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Review: Costa Camo Sunglasses in Realtree AP

The fact that Costa camo sunglasses are now available in Realtree AP is a camo aficionado’s dream come true. In a perfect blend of class and function, Costa has tailored four of its favorite styles to create the perfect gift for the avid outdoorsman.


Built on the premise that clarity and durability can co-exist, Costa camo sunglasses offer dedicated sportsmen optimum clarity and unrivaled quality. Worthy of whatever thrill you pursue, Costa’s are designed to be just as hardcore as your adventure. Whether you consider yourself an avid angler or hunting enthusiast, Costa-designed eyewear will stand up to your playground.
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Each style of the Costa camo sunglasses provide fit and function you’ll come to appreciate. With a superior wrap-around design to eliminate glare, proprietary anti-fog vents, rugged integral hinges, co-molded hydrolite nosepieces, sleek styling in a hardcore frame and nearly indestructible nylon construction, the Costa camo design meets the needs of the discerning sportsman.



Costa camo styles are available in Costa’s patented 580 lens technology. Allowing maximum light transmission and enhanced depth perception, the 580 lenses allow you to see more clearly in the low light of early morning or late afternoon. The polarized 580 lenses also block yellow light, creating razor-sharp color enhancement and superior visual acuity.


Whether to fit your outdoor activity or just for aesthetics, you can select from an array of lens colors. Chose from Costa’s new specialty sunrise option, as well as gray, copper, amber, blue mirror, green mirror and silver mirror.



Lightweight and impact resistant the 580P polycarbonate lens is the perfect solution for the shooting or angling enthusiast. Passing ANSI Z80.3 and ANSI Z87.1 high impact/velocity testing makes the lenses ideal for protecting your eyes from a stray hook or ricochet.



A proprietary process of coating the 580P lens results in protective molecules covering the lens surface with what Costa named its – C-WALL. This C-WALL provides the 580P with unmatched durability and scratch resistance. Able to repel water, sweat and other liquids; the C-WALL helps prevent smudges from fingertips, oil and other chemicals from sticking to the surface of the lens, making cleaning easier.



Available in the popular Fantail, Blackfin, Double Haul and Zane (pictured) styles, the Costa camo glasses have obvious class. The Realtree AP camo features lifelike overlapping limbs and hazy background elements for a stunning 3D effect. Mixing pine and hardwoods the Realtree AP camo can coordinate with your hunting clothes or favorite casual dress. A family night or Saturday shoot, these stylish shades can either make you blend in or stand out.


Review Summary

Our initial review of the Costa brand was done in the unforgiving environment of bright sun and saltwater. These conditions confirmed that Costa is undoubtedly one of the best sunglasses on the planet. The quality and durability are exceptional. Having done a side-by-side comparison with other leading brands, the Costa’s came out on top with the clearest lenses, best in glare reduction and were overall the most comfortable to wear.


The Costa quality is simply incomparable. Whether shooting, fishing or strolling uptown, they will soon become a favorite. Setting a high standard in every aspect of its design, Costa camo eyewear is the epitome of reliability. This quality is what makes Costa the choice of guides and discerning sportsman worldwide. Hunting whitetail, waterfowl, upland game or fishing the flats, when your eyes depend on it – you can count on Costa.
With quality that exceeds other leading brands, the Costa’s are priced accordingly. Considering the value of the human eye puts perspective on the initial cost of a pair of Costas.


Our review was done on a pair of Zane in Realtree® AP Camo with amber 580P lenses. Retailing for $169.95.


With the clarity and comfort Costa offers, we would encourage you to try a pair of camo Costa’s on your next outdoor adventure. With four different styles in Realtree® AP to choose from, you can be assured of proper fit and function.


If you have any doubts about the clarity of the 580P lens, find your local Costa dealer and simply see the difference. Seeing is believing.


With the Realtree® AP camo being a limited time offer, you may want to get your camo Costa’s as soon as possible. Your Christmas list won’t be the only one naming the Costa brand this year.


If you’re Christmas shopping for the individual who spends time in the woods, weeds or on the water, the Costa camo sunglasses are the perfect gift for that sportsman or sportswoman who you think has everything.


For for more information and to view selected styles please visit Costa Sunglasses