Piranta is a must have for the serious hunter.
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In the circle of sustenance ethical hunters understand the proper respect due a harvested animal. This set of ethics demands a prompt and professional field dressing to assure there is no wanton waste of game. To make this task easier and more proficient, Havalon has manufactured an innovative product that will give you an edge – the Havalon Piranta EDGE.


The Story Behind Havalon Knives


For over 30 years Havalon’s parent company, Havel’s has been supplying the medical industry with superior products. Starting in the 1980’s, their worldwide reputation of quality and dependability made their scalpels the choice of taxidermists. Due to Havel’s proprietary blend of steel, their surgical blade has gained notoriety for its efficiency when skinning or fleshing big game. Stronger and sharper than other blades, Havel’s gained an undisputed reputation in the taxidermy industry.


When Patrick Carrothers, Havel’s current president & CEO, had the idea to integrate a replaceable scalpel blade into a folding hunting knife, Havalon Knives was born. This new company quickly earned a reputation for quality products, excellent prices and outstanding customer service. What started as a revolutionary idea has now become a favorite knife among demanding outdoorsman.


The Havalon Piranta EDGE


It’s easy to see why the Havalon Piranta EDGE has become a best-seller among hunting enthusiast. When field dressing or skinning your animal, the Havalon Piranta has a surgically-sharp blade which aids in speed and finesse. Its ergonomically molded handle and easy-grip black rubber inlay design allow for proper fit and comfort, and its size makes it perfect for the backcountry hunter.


The Havalon Piranta EDGE was also designed with a proprietary liner-lock design. This feature has been engineered to add rigidity and assure the user of many seasons of use. A bright blaze orange handle makes it easy-to-find should you lay it down in the woods or weeds. And the Havalon Piranta also comes with a convenient pocket clip giving an added option should you decide not to carry it in its sheath.

Weighing in at just over 2-ounces the Havalon Piranta is perfect for the weight conscience hunter. With an overall length of 7.25-inches, the Havalon Piranta is the perfect size for packing and for the delicate job of caping your trophy animal.


What makes the Havalon Piranta unique is its ability to replace the surgical blade. Excuse the pun when we say, the ability of quick and easy blade change gives this knife a cutting-edge. With the unprecedented ability to change blades, you will never be without a razor-sharp knife again.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee


The Havalon Piranta EDGE is not only packaged with 12 additional stainless blades and a cordura sheath, but comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well. A guarantee backed by Havalon Knives indisputable reputation of quality and customer service. Assuredly Havalon Knives believes, “Our Piranta may not be the only knife you’ll need for a successful hunt, but we guarantee it’ll be your favorite knife for the tough work of skinning big game.”


Visit Havalon Knives® today

Havalon Piranta

Real Avid Fini Choke Tube Wrench

Real Avid: FINI – Choke Tube Wrench

Their mission statement is simple … “Solve real problems for real hunters and shooters by giving them hard-working products that are inventive, highly capable and totally unique in the market.”


I would have to say Real Avid has accomplished their mission. This company represents the merging of non-traditional, revolutionary and cutting edge. There are many companies making better mousetraps the only problem is, I don’t hunt with a mousetrap. Only once did I wish we had a better mousetrap, that was on a sheep hunt being overrun with mice in our wall tent. Thats a whole ‘nother story.
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Lets start with the Real Avid FINI Choke Wrench. If you have more than one shotgun or gauge of ‘lead spreader’ you will want to own a FINI. Compact in size and weighing in at under 2oz. the FINI is the premier all-in-one choke tube wrench. Designed to fit six different gauges, .410, 28, 20, 16, 12, and 10 makes it a tool you don’t want to be without. With its anodized aluminum surround, Torx™ fasteners and stainless steel wrench, its built to withstand the harshness of any environment.

A cam style lock that secures the wrench at 90° and 180° makes it tough enough to exceed 50 lbs of torque for the choke that is a tad stubborn. Thats not all, Real Avid thought of you … remember the last time you were trying to adjust the windage and elevation on your scope using a penny or dime. Integrated into the end of the wrench is a neat little adjustment tool so you can keep your change. What will they think of next?



Retails for just $9.99. Visit today.


Real Avid Turkey Tool: Cut, Carry and Calculate

When attempting to earn the title of ‘Genuine’, there is fierce competition against countless wannabe’s. In this rivalry there are frauds; packaged and labeled nicely, but in reality they are nothing but flimsy facades. The vying also draws imitators who dress the part but never perform. Thankfully, there is a company making authentic hunting gear that has secured the sought after title. Introducing – Real Avid.

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Real Avid plays by a different set of rules. Think… Exemplar! Real Avid is dedicated to making premier tools for honest-to-God sportsman. Each piece of gear they manufacture is designed to withstand harsh and uncompromising environments. By designing tools with industrial-strength materials this company is changing the game.

Enter – Turkey Tool.


Ingenuity coupled with integrity makes this tool downright ‘trick’. Beyond its brawny aluminum side-plates, it possesses the tools every turkey hunter needs. Made with 440 stainless steel the Turkey Tool’s implements are constructed to meet and beat natures strongest and most stubborn situation. Tucked neatly into its ergonomic design are:


  • Brush and game saw
  • Knife
  • Choke wrench – .410-10ga
  • Pin Punch
  • Carry Hook
  • Beard and spur ruler
  • Cordura Sheath Included


Being the only one of its kind qualifies the Turkey Tool as a true trophy. Light weight and concealable makes it perfect for the turkey vest. Need to brush in a blind, lop of a pesky limb or tighten that choke tube, its all here. With its exclusive Carry Hook and rubber cushioned grip you can now tote your turkey with added ease.

 real avid turkey tool


Measuring and scoring your Tom has never been easier. With the Turkey Tool you have a flexible ruler that can help you take a tally. Real Avid even includes instructions how to properly score your bird. Tucked neatly into its Cordura sheath the Turkey Tool is compact and just as committed as you are. Cut, carry and calculate – all in one tough package.


turkey tool


Real Avid – all about the “genuine article” impostors need not apply.