Shed Hunting With Kaden

Kaden Schlipf’s Shed Hunting Tips

He may only be 13-years-old, but Kaden Schlipf has a growing reputation. Kaden’s notoriety doesn’t come from being the son of Jared Schlipf, president of Lone Wolf Treestands, but because he possesses a unique ability to find whitetail sheds.
Unlike most boys his age, who would rather spend time playing video games, Kaden is a shed hunter. Spending approximately 40-50 days each year in search of bone, this young man not only enjoys shed hunting—he knows how to find sheds.
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Kaden volunteered to join us for a question and answer session and share some valuable tips for those new to shed hunting. What he had to say was spot on, and he has the sheds to prove his shed hunting tactics work.
365: Hello, Kaden! Thanks for allowing us to do this interview.
Kaden: Thanks for having me, and allowing me to share my experiences in the outdoors with you.
365: To kick things off, tell us a little about yourself, your hobbies and what sparked your interest in shed hunting?
Kaden: I started hunting with my dad when I was 5-years-old. If it’s in season I like to hunt it. My passion is deer hunting and deer management. I also enjoy trapping, which really helps me sharpen my hunting skills. I would have to say trapping coyotes is my favorite.
How To Shed Hunt
365: That’s awesome, Kaden! The main reason I wanted you to do this interview with us is to help encourage other youth to get in the outdoors.
Let’s start from the beginning.
For the young person or older person who’s never shed hunted and wants to get started, how would you suggest they begin?
Kaden: I would say if you don’t have your own property, you need to ask some of the local landowners, or farmers in your area for permission to shed hunt.
We hunt our private ground, but we have found that neighboring farmers are very willing to let you shed hunt because the sheds can cause some serious damage to their tractor tires.
365: Great advice!
Shed Hunting Tactics
Let’s create a scenario where you are getting ready to shed hunt a property for the very first time. Give us a simple step-by-step outline of how you shed hunt a piece of property.
Kaden: I like to start by walking the grassy field edges first, checking any grass waterways as I go. I have been very successful in these locations as the deer are actually bedding there at night and staying close to feed this time of year.
If the field is short bean stubble I try to scan the whole field from the high spots. If it’s corn stalks, I like to use an ATV and work it in a grid pattern to cover all the rows. It can sometimes be very difficult to see sheds in the corn stubble so you need to work slow.
Secondly, I always cover the fence rows and creek beds on a piece of property. A lot of times as a deer jumps, the impact can make the sheds drop here.
After covering these key locations, I try to locate daytime bedding areas, and staging areas in the woods. Many times I find a matching side to one I found in the previous locations we discussed.
I think that after a buck loses one antler it feels awkward to them. I believe they try to work the other side free by rubbing on the ground, and on trees in their beds, or in the staging areas. The staging areas are often close to the field edges as deer hang out here as daylight fades.
365: Perfect! That’s clear, concise and solid information.
So give us a little insight into your most memorable shed hunt and tell us about the highest scoring set of sheds you’ve found?
Kaden: I would say every successful shed hunt is memorable to me, and I remember where I found every shed from years past. The first matching set I have found this year maybe one of my best sets yet. It is a buck that we have no history with but goes over 170 inches. I now have gained some knowledge of where he is hanging out, I can’t wait to build more history with him. My best shed to date we scored at 85 inches with over 27 inch main beams.
Shed Hunting Tips
365: That’s a great story along with some great sheds. Congrats on finding a great set of sheds already this year!
Kaden: Yes, as I was saying he has been a ghost so far, but again this is one reason I enjoy shed hunting so much. I now know that he exists on one of our farms and I have a starting point.
365: Last question for you: I love to shed hunt with my boys, do you think shed hunting is a great way to spend time as a family?
Kaden: I think shed hunting is a great way to spend time as a family. Shed hunting is also one of the best ways for us to help target bucks in our area, to make us more successful the following season. Oh, and it’s great exercise!
365: Thank you, Kaden! I really appreciate you taking the time to share this valuable information with us. Good luck finding sheds this year!
Kaden: Thanks, I have learned a lot about shed hunting every time I go out, but luck is always welcome.
Shed Hunting Whitetail

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  1. Great information Kaden and good luck on that Illinois giant this fall, I love to hear about guys targeting a specific animal. It takes the game to a whole new level and you have the first piece to your puzzle!

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