Tag Soup Recipe

In Retrospect: A New Recipe for Tag Soup

Any and all recipes for Tag Soup remain hidden in the darkest recesses of the recipe box. Along with things we ‘might’ eat if starving; like aunt Mable’s slumgullion, grandma’s Brussels sprouts and uncle John’s goose liver, Tag Soup is lumped in with all the other unpalatable plates—better to hide it.
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Front row seats in the recipe box are reserved for items like Bacon Wrapped Backstrap, Marinated Tenderloin, and Slow Cooked Venison Roast. Those are the dishes whose recipe cards are dog earned, stained and well worn.
After taking some time to reflect on this years hunting season, I donned an apron and decided if I had to cook Tag Soup, it might as well be fixed to perfection. Rummaging through cognitive cabinets I found some overlooked seasonings and mixed up a culinary variation that made those unnotched tags a little easier to swallow.
You will need:
• A smidgen of memorable experiences
• A pinch of perspective
• A dash of positive attitude
• A hint of faith

1. Mix Memorable Experiences With Perspective.

To some hunting is all about the kill, but anyone who has spent time in a treestand or on a mountainside will soon recognize there is more to hunting than downing an animal. The memories made in the outdoors can’t be displayed on a wall, but they can be hung in a heart.
Whether awestruck by a starlit sky, mesmerized by the beauty of a sunrise, fascinated by a sudden storm or enjoying the performance of a fawn romping in the field, these are the incidents that shape a hunter’s perspective.
Beyond the reach of city lights and away from our concrete jungles, nature shares riches which cannot be described by pen. These are the experiences nature affords to those who are willing to journey beyond their own comforts, limitations and imagination. The treasures found in the outdoors are meant to be pondered, contemplated, lived, and shared around campfires for a lifetime.
Even when you can’t score antlers, it doesn’t mean there are no trophies.
Mix experiences and perspective well.

2. Combine Mixture Of Perspective With A Positive Attitude.

“Dad stop! Look at all the stars!” The father obeyed, and while the stars blazed overhead two boys and a dad stood gazing at the sea of glittering light. At that moment nothing else mattered. For the father it was confirmation his boys were learning to see more than just the path back to the truck.
As their stargazing ended and they made their way in the darkness, the middle son exclaimed, “Thanks for taking us hunting, Dad!” Whispering in the darkness all three realized this moment was part of a journey we call hunting.
Although I wish this season had ended differently, overall this was the most enjoyable season to date. My boys and I made indelible memories that we are still relishing in. We have had life changing conversations that none of us will forget. We have all learned lessons that will forever mold our character. We have laughed at our mistakes and each other. We have shared in untold emotions—from elation to frustration.
All the while spending time together in picturesque places where there are no remote controls, electrical outlets or TV screens. It’s all about perspective!
Combine perspective with a positive attitude. It makes Tag Soup a little more palatable.

3. Blend Your Perspective And Positive Attitude With Faith.

The bible says, “For we walk by faith, not by sight.” and although 1 Corintians 5:7 was not written in the context of hunting, it is applicable.
No matter the outcome the hunter must aggressively continue on this journey conscience of the fact—there are no guarantees. No amount of practice, perfection or patience can assure us of a notched tag. Every hour of practice is done in faith, every stand hung is hung in faith, and every state hunted is hunted in faith.
So we blend our perspective, positive attitude and faith—and keep believing. We walk by faith.
Garnish your Tag Soup with a sense of humor. Enjoy!

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