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Bushnell Trophy Cam HD

2014 ATA Show: Bushnell Trophy Cam HD, HD Max & HD Wireless

Each year it’s exciting to see what new technologies can assist the bowhunter and the 2014 ATA Show showcased those advancements well. At the top of the ‘new technology list’ is the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless trail camera.
Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless

The Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless is the first ever wireless trail camera to feature a completely integrated and hassle-free system. Each camera comes with a SIM card, available data plan, and a no contract pay-as-you-go renewal option. If you’ve never used a wireless trail camera, I can assure you that Bushnell has simplified the process of set up.

Simply sign on through their website, enter your camera’s serial number and sign up for the pay-as-you-go data plan. Plus, Bushnell has developed an accompanying app so you can control all your camera settings and check your photos right from your mobile phone.
There’s even more.
Bushnell also allows you to command and control your camera and photos from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. When you want to share your favorite photos through email, web or Facebook, they’ve made it easy.
How cool is that?

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD & Trophy Cam HD Max

Along with their Trophy Cam HD Wireless, Bushnell also featured the updated Trophy Cam HD and Trophy Cam HD Max at the 2014 ATA Show. With this years redesign the Trophy Cam HD has been engineered to endure the harshest of conditions. It now comes standard with a removable LED shield, strengthened cable lock for added security and improved latch. And there’s is even more advancements on the inside.
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The standard Bushnell Trophy Cam HD has 720p video capabilities and the Trophy Cam HD Max has 1080p — both with audio. With 8MP resolution, black LED’s, a one year battery life and the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD’s reputation, these cameras are changing the game.

For more information about the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless, HD, and HD Max visit Bushnell today.

First Lite Sanctuary Jacket

2014 ATA Show: First Lite Sanctuary Treestand Jacket

Out of numerous pieces of clothing at the 2014 ATA Show, the First Lite Sanctuary Treestand Jacket was one of the most impressive pieces of bowhunting clothing I saw. Made from First Lite’s high quality merino wool, the First Lite Sanctuary Jacket has been designed expressly for the late season bowhunter.
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As a late season bowhunter I get frustrated with how noisy warm clothing can be. But, unlike most late season gear the outer shell of the Sanctuary Jacket is incredible quiet. No matter which way I rubbed or scratched the outer it was dead silent. Someone give these guys an award!

First Lite Sanctuary Treestand Jacket


Not only is the outer shell quiet, but the inner is as well. This combination makes for quiet drawing of your bow no matter what the temperature. Designed to keep you warm without additional bulk, the body of the Sanctuary is insulated with 200 fill Cocona. The tapered sleeves are 160 fill Cocona and the hood is 200 fill.
With this technology and blueprint, the Sanctuary Jacket should easily keep you warm during those cold late season bowhunts. Kenton Carruth informed us at the ATA Show that he had recently worn the Sanctuary Jacket on a whitetail hunt where temperatures dipped into the single digits and the jacket performed flawlessly.
First Lite Sanctuary
The First Lite Sanctuary jacket comes with interior pockets, waterproof zippers, a kidney pouch for hand warmers and baffled pockets for heat retention. It will be available in Realtree Xtra and ASAT camo and should be released June of 2014.
For more information about the First Lite Sanctuary Jacket and to learn more about Cocona technology, feel free to visit First Lite.
First Lite Sanctuary Treestand Jacket

indiSystems sidekick jib

2014 ATA Show: Campbell Cameras IndiSYSTEMS Jib

One of the first places I wanted to visit at the 2014 ATA Show was Campbell Cameras. This year 365 Whitetail will be featuring more videos and I wanted to see what was new in the world of video equipment.
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Unfortunately, I ended up seeking their help in fixing an electrical short in my Rode mic. Thanks to the friendly service of Campbell Cameras I was able to identify a bigger problem. Very nice people and thanks to their help, we got it fixed.
One of the coolest things I saw in the Campbell Camera booth was the IndiSYSTEMS Sidekick Jib. This thing is awesome.

Weighing less than 4 pounds (did you get that?), and folding to approximately 20-inches in length, this thing is a must. Now by mounting the Sidekick to any tripod, with or without a fluid head, you can add dramatic and cinematic shots to your B-roll. And the Sidekick retails for only $139.
The IndiSYSTEMS Sidekick is both a packable and affordable – kind of a rare find in the camera world.
To find more info on the IndiSYSTEMS jib, visit Campbell Cameras.

Lone Wolf Alpha Tech

2014 ATA Show: Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1 Treestand

The 2014 ATA Show showcased a myriad of treestands from a multitude of manufacturers. From ladder stands, climbers or lock on’s – just name it and someone displayed it. Among those, Lone Wolf introduced their new Alpha Tech F1 series treestand.
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Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1

The Alpha Tech is built with all the features you have come to expect from Lone Wolf; including a roomy 30”x19.5” platform constructed of powder coated aluminum. Just to be clear, the Alpha Tech is not a replacement for the Alpha Hang On but is a more economical addition to the Lone Wolf family.

