Archery and Life

In Both Archery And Life, The Little Things Matter

It wasn’t much, matter of fact it was barely noticeable. Yet, a small adjustment made all the difference at 40-yards. Although minuscule, it was all that was needed to sink an arrow into the three-inch circle.
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This insignificant tweak to a bow sight has changed more than my arrow flight—it has left me challenged in several areas of my life.

The Little Things

It was on a warm weekend when three boys and their mother came into my office and asked to go shoot bows as a family. Wanting to spend time with them and sight in the Elite Energy 35, I dropped my work, gathered up the targets and headed out to fling some arrows. Towards the end of the day while making changes to my sight pins—it occurred to me.
Moving a sight pin or placing a few more ounces of weight on the back bar were rather small adjustments. But these refinements were all that was needed to make major changes in downrange accuracy.

Archery And Life

Just like in archery, life’s successes are also the culmination of small adjustments made on a daily basis. In time, the little things make all the difference.
As I stood next to my wife and three boys (who would probably remember this day more than they would remember how much money I made last year) it occurred to me just how easy it is to underestimate or not appreciate what seems to be insignificant.

They Matter

Everyday life can get busy and with its busyness it’s easy to focus on the moment. Days can be short and so follows our patience and attention to what matters long term. This leads to passing up the opportunities we have been given that will make a difference in days to come.
Simply taking the time to say, “I love you,” “Good job” or “Thanks for dinner, honey” are rather small in the grand scheme of things. But so are the adjustments we make to our archery equipment. We adjust arrow weight by a few grains, we time our bows by a slight twist in the cable, and tune by extremely small adjustments—it’s the small things that make the difference. So it is in life.
The bible says in Matthew 10:42 “And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.”
If a cup of cold water seems like a small thing to you, just remember, it all depends if you’re the giver or the receiver. Small, insignificant, or irrelevant, are all qualifications that can only be measured by time (or downrange).
Etched into my mind from that moment to this, is an insignificant adjustment I made to a fiber optic pin on that sunny Saturday. It was a small movement that should reflect how I value the small things in life, because one day those minor things will have a great impact.
Make an adjustment in someone’s life today, it may seem small—but it could make all the difference tomorrow.
Remember, archery is a lot like life.

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