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Spot-Hogg Hogg–It Eliminating Bow Sight Shine

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The world of bowhunting is a university in its own right. The lessons and learning curve seem endless. Accepting the fact that there is too much to learn to ever graduate is essential. Sometimes the most trivial will make us more proficient when it comes to the aspects of archery.


For several years now I have been a Spot-Hogg aficionado. The functionality and durability of their bow sights have served my family well. We are such devoted loyalist’s that even the wife and kids have a Spot-Hogg.


Spending a considerable amount time shooting indoor 3D, I noticed that it was difficult to control the brightness of the Spot-Hogg Hogg-it pins when used with a wrap. Under florescent lighting I was fighting significant glare from off the fiber optic pins. This was in not making a positive contribution to my 3D score. In talking to Spot-Hogg they offered this little tip.


Find a silicone wristband of your choice. Wrap the wristband around the Spot-Hogg wrap. Adjust the wristband as needed. You can now control how much light enters the fibers when shooting indoors or out. Spot on! This was exactly what the Hogg called for.