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Badlands Pursuit Daypack Review

The Badlands Pursuit Daypack is forged from the same quality that has given Badlands Packs a stellar reputation. “Badlands” may define inhospitable terrain, but the word also defines a brand. A trustworthy brand that has earned a reputation much like its namesake—from weathering adversity. 
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The Badlands Brand 


For over a decade Badlands packs have been the choice of discerning outdoorsman. Through understanding the performance, design and comfort that should accompany a quality hunting pack, Badlands has established itself as a leader in hunting pack innovation.


Expanding on its stellar reputation, Badlands continues to introduce a variety of packs designed to meet the demands of an array of hunting environments. No matter if your hunting in the Midwest, West or Southeast, Badlands has a product that meets the needs of the individual hunter. This customization enables the bowhunter and rifle hunter to choose a pack that is suitable for their specific application and makes Badlands packs as functional as they are dependable.


The Badlands Pursuit Daypack


The Badlands Pursuit Daypack is a one of a kind daypack. Combining quality with simplicity the Badlands Pursuit pack was designed with the “no-frills” hunter in mind.


With 1500 cubic inches of storage the Badlands Pursuit pack boasts of more than ample room. Its foundation is Badland’s KX032 fabric backed by a urethane waterproof shell. Every seam is triple-stitched with Aramid thread and stress points are reinforced with Hypalon panels.


Badlands Pursuit


The Badlands Pursuit Daypack has three large compartments along with two pockets for hydration. These allow for usage of a hydration bladder or separate water bottles. There are two bedroll straps, which can serve for strapping on a bow, spotting scope or treestand. Additional mesh pockets provide organization and keep small but necessary items within reach.


The Badlands Pursuit pack comes in the popular Mossy Oak Break-Up camouflage. Mossy Oak’s innovative layering of perfectly shaped branches, leaves, and limbs delivers an incredibly effective pattern for woodland and bottomland hunting. Combining ghost shadows, enhanced 3-D illusion and realism of digitized elements, the woods comes to life in the details of this extraordinary camo pattern.


With a weight of only 1 lb. 8 oz., numerous technical attributes and Badlands new Air Track Suspension—the Badlands Pursuit Daypack lives up to its name.


Badlands Pursuit Warranty


Badlands is known for having one of the best warranty’s in the hunting industry. They don’t care if you bought one of their packs at a garage sale or gear swap—it’s under warranty. If something malfunctions, they don’t ask whose fault it was. All they ask is that you use and abuse your pack as much as possible so they can learn how to make their products even better.


The Badlands promise is simple—“We’ll fix it for free.”




Exceeding all expectations, the Badlands Pursuit Daypack withstood an uncanny amount of abuse. Rain, snow and even ice were no match for the KX032 fabric. Through the hunting season we saw this pack overloaded, stressed and filled to the max. In spite of the assault, no zippers were broken, no seams were torn and the pack remained as good as new. Triple stitched with ample reinforcement gives this pack the quality we have come to expect from Badlands.  From its nylon buckles to heavy-duty zippers, this pack is designed to perform.




Retailing at under $100 the Badlands Pursuit daypack is the definition of value. Costing much less than some  inferior packs, the Pursuit is worth every dollar. Considering the lifetime warrenty, this pack is an investment—not an expense.




Considering its quality, warranty and economical price point, the Badlands Pursuit has a five-star rating all the way. The Pursuit is the perfect pack for the treestand or a stalk. If you’re in the market for a dependable daypack that won’t break the bank, check out the Pursuit at your nearest Badlands retailer.


For more information visit Badlands today.


Badlands Pursuit Pack