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The Rinehart Raptor bag target combines modern innovation with Rinehart’s reputation for making quality archery targets. Built on the same long-lasting principals that Rinehart Targets are known for, the Rinehart Raptor has come to seize its prey.


With over 15 years of experience in making archery targets, Rinehart has established itself as a premier archery target manufacturer for both practice and 3D targets. With popular targets like the 18-1 and RhinoBlock, shooters have come to expect longevity and dependability from Rinehart Targets.
Rinehart Raptor

Rinehart Raptor Bag Target Technology


The Rinehart Raptor bag target incorporates state-of-the-art Kevlar fibers into its very core. With its integrated Kevlar properties, Rinehart’s Raptor series allows you to own a bag target with superior strength, proven performance and optimum longevity.


Rinehart constructed this target to handle both arrows and crossbow bolts giving you added confidence in the Raptor’s stopping power. Choosing to title this advancement as “Smart Core Technology” shooters can expect this to be a long-lasting target that will not be going extinct any time soon.

Raptor Graphics


Not only does the inside of the Raptor bag target meet the rugged demands of a consistent shooter, but the outside does as well. Most bag targets are prone to fading and loss of color after extended use. When exposed to the elements, there can be a daily clawing away at your target’s exterior. With a proprietary infusion process, the Rinehart Raptor was designed to withstand prolonged climate change, keeping the printed graphics on your target alive and well.
Rinehart Raptor Bag Target

Arrow Removal

With its advanced technology, the Rinehart Raptor bag target doesn’t require dinosaur like strength to remove your arrows. Easy arrow and bolt removal is a favorite feature of the Rinehart Raptor. A simple one-handed tug will have your arrows ready to send down range without the frustration of struggling with a stubborn shaft or digging for a lost insert.

Zippered Bag


Unlike some bag targets that don’t allow easy access to what’s inside, the Rinehart Raptor bag target comes with a large zippered access. This access allows you to simply unzip the Raptor bag to reposition or replace the core of your target.
Rinehart Bag Target

Reinforced Corners with Grommets


For convenient mounting of the Rinehart Raptor target, there are two large grommets placed at the top of the bag. Reinforced with heavy duty stitching, these grommets allow for the option of positioning your target at eye level.
Rinehart Targets

Rubberized carry handle


Whether in hunting camp, the backyard or special events, transporting your bag target has never been easier. The Rinehart Raptor comes with a comfortable rubber reinforced carry handle for simple relocation. With its lightweight core and comfortable grip, your practice target can go with you anywhere.
Rinehart practice target
With the introduction of the Raptor bag target, Rinehart has once again successfully preyed on the competition. Leaving the fossils to fade and decay, the Raptor was designed for length of life.




Anytime I can send an arrow into a target I consider it a good day, and having the opportunity to punch holes into the Rinehart Raptor made it even better. The Raptor definitely has adequate stopping power and the ease of arrow removal was a added bonus. Weighing in at around 25 pounds, the Raptor stayed put and was not prone to fall over when hit with multiple arrows.


My favorite feature is the multiple small targets printed across both sides of the Raptor. Not only do I prefer to shoot small diameter targets, but spreading shots out across a greater surface area helps to preserves the overall integrity of the target as well.


Unlike most other bag targets that I have used, the exterior of the Raptor is much heavier. Due to its stiff exterior fabric it seems the target is slow to self heal. As more shots are put into the target I anticipate the fibers to loosen and the self healing process to accelerate.


Thanks to Bass & Bucks of Wabash, Indiana for sponsoring this review. Bass & Bucks is a premier Rinehart Target dealer and host of the Rinehart 100. To know more about the Rinehart Raptor bag target, 18-1, individual 3D targets or the RhinoBlock, feel free to contact Bass & Bucks. Phone at 260-569-1853 or email info@bassandbucks.com.


The Rinehart Raptor Series bag targets are available in both 22” and 26” models.


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