Havalon Piranta Edge Review

Havalon Piranta EDGE Knife Review

Havalon knives has once again established itself as a leader in innovation with the Havalon Piranta EDGE. Designed to follow up that special moment when your hands tremble, your heart beats, the arrow flies and a trophy falls, the Havalon Piranta is a must have for the serious hunter.
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In the circle of sustenance ethical hunters understand the proper respect due a harvested animal. This set of ethics demands a prompt and professional field dressing to assure there is no wanton waste of game. To make this task easier and more proficient, Havalon has manufactured an innovative product that will give you an edge – the Havalon Piranta EDGE.


The Story Behind Havalon Knives


For over 30 years Havalon’s parent company, Havel’s has been supplying the medical industry with superior products. Starting in the 1980’s, their worldwide reputation of quality and dependability made their scalpels the choice of taxidermists. Due to Havel’s proprietary blend of steel, their surgical blade has gained notoriety for its efficiency when skinning or fleshing big game. Stronger and sharper than other blades, Havel’s gained an undisputed reputation in the taxidermy industry.


When Patrick Carrothers, Havel’s current president & CEO, had the idea to integrate a replaceable scalpel blade into a folding hunting knife, Havalon Knives was born. This new company quickly earned a reputation for quality products, excellent prices and outstanding customer service. What started as a revolutionary idea has now become a favorite knife among demanding outdoorsman.


The Havalon Piranta EDGE


It’s easy to see why the Havalon Piranta EDGE has become a best-seller among hunting enthusiast. When field dressing or skinning your animal, the Havalon Piranta has a surgically-sharp blade which aids in speed and finesse. Its ergonomically molded handle and easy-grip black rubber inlay design allow for proper fit and comfort, and its size makes it perfect for the backcountry hunter.


The Havalon Piranta EDGE was also designed with a proprietary liner-lock design. This feature has been engineered to add rigidity and assure the user of many seasons of use. A bright blaze orange handle makes it easy-to-find should you lay it down in the woods or weeds. And the Havalon Piranta also comes with a convenient pocket clip giving an added option should you decide not to carry it in its sheath.

Weighing in at just over 2-ounces the Havalon Piranta is perfect for the weight conscience hunter. With an overall length of 7.25-inches, the Havalon Piranta is the perfect size for packing and for the delicate job of caping your trophy animal.


What makes the Havalon Piranta unique is its ability to replace the surgical blade. Excuse the pun when we say, the ability of quick and easy blade change gives this knife a cutting-edge. With the unprecedented ability to change blades, you will never be without a razor-sharp knife again.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee


The Havalon Piranta EDGE is not only packaged with 12 additional stainless blades and a cordura sheath, but comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well. A guarantee backed by Havalon Knives indisputable reputation of quality and customer service. Assuredly Havalon Knives believes, “Our Piranta may not be the only knife you’ll need for a successful hunt, but we guarantee it’ll be your favorite knife for the tough work of skinning big game.”


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