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Cody Altizer Outdoor Writer

365 Whitetail Welcomes Cody Altizer

Cody Altizer is no stranger to the ways of the whitetail. His inordinate passion for quality deer management has qualified him to be a perfect addition to the 365 Whitetail team.
In considering persons who could help us fulfill the vision of 365 Whitetail, Cody Altizer was chosen to help us accomplish the goal of providing quality content that both educates and encourages. And we couldn’t be happier that Cody has agreed to share his vast knowledge of whitetails with us.
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Cody Altizer is a passionate 25-year-old bowhunter that hails from the Commonwealth of Virginia. Having shot his first deer at 6 years old, Cody brings 20 years of whitetail experience to 365 Whitetail. His articles have been featured in the The Quality Deer Management Association’s Quality Whitetails, Pure Hunting Journal, Whitetail Institute of North America’s Whitetail News, and the Whitetail Times. On the World Wide Web, Cody’s work can be found at Bowhunting.com, WiredToHunt.com, and QDMA.com.
Cody Altizer Jim Shockey
In addition to writing about the way of the whitetail, Cody is a freelance outdoor photographer and filmmaker, working primarily with outdoor industry juggernaut Jim Shockey. Cody has filmed for Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures, The Outfit, and Uncharted TV shows.
Cody Altizer Outdoor Writer Welcome
From Cody you can expect comprehensive and practical posts regarding Quality Deer Management (QDM), habitat manipulation and enhancement, and how to tie it all together to help you more successfully hunt the mature bucks living on your property.
We are certainly excited to have Cody on the team and know you will be too. Feel free to comment below and give Cody a warm welcome.
Cody Altizer QDMA