Deer Urine, Tampons and Q-Tips

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Yep, you read it right, it does say “deer urine” and “tampons.” Oh, and just in case you’re still rubbing your eyes in disbelief, check out the photo. There are 40 scent free, ultra absorbing Tampons in that box. If you don’t know what they are used for, go talk to your mother. For those of you that are a little more informed, shake your head and get a death grip on your man card.
Deer urine and tampons, what in the…?
deer urine
Maybe it’s because I’m getting old, but I actually did go to CVS and buy these Tampons. Life is life and there is no need to get embarrassed about life, especially, when life’s necessities just might help you tag a mature buck. Some of you are already asking, what’s with the Tampons? Hang on, we’ll get there.
For the bowhunter, the rut is the highlight of the year. Does are giving off pheromones and mature bucks are taking more risks than normal. The avid bowhunter knows there is little that compares to hunting the rut. Whether you are seeing the chase phase or breeding phase in your area, the rut is a phenomena we all enjoy watching unfold.
Using deer urine as an attractant can be an effective tool when hunting the rut. This time of year the whitetail buck is using his olfactory abilities to both find does and figure out if a particular doe is ready to breed. You’ve probably seen a buck get close to a doe and do what most call lip-curling, biologists call it “Flehmening.” This simple action allows the buck to determine if he can proceed with what he already had on his mind.

Pheromones Are The Ticket

For those fortunate enough to live close to a “urine farmer” or deer breeder, now is the time to go buy your deer urine. Breeding season is in full swing and estrus does are giving off an abundance of pheromones. This means the urine collected during this time is the urine you want to purchase.
For those who don’t have direct access to fresh deer urine, I would suggest doing a Google search and finding a company that does not add preservatives to their doe urine. You will pay more for quality urine, but it’s the abundance of pheromones that makes all the difference. Deer know what fresh urine smells like and they also know what old urine smells like. Whatever urine you use, try to purchase urine that is fresh as possible. Once purchased, keep it in the freezer for longevity and simply thaw it out as needed.

1. Deer Urine Strategy

We’ve all heard the deer urine jokes thrown at the avid hunter. I hear it every year from a friend who doesn’t hunt and is constantly telling me how warped I am for wanting to smell like deer pee. Obviously, he doesn’t have clue. Although I laugh at his jokes, I have resisted the temptation to put a tampon soaked in deer urine under the front seat of his car.
When using deer urine this time of year, try to mimic how nature takes it course. When a doe is in full estrus she will drip mucus, leaving a trail for a buck to follow. A doe will also do their business anywhere. If you have spent anytime in the woods, you have smelled that familiar small of deer urine telling you that deer don’t take off to private places when nature calls.
As mentioned, when a doe urinates and discharges during the rut, she gives off pheromones. These pheromones are key to a buck knowing whether or not there is a hot doe in the area and if she is ready to be bred. A doe will also urinate more than normal while in estrus, leaving plenty of scent for a love-crazed buck to find her.
Using deer urine as an attractant for a lovesick buck can be a great way to lure him into your hunting area.

2. Using Q-Tips

When a doe comes into estrus she will have regular vaginal discharge. The “drag rag” is an old trick that mimics this scent trail and has fooled many a lonely buck into thinking a doe has just passed that way.
Q-Tips also work great for creating a line of scent that mimics a doe’s discharge. Just shove a Q-Tip down into the ground and drip some deer urine on the cotton swab. You now have a miniature wick that will give off the smell of the doe for a considerable amount of time.
fresh deer urine
You can arrange the Q-Tips any way you prefer and by using the wind to your advantage, they will allow scent to drift in areas where it would be inconvenient to use a drag rag.

3. Tampons

I know this will leave some guys heads shaking and others saying, “Ain’t no way.” That’s fine! If you’re not secure enough in your manhood I understand. My boys wouldn’t even go in CVS when they figured out what I was going after. They also proclaimed their father certifiably insane. However, if you knew how well these things work you might reconsider.
Most scent wicks in the hunting department are extremely thin. Unfortunately, this allows more surface area to be exposed to the air. Meaning, the scent from the deer urine will evaporate sooner. With the tampon, it is made to absorb and retain moisture making it a superb wick for fresh deer urine. They are also sterile, affordable and efficient.
Simply tie the Tampon where you want the smell of doe in estrus to permeate or place it where the wind will carry the scent downwind. Remember to place the Tampon where you won’t have your own scent mingling with the scent from the deer urine. Once doctored with doe urine the Tampon can also be placed above a primary scrape for added aroma.
Say whatever you want to say, it works. So if you are man enough to try it, hold your head up high and slap that box of Tampons on the counter like you own the place. If your not man enough, then have your sister, girlfriend, wife or mom do the buying.
For those of you that wonder what in the world my wife thinks? Let’s just say she doesn’t say a whole lot, she just shakes her head.
deer urine scrape

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