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Just Released: Top Secret Carbon/Bamboo Arrow – Truth?

(Disclaimer: Some parts of this post are not true.)

Over the last several months we have been privileged to work with aeronautical engineers, scientists and a respected arrow manufacture in an attempt to offer the most technologically advanced arrow ever produced.
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Until today this technology was regarded as ‘top secret.’ With our patents confirmed and manufacturing well under way, it is an honor to present to the world what will be the most accurate arrow every developed, bar none!
Our preliminary testing confirms our arrow technology is decades ahead of the competition and will exceed current arrow performance by 60%.
What makes this arrow different? The answer is simple. Through a revolutionary process used by the commercial spaceflight industry, our engineers have been able to produce an arrow offering inconceivable precision.
So what is the top-secret material we are manufacturing arrow’s from? Believe it or not, it’s a proprietary blend of carbon and bamboo. Much like fine bamboo fly rods, our arrows will deliver unprecedented performance with the finesse allowed by all natural fibers.

It’s Unbelievable Because It’s Untrue

If you believed anything we just wrote, don’t. None of it is true. As good as it was beginning to sound, there isn’t an ounce of truth in it. Yet, because it sounded good, some will have been tempted to believe what was said without any research or confirmation.
So it is in the outdoor industry and in life.
Every day we are bombarded with untruths. Untruths about products that will make us better hunters and untruths surrounding what will make us better people. We are marketed to through email, social media and countless other mediums. This barrage of content comes to us through our desktops, notebooks, tablets and phones. And more than marketed to, we are being force-fed untruths.

Live On Truth

As hunters, we have become numb to words like ‘revolutionary,’ ‘unparalleled’ and ‘unprecedented.’ Matter of fact it’s hard to believe much of anything anymore, and for that fact, some don’t.
Truth has become hard to find.
This goes for both hunting products and life in general. Just because a celebrity gets paid 50K or more to say a certain product works or is the best thing since sliced bread, doesn’t make it so.
It’s interesting to note how many successful bowhunters have stuck with conventional wisdom rather buying into the latest fad. What’s popular isn’t always what works.
Gene Wensel illustrated this in his book, Buckskin and Bone – Postgraduate Whitetails when he wrote, “…I am NOT a scent control freak. I don’t wear carbon suits. I don’t spray myself down with various misted potions, nor do I chew special gum. I don’t quit eating red meat before hunting season. I don’t shower with magic formula soaps every morning before I go hunting; unscented brands will do. Although I change underwear and socks every day, I don’t launder my hunting clothing on a daily basis, nor do I carry them around in tubs filled with fresh dirt or forest debris. I chew leaf tobacco and pee right out of my stands. But, I do pay attention to the wind at all times when I’m in the woods.” (I doubt Mr. Wensel was paid to say this.)
This isn’t an attempt to get you to stop purchasing your favorite product but it is an attempt to inform the new hunter that there are more important things than simply buying the latest items so you can fit in with the crowd. When trying to find truth, look for authentic reviews and research what works. Most importantly, stick to the fundamentals!
This may sound a little preachy, but I’m reminded of Jesus words, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32.
Just because someone with a celebrity status says God doesn’t exist or that He doesn’t care about you, doesn’t make it so. Knowing Truth is what gives us true freedom in life.
Don’t seek to fit in. Seek to know the Truth. He died for you. Seek the Truth and both hunting and life will be better.

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