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eBook Review: Moments With Six Shooter by Mark Kenyon

Mark Kenyon’s soul is the palette and each page a canvas. More like an artist than an author, Kenyon depicts three years of close encounters and countless memories in his quest for a buck named Six Shooter. Moments with Six Shooter is more than just an author reminiscing, it is a colorful portrayal the reader can reach out and touch.
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Kenyon’s pen will take you through a gallery of poignant scenes. You may find yourself laughing one moment and questioning life’s deeper meaning the next. Laced with philosophy, strewn with humor and immersed in raw emotion, Moments with Six Shooter can only be described as a modern day epic penned from the heart of a hunter.
Look close and Kenyon’s own portrait can be seen in the form of the questions he asks. Such as: “…why it is that I hunt?” These and other practical questions will challenge the reader to think, not just about Kenyon’s three-year quest, but the hunter’s way of living, the food we eat, and how we are to reconcile our passion as hunters with the bigger picture.
Moments with Six Shooter can be summed up in three words. Brilliant. Impressive. Striking.
In vivid and graphic detail this book will leave you realizing life itself is an incessant quest. To acquire Moments with Six Shooter in eBook form click here.
“More times than not, the hunting stories we hear are nothing more than a glorified beginning and end, with a few descriptive details or characters tossed in along the way for good measure. A few walks into the woods, a long wait, and then finally a fallen animal on the ground and a smiling hunter behind it. If we’re honest with ourselves though, we know that wasn’t all there was to the story.”Moments with Six Shooter, by Mark Kenyon

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