Nikon Archers Choice Max Laser Rangefinder Review

With the Nikon Archers Choice Max Laser Rangefinder in hand, you can say goodbye to the days when judging critical yardage was an educated guess at best. The Archers Choice Max rangefinder was designed to bring ethical efficiency to the bowhunter and give an edge when chasing that once in a lifetime trophy.


Now equipped with a compact and concealable unit, bowhunters can have a sense of confidence never before experienced. Thanks to advanced development in laser rangefinder technology, the Nikon Archers Choice Max rangefinder can change the way you bowhunt altogether.

The Nikon Archers Choice Max Rangefinder

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The Nikon Archers Choice Max laser rangefinder is built around the specificity that accompanies bowhunting. Taking into consideration the recommendations of Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo of Archer’s Choice Media and incorporating the features needed by the discerning bowhunter, this rangefinder has been rightly named – Archers Choice Max. Incorporating Nikon’s ID (Incline/Decline) Technology and Active Brightness Control, the Nikon Archers Choice Max rangefinder is suited for every bowhunting situation.


Quality Optics


The Nikon Archers Choice Max rangefinder incorporates Nikon’s adjustable, multicoated and legendary light transferring 6x optics. With its proprietary anti-reflective coatings the Nikon Archers Choice Max rangefinder offers the bowhunter high-resolution images even in less than ideal lighting conditions. The Nikon Archers Choice Max also provides a large adjustable ocular for quick target acquisition and precise focus, allowing the bowhunter to confidently assess and accurately range his or her target.


Active Brightness Control


Bowhunters understand the frustration associated with the diverse spectrum of light and shadows that come naturally within any hunting environment. To compensate, Nikon has taken extra measures to insure that in brighter conditions the LCD provides a readable display and in darker conditions the rangefinder automatically adjust to an orange LED illumination for optimum visibility. The Nikon Archers Choice Max rangefinder’s Active Brightness Control guarantee bowhunters the contrast and readability needed across a variety of light conditions.


Tru-Target Ranging


At the push of a button, the Nikon Archers Choice Max rangefinder allows prioritization when acquiring and ranging a target. The First Target Priority Mode feature makes it easy to prioritize objects; such as if you are ranging a tree or fencepost. The Distance Target Priority Mode allows for target acquisition when picking out a targets range while it is partially obscured by vegetation. This is a unique feature that assists the bowhunter in achieving the exact yardage necessary for an ethical harvest.


Incline/Decline Technology


Whether in the mountains of Montana or in a treestand in Iowa, Nikon’s advanced ID (incline/decline) technology is sure to save you a missed opportunity. The Nikon Archers Choice Max rangefinder incorporates proprietary technology that allows accurate angle compensation for those steep uphill and downhill shots up to +/- 89 degrees. This technology gives necessary confidence to the bowhunter in those critical moments when shot execution is from various incline or decline shooting angles. Automatically calculating the angle of your shot, the ID technology ensures your shot placement is where it needs to be.




Nikon technology allows the Archers Choice Max rangefinder to accurately read yardage in just milliseconds. With the push of a single button you can instantly know the yardage necessary to harvest your trophy. Built with the bowhunter in mind, the Nikon Archers Choice Max has been designed to precisely range your quarry from 5 – 200 yards in .1 yard increments quickly and efficiently. Nikon understands that your window of opportunity wont last forever and the Nikon Archers Choice Max guarantees fast target acquisition when you need it.




The Nikon Archers Choice Max measures in at just the right size to fit in your pocket or pack. Its slim features make it light and also provides ultimate comfort for any hand size. Its compact dimensions also make the ranging button easy to access and actuate.




Having used the Nikon Archers Choice Max rangefinder in extreme temperatures, various weather conditions and for an extended period of time, I can attest to its dependability. Its waterproof body and ranging functions have performed without a flaw or issue. The original battery still shows a full charge and its neoprene case is both quiet and durable.


Although a rangefinder is no substitute for adequate archery practice, a quality rangefinder is a useful aid when attempting an ethical harvest. Combined with a hunters high level of ethics and respect of game, the Nikon Archers Choice Max is a piece of bowhunting gear you don’t want to be without. For more information visit Nikon Sport Optics.




  • Finish: Green
  • Measurement Range* (yds): 5-100
  • Increment Reading (yds): 0.5
  • Increment Reading in ID mode*** (yds): 0.2
  • Viewfinder Display: m/YD
  • Magnification: x6
  • Angular Field of View (Real): 6
  • Angular Field of View (Apparent): 34.9
  • Eye Relief (mm): 18.2
  • Diopter Adjustment: ±4
  • Power Source: 1 CR2 lithium
  • Size (LxHxW) (inches): 5.1×2.7×1.5
  • Size (LxHxW) (mm): 130x69x37
  • Weight (w/o batteries) (oz): 6.3
  • Weight (w/o batteries) (grams): 180
  • Objective Diameter (mm): 21
  • Exit Pupil (mm): 3.5


 Nikon Archers Choice

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