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Hawk Hunting Products Jab Handle

Hawk Hunting Products: Treestand Accessory Review

Prior to the 2014 ATA Show, Hawk Hunting Products requested that we stop by their booth and check out a new line of hunting products. Failing to mention what kind of products they were marketing—curiosity got the best of us.
Not to be detoured by the vague “outdoor product” metonymy, we found Hawk Hunting Products booth number and searched the ATA Show directory to find what type of products they would be launching.
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Reading the words “treestand manufacturer,” our cynicism instantly kicked in. Quietly we were saying, “As if we need another one?” But after seeing some initial reviews of Hawk’s treestand accessories, we were eager to check them out.
Now that we’ve had the opportunity to put some of these products to use, it’s safe to say that not only has Hawk Hunting Products launched a unique brand, but the ingenuity and quality of their treestand accessories is astounding.
Let’s take a look.

1. Hawk Hunting Products: Twist-Up Hoist Line

You can’t help but admire a company that believes they can make a better mousetrap, or in this case a more innovative hoist line.
Hawk Hunting Products Twist Up Hoist Line
How many times have you dug into your backpack only to find your hoist line had become a tangled mess? With Hawk Hunting Products Twist-Up Hoist Line—the days of a twisted hoist line are over. Hawk’s Hoist Line features 25 feet of anti-tangle flat cord that keeps your line quickly deployable along with allowing organized storage.
Hawk Hunting Products Hoist Line
Not only does the Twist-Up Hoist Line come with a flat anti-tangle cord, it also has an overmolded rubber ‘twist tie’ instead of the standard carabineer found on most hoist lines. This new ‘twist tie’ approach serves two purposes: One, it allows quiet and quick fastening of your bow or gear. Second, it serves as a method of retention when storing your hoist line.
This is one product I won’t be without.

2. Hawk Hunting Products: Tactical Tree Hook

Most bowhunters haul a handful of tree hooks in their backpack. Once settled in the tree we screw the hooks into the tree and hang our gear. And how many times has the sharp point of a tree hook caught on or poked into your pack?
Hawk Hunting Products Tree Hook
With Hawk’s Tactical Tree Hook you can keep those sharp points covered, have a tree hook conveniently fastened to your pack and with its proprietary AugerTip, you now have a tree hook that screws quickly into any tree. The Tactical Tree Hook also comes with a unique carabineer that provides the bowhunter with a Thread Protector when transporting the tree hook