Wicked Tree Gear Wicked Tough Hand Saw Review

Wicked Tree Gear engineered the Wicked Tough Hand Saw to be a trusted tool for any hunting application: trimming shooting lanes, lopping limbs for tree stand placement, brushing your ground blind, and whatever else may come. Unlike its rivals, the Wicked Tough Hand Saw was designed to withstand abuse. This bad boy needs no babying. The Wicked Tree Gear hand saw lives up to its name – Wicked Tough.
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The Brand


The Wicked Tough Hand Saw was birthed in the heart of trophy whitetail country. Designed by whitetail aficionado Todd Pringnitzan, the Wicked Tough saw is no ordinary invention. Todd states the innovation came from his own personal experience with inferior saws.


“I put a ton of time into hanging and trimming stands each season, and I got sick of breaking multiple plastic hand saws every year. I wanted to build something better! As an engineer I knew the importance of quality products from my die-hard bowhunting background and in filming hunts for our DVD series (White Knuckle Productions) and online show (Whitetails, Inc.). The Wicked Tough Hand Saw is something I’ve been dreaming of for years. I’m just excited to have a saw to use in the field this season that will rip through anything I put in-front of it, and won’t break.”


The Build


wicked tree gear hunting sawAlong with its uncompromising qualities, the Wicked Tough saw was conceived to be user-friendly. With its ergonomically-molded aluminum handle and easy-grip black rubber inlay, the patented design allows for proper fit and function.


In hand, the Wicked Tough saw balances nicely. While cutting, the Wicked Tough saw design allows for proper stress on the blade without discomfort to the hand or wrist.


Measuring at just over 8 inches when folded and weighing in at just .5 lbs, this saw is a pleasure to use and is a welcomed visitor to any hunting pack. The Wicked Tough Hand Saw has undoubtedly met the demand for practicality and performance within the world of passionate outdoorsmen.


The Blade


Fastened with a proprietary locking nut and bolt, the Wicked Tough Hand Saw blade integrates nicely into the rugged aluminum shroud. There are no exposed edges to tear clothing or your favorite hunting pack. A hardened steel ‘fail-safe’ design eliminates the blade lock failure that is so prevalent among underling saws, keeping the Wicked Tough saw blade securely locked during use. Strong enough to withstand the rowdy conduct of stubborn limbs, the Fail Safe Blade Lock Design is functional and dependable.


Made of high-carbon steel, the Wicked Sharp blade cuts quickly and smoothly. The cutting teeth are designed to prevent the blade from binding under stress, making cutting pesky limbs an easy chore. A side-by-side cutting comparison between a leading brand saw and the Wicked Tough saw was no real match at all. The Wicked Tough saw blade cut twice as fast as the leading brand. This blade has no fluff and is definitely wicked tough.


The Brawn


Wicked Gear SawWicked Tree Gear’s claim of “won’t break” is rather intriguing and inviting. Putting the saw through its paces was a challenge to be enjoyed. Limbs up to 6 inches in diameter were no match for the Wicked Tough saw. Small limbs were hacked machete style with no damage to the saw. Cutting into the dirt while making a mock scrape left the blade unscathed. With Herculean proportions, the Wicked Tough saw is even tough enough to be driven over. Robust claims are a dime a dozen, but obviously Wicked Tree Gear is not about pretending, they are about delivering.




The build and performance of this saw are truly exceptional. After being purposely abused and driven over multiple times the Wicked Tough saw indisputably retained its integrity. With its resilient construction the Wicked Tough saw is just that–Wicked Tough. Complete with a lifetime warranty makes this saw a must for every serious hunter.




Constructed of state-of-the-art materials, the Wicked Tough saw was strong enough to withstand be driven over by a full size Suburban more than once. Its superior design makes it the epitome of quality.




Purposely abused and driven over multiple times reassured us as to the reliability of this saw. The saw’s rigid design stood up to testing that reached far beyond normal use. The reliability of the Wicked Tough Hand Saw speaks for itself.



Priced far below the cost of inferior hand saws the Wicked Tough saw is a definite value.



Quality and performance coupled with a lifetime warranty, this is one saw that any avid outdoorsman should not be without. Camping, hunting, or for the backyard, Wicked Tree Gear’s Wicked Tough Hand Saw is the answer to the need for a capable and dependable saw.


For more information on the Wicked Tough Hand Saw visit Wicked Tree Gear.


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