The Alpha Tech features a self-leveling platform, offset bracket, versa buttons for easy mounting, E-Z hang hook and more. Lone Wolf offers all this in a stand for right at the $200 mark. Plus this stand weighs in at under 14 pounds.
Although I have heard some mixed emotions regarding this stand, I’m impressed and here’s why. With the Alpha Tech’s E-Z hang hook, you don’t need 20 of these stands. Simply use the E-Z hang system on a multitude of sets and you have a high quality aluminum stand that won’t break the bank and is built to last. Having physically hit the platform on several stands at the 2014 ATA Show in an attempt to see how subjective the stands were to noise, I can honestly say that I would have no issues hunting from the new Lone Wolf Alpha Tech.
Plus, with the Alpha Tech you can have the assurance that your product is backed by one of the most reputable brands in the industry.
For more information feel free to visit Lone Wolf Hunting Products.
Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1

Scott Backspin release

2014 ATA Show: Scott Backspin Release With Darrin Christenberry

When it comes innovative products at the 2014 ATA Show, Scott Archery takes the prize with the Backspin. So unlike other back tension releases, the Scott Backspin is in a league of its own.
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The Backspin’s rotating bearing design allows the archer to be assured of a self-centering and secure hand position every time. Greatly reducing release “hang-up” the Backspin provides archers a release aid that will assist in consistency and accuracy.
Professional archer Darrin Christenberry tells us more about the Scott Backspin.

Already known for their dependability and outside the box innovation, Scott Archery continues to strive for ultimate performance in their archery products.
To learn more about the visit Scott Archery.

2014 ATA Show Duel Grunt Call

2014 ATA Show: The Duel Stretchback Grunt Call With Weston Clark

Some might be thinking, “Are you serious, you went to the 2014 ATA Show only to feature another grunt call?” “Aren’t there enough grunt calls on the market?”
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Not like Duel Game Calls Stretchback Grunt Call. With its Dual Chamber Technology you can sound more like the real thing instead of a cheap imitation. The Duel Chamber Technology projects the sound of your grunt through two separate chambers. Why is that such a big deal? Watch as Weston Clark explains.

With the Duel Stretchback Grunt Call you can emulate more convincing and multidimensional sounds. Plus, the flex tube is made of soft rubber — not plastic. With this added feature you will not only produce more realistic sounds, but this call won’t make any unnatural sounds when extending or contracting the call during a calling sequence.
The Duel Game Calls Stretchback Grunt Call also comes with an outlandish guarantee. If you don’t think this call is the most realistic sounding and most effective call you’ve ever used, they will buy it back — no questions asked. Now that’s a guarantee.
To learn more about the Stretchback Grunt Call visit Duel Game Calls.
2014 ATA Show Duel Game Calls

2014 ATA Show Tenzing

2014 ATA Show: Tenzing Packs With Ralph And Vicki Cianciarulo

Tenzing introduced two new packs at the 2014 ATA Show that have been designed expressly for the discerning bowhunter. Collaborating with Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo, Tenzing has successfully tailored these new packs from both experience and success.
“America’s favorite hunting couple,” have spent countless hours in a treestand pursuing trophy whitetail and these packs are the culmination of what Ralph and Vicki believe the whitetail hunter needs and deserves in a pack.
So which one is the best? As usual, Ralph and Vicki can’t agree!


Tenzing TC1500

The Tenzing TC1500 features 1500 cubic inches of storage, can conveniently carry your bow, has 12 total compartments, an elastic waist-belt, and is hydration compatible. It also comes with a foldout bow boot for additional security and on those days when the weather is nasty, the TC1500 has you covered with a foldout rain cover. The TC1500 is a no frills pack built on the same quality we have come to expect from Tenzing.

Tenzing TC1260

Aiming to create the ideal daypack, Tenzing created the TC1260. The TC1260 features 1285 cubic inches of storage, 8 total compartments, two hip pockets for carrying critical bowhunting gear (such as a rangefinder), and a comfortable stretch waist-belt system. The TC1260 is just what the doctor ordered for the bowhunter wanting just enough storage to haul necessary gear.
For more information check out Tenzing Outdoors.

Thank you Ralph and Vicki for being so gracious. It was a highlight of the 2014 ATA Show.

2014 ATA Show

2014 ATA Show: Updates And Videos

The 2014 ATA Show will kick off on January 6th and go through January 8th at the Music City Center in the country music capital—Nashville, Tennessee. Featuring over 500 manufacturers and leaders in the archery and bowhunting industry, the 2014 ATA Show will spotlight just about anything that relates to the bow and arrow.
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For the archery enthusiast and bowhunting aficionado the 2014 ATA Show will be the highlight of the year. Both attendees and non-attendees will look forward to seeing and hearing what new innovations or ingenious products will be revealed at this years show. Much like Nashville does for country music, the ATA Show has come to epitomize the archery industry by successfully showcasing the latest in archery equipment, new product launches and updated bowhunting gear.

Stay Tuned For 2014 ATA Show Updates

As you might imagine, the 2014 ATA Trade show floor will be a hectic place. What starts as a brief conversation might last an hour and just about the time one conversation ends another begins. Combined with meetings, the sharing of bowhunting stories, eating good food, along with trying to take notes and videos, the ATA Show is a busy place. (Did I say, sharing bowhunting stories?)
2014 ATA Show Updates
In spite of the fast-paced atmosphere, we want to bring you the best possible coverage of the 2014 ATA Show. We have done our best to prepare equipment that will allow us to upload videos right from the show floor. If technology cooperates (big “if”), we will be bringing you updates throughout the entire show.
To keep abreast of what is happening at the ATA Show, feel free to visit our YouTube Channel, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or our ATA Show category page.

What New Products Would You Like To See

If there are products you would like for us to highlight, please feel free to leave a comment or contact us through Twitter or Facebook. We look forward to sharing the 2014 ATA Show with you and whatever we can do to help you feel a part, please let us know.
Nashville, here we come!