Carry Your Shed Anters Shed Rally

Shed Tote: Conveniently Carry Shed Antlers #ShedRally

A successful shed hunt not only means adding to your bone collection, it can also initiate the conundrum of how to pack multiple shed antlers back to the truck.
Across the years I’ve packed shed antlers in hand, tried to cram them in my pack, and attempted to strap them to my pack—none of which have ever seemed very secure or comfortable.
Thankfully, I’ve found a much better and more convenient way to carry shed antlers!
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While attending the Indianapolis Deer, Turkey and Waterfowl Expo I stumbled upon a very unique product. A product I think is rather ingenious. Made by Call 4 Life Lanyards, this is one product every shed hunter should have in his or her possession.

Shed Tote: Conveniently Carry Your Shed Antlers #ShedRally

The innovative style and size are what attracted me to the—Shed Tote. This handy paracord tote provides the shed hunter with a safe and reliable way to carry shed antlers of any size or weight. Made from durable 550 paracord the Shed Tote is designed to fasten to a belt loop or backpack with ease.
Including its integrated carabineer, the Shed Tote measures 13-inches long overall. Its compact size helps to prevent the Shed Tote from catching on brush or branches. The Shed Tote’s design also keeps antlers relatively tight and restricts them from excessive swinging, like some other paracord totes are prone to do.
Shed Rally Transport Shed Antlers
Since the Shed Tote is small enough to be carried in your pocket or pack until needed, transporting the Shed Tote is easy. Once you find a shed, simply attach the Shed Tote’s integrated carabineer to your belt loop or backpack, fasten the shed and keep on shed hunting.
To use the Shed Tote simply slide the slip knot upwards until the loop is large enough to fit around the base of the antler. Once the antler is placed through the loop, tighten the slip knot against the antler and you’re antler is held securely in place.
The Shed Tote does require that you pay attention to the shape of the antler base. Some antlers will be more secure if the slipknot is on the inside of the antler or vice versa.
Carry Shed Anters During Shed Rally
This is one product that will perfect for the upcoming Shed Rally. (Hopefully you’ll not only be able to hashtag your photos with #ShedRally, but come home with several sheds fastened in the Shed Tote.)

Shed Tote: Display Your Sheds

Not only can the Shed Tote be used to carry shed antlers, it also provides a unique way to display sheds as well.
By fastening three or four shed antlers in the Shed Tote and hanging it below a sconce or from a hook, the Shed Tote can become an addition to any den or man cave decor.
transport shed antlers shed rally
The Shed Tote retails for $14.99 and comes with a lifetime guarantee. To order a Shed Tote contact Call 4 Life Lanyards at (660) 619-8813.
Due to the ongoing development of this product, there may be slight aesthetic or design differences from the Shed Tote pictured and what you receive. If you have any questions or would prefer a custom Shed Tote color or design feel free to contact Call 4 Life Lanyards—they’ll welcome your inquiry.
For more information about Call 4 Life Lanyards please feel free to visit them on:
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Good luck shed hunting!
Shed Rally Carry Your Shed Anters

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  1. He has other products worth checking out. Very nice guy. I got a bow sling that I been wanting for a couple years and bought one at a show in Cincinnati and ordered binocular and rangefinder sling.

    1. Thanks, Rodney! Yes, the Call 4 Life Lanyards bow sling is awesome. I saw it at the show as well. Appreciate the heads up.

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