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Bacon Wrapped Venison Backstrap

They may have steaks “…as big as a saddle blanket and as tender as a mother’s love,” but even Texas can’t top this meaty match. Bacon wrapped venison backstrap is a match made in heaven. Here’s a simple recipe that’ll treat your palate to a tantalizing taste you won’t soon forget.
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Bacon wrapped venison backstrap is savored by wild game connoisseurs everywhere. Providing unparalleled flavor, the backstrap & bacon marriage offers the tastebuds an experience unsurpassed. While this recipe can be tailored to your liking, it’a an all time favorite in our family.
• Olive Oil
• Seasonings of choice
• Large skillet
• Small brush
Drizzle a few tablespoons of olive oil into the skillet. Stir and saute your choice of seasonings in the oil. Place the backstrap in the simmering and seasoned oil. With a brush, evenly spread the oil and seasoning over the meat. Rotate the backstrap in the skillet until delectably browned on all sides.
Bacon Wrapped Venison
• Cookie sheet
• 2 pounds of bacon
• Toothpicks
• Non-stick spray
While browning the backstrap, pre-heat oven to 350F. Ready the cookie sheet, bacon and toothpicks. Spray the cookie sheet with a non-stick spray, then lay the bacon on the cookie sheet in a neat and close row.
After your backstrap is browned, season lightly for optimal flavor and place the venison on the row of bacon. Wrap the bacon around the browned backstrap and fasten with toothpicks. You can garnish the bacon with colored seasonings if you prefer a little flair.
Bacon Wrapped Loin
Cook the venison backstrap for 25-30 minutes if you prefer a medium meat. After the cook time, turn the oven to Broil. Place the cookie sheet and backstrap into the oven. While cooking, carefully roll the baskstrap over on each side and crisp bacon to perfection. You will need to pay close attention at this point, it does not take very long to crisp the bacon. When the bacon is crisp, remove, cool and serve.
I’ve had some steaks that would knock your hat in the creek, but this beats them all. Hang on cowboy – this is gonna be good!
Thanks to The Will to Hunt blog for allowing us to enter The Mindful Carnivore Photo Contest. We consider it an honor to be one of the six finalist.

Bacon Wrapped Venison Recipe