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Button Buck Kids Clothing – for those passionate about an outdoor lifestyle

Ralph Waldo Emerson penned, “Passion, though a bad regulator,  is a powerful spring.” It was this very spring that catapulted Brad and Lauren Christian to start a clothing line, a kids clothing line that would reflect a passion for the outdoors. With a serious commitment to pass on a heritage – Button Buck was born.

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The Christian’s eye for detail has helped to make Button Buck clothing a nonpareil brand. From their unique logo to the unrivaled quality of every garment, Button Buck has created a classy niche when it comes to kids clothing. Combining extraordinary style with flawless function ranks them among the notable makers of kids outerwear.


button buck kids huntingUntil now, finding kids clothing that reflected an outdoor passion was difficult. Thanks to Button Buck, selective shoppers now have an option. Whether your kids are into fishing, archery, deer hunting or just cool clothes, Button Buck is sure to excite them about what they wear. Having this option is a great asset for any parent whose children enjoy the outdoors. Considering Button Bucks distinct style even makes mom a happy camper.


With its distinct pizzazz your kids are sure to get noticed in Button Buck. Neatly adorned with subtle sayings, Button Buck is designed to blend in with today’s retro look. Tailored with taste, it’s easy to see why Button Buck is loved by both kids and parents.


Visit www.buttonbuck.com today. Pass on a passion – preserve a heritage.