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Elite Energy 35

Elite Energy 35 – Initial Review

The Elite Energy 35 is said to be, “The world’s most shootable bow.” Claims such as this are a dime a dozen. Elite Archery should know it takes more than marketing clichés to build a reputable brand and reliable bow.
And obviously they do!
Shootability is and has been the trademark of Elite Archery since its inception. For 2014 that objective remains the same. This year Elite has not only improved shootability, but has continued to provide innovation, technology and dependability through its newly designed Energy 35 and Energy 32 series bows.
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Some change the game, others rewrite the rules—the Elite Energy 35 does both.

In 2013 Elite Archery turned heads when it redesigned its Hunter model. Introducing a new riser, redesigned limb pockets, and a generous 7.75-inch brace height, the Hunter quickly became a favorite among bowhunters.
But Elite Archery had even more tricks up its sleeve.
For 2014 Elite launched a new line of bows that have not only turned heads but has an entire industry gawking and countless archers wanting to experience the shootabilty of the Energy 35.

Elite Energy 35 – Riser Design

At its core the Elite Energy 35 has a cold forged machined riser providing superior strength and resistance to twist. Now with its added Riser Cage, the Energy 35’s riser is said to be 30% stronger and 19% stiffer than a standard machined riser.
Elite Archery Energy 35
With all the marketing fluff in the archery industry, I decided to approach an engineer who works for Rolls-Royce in the development of defense aero-engine products. Showing him photos of the Elite Energy 35 and its design, I asked if the Riser Cage would increase strength and stiffness as claimed. Without hesitation the engineer immediately explained how the riser design would increase overall strength and rigidity — without question.
Sorry, Elite Archery! Please forgive me for being such a skeptic.
One look at the Elite Energy 35 and you’ll notice it’s not just a 35-inch axle-to-axle bow. It has been designed with a long riser. I asked the same engineer about the geometry of the Energy 35. Using the least possible geek-engineering language, I wanted him to explain how the longer riser provided more stability?
His answer was summed up in three words – “Moment of inertia.” In layman’s terms, the longer the riser the more torque/inertia is needed to change the axis of the bow. This simply means the longer riser of the Energy 35 enables it to offer a more stable shooting platform for all types of archery. Whether bowhunting or tournament archery, the Energy 35 is designed to be the perfect choice for the all around archer.
So how did it shoot?

Rock Solid And Dead In The Hand

Having shot the Elite Energy 35 and the Energy 32 side by side, the 35 was the pick of the litter. Personally, I found the Energy 35 felt more solid. To some, a mere three inches in difference between the two bows may not have been noticeable; to me the difference was slight but worthy of consideration. Along with feeling rock solid at full draw, the shot sequence offered no hand shock and the Energy 35’s parallel limb design made it absolutely dead in the hand.
With a generous 7-inch brace height the Energy 35 felt as forgiving as the 7.75-inch brace height of the 2013 Hunter. After shooting and critiquing both the Energy 32 and the Energy 35, I would have to say the longer riser of the 35 combined with its overall geometry offered a more stable “feel” than its 32-inch counterpart.
This is not to say I had a bone to pick with the Energy 32. It was also a great shooting bow.

Back (Brick) Wall and Draw Cycle

While visiting an archery shop that does not sell Elite, I recently heard a patron asking about a new bow. His question was, “Does (competitor’s brand) have a back wall like an Elite?” I had to smile.
Elite Energy 35 review
Elite has a reputation for offering a distinct and solid back wall. The Elite Energy 35 didn’t disappoint us. At full draw the wall was rock solid without any sponge.
The Energy 35 also offered a slight increase in speed over the 2013 Hunter. I was curious if the increase would come with a compromise in the draw cycle and controlled letdown. Surprisingly the draw cycle was even smoother than my 2013 Hunter and letdown was just as controllable.
The new Energy Cam System is definitely smooth and offers the same prominent valley that Elite shooters have come to expect.

Convenient Back Bar Mounting

One of the features of the Elite Energy 35 that has gotten little attention, is it’s factory pre-drilled and tapped in two locations for convenient mounting of a back bar. This is a small detail but one that reflects the ingenuity that has gone into the Energy 35.
Elite Energy 35 riser


Elite Archery has hit its mark with the Energy 35. For the all around shooter this bow has it all. Needless to say, I can’t wait until I get the call that Elite has shipped my Energy 35. Although this is not a comprehensive review, as I spend more time with the Energy 35, I’ll keep you updated.

Why I Switched To Elite Archery

Having been a loyal customer of another leading bow manufacturer for over 16 years, some have asked why I switched to Elite. The answers are simple.
1. Outstanding performance. The bows shoot, plain and simple.
2. The bows have a solid back wall, smooth draw cycle and distinct valley.
3. Each bow comes with a Transferable Lifetime Warranty.
4. Elite offers excellent Customer Service
5. Each bow comes with Winners Choice strings and cables
6. Each bow has factory installed Limbsaver accessories.
7. The Cerkote finish is bullet proof.
8. No matter where I am, if I have an issue with my bow while on a hunting trip, Elite will ship me a new bow so I can finish my hunt. Can’t beat that kind of service.
Take the Elite Shootability Challenge. I have never regretted it and I dare you to do the same!