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Real Avid Fini Choke Tube Wrench

Real Avid: FINI – Choke Tube Wrench

Their mission statement is simple … “Solve real problems for real hunters and shooters by giving them hard-working products that are inventive, highly capable and totally unique in the market.”


I would have to say Real Avid has accomplished their mission. This company represents the merging of non-traditional, revolutionary and cutting edge. There are many companies making better mousetraps the only problem is, I don’t hunt with a mousetrap. Only once did I wish we had a better mousetrap, that was on a sheep hunt being overrun with mice in our wall tent. Thats a whole ‘nother story.
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Lets start with the Real Avid FINI Choke Wrench. If you have more than one shotgun or gauge of ‘lead spreader’ you will want to own a FINI. Compact in size and weighing in at under 2oz. the FINI is the premier all-in-one choke tube wrench. Designed to fit six different gauges, .410, 28, 20, 16, 12, and 10 makes it a tool you don’t want to be without. With its anodized aluminum surround, Torx™ fasteners and stainless steel wrench, its built to withstand the harshness of any environment.

A cam style lock that secures the wrench at 90° and 180° makes it tough enough to exceed 50 lbs of torque for the choke that is a tad stubborn. Thats not all, Real Avid thought of you … remember the last time you were trying to adjust the windage and elevation on your scope using a penny or dime. Integrated into the end of the wrench is a neat little adjustment tool so you can keep your change. What will they think of next?



Retails for just $9.99. Visit RealAvid.com today.