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Havalon Hydra Review: More Than A Knife

The all-new Havalon Hydra redefines an ancient tool our ancestors called a—knife. Created unlike any of its predecessors, the Havalon Hydra is a stroke of genius bred with pure ingenuity.
Built on a precept that believes good is never good enough, the Hydra is an all-in-one knife/saw combo suitable for any outdoor excursion. Think of the Havalon Hydra as a handheld ‘transformer’ at your disposal, always ready to morph itself into a razor sharp blade or saw in a matter of seconds.
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Havalon Hydra: Seven In One

In reality the Havalon Hydra is seven knives in one. With a quick and easy system offering interchangeable blades the Hydra can deliver a razor sharp edge for whatever you’re cutting or sawing.
While the Hydra’s more compact family members, such as the Piranta-Stag, are suitable for making quick work when field dressing or caping game, the Hydra is designed to be more than a handy hunting knife. Whether fish, fowl or four-legged beast, the Hydra is equipped to make light work of any cut of meat.
Havalon Hydra Knives
The Hydra’s handy package comes with a saw (#115SW), fillet blade (#127XT), a hunter blade (#115XT), along with four different Piranta blades (#60A, #70A, #22XT and #22), all designed to turn your favorite wild game into a succulent meal.
Providing a total of seventeen blades in seven different styles, you might call the Havalon Hydra a Swiss Army Knife for the meat-lover.
The foundation of the Havalon Hydra offers an ergonomic design manufactured from aluminum alloy. Measuring 5-7/8” long the Hydra’s handle offers superior grip and comfort—ideal when spending long sessions on the cutting board.
Havalon Hydra Review
An additional feature provided by the Havalon Hydra is the Piranta safety lock. Locking the Piranta blade into a closed and fixed position, this feature provides both protection and peace of mind.
Obviously the Havalon Hydra will be traveling with us this fall. Gone are the days of packing several knives when on an out-of-town hunting trip. Now all we have to do is slip the Hydra’s handy carrying case into our travel pack and we’re good to go.
Havalon Hydra Knife Case

The Hydra And Real Life

Digging into our stash of highly prized venison backstrap, we sought to christen the Hydra with a delectable cut of venison. We were not disappointed. The Hydra willingly and adequately filleted and cut just as we expected. The Hydra blades were razor sharp and fastened solidly to the handle. Changing blades was simple and the additional blades store needly in the Hydra’s Cordura case.
This knife has definitely found a place at the top of our ‘favorite gear’ list.
Havalon Hydra Saw Knife


For those who find the thought of a double-blade knife a discomfort, let me offer a little logic. If you don’t like the thought of two blades, with one razor sharp blade under your hand, just remove it. You don’t ‘have’ to use the Hydra with two blades.
You can count on this little jewel doing plenty of work for our family and I fully expect the Hydra to make light work of venison steaks this fall.
For more information on the Havalon Hydra check out Havalon Knives.
Havalon Hydra Set

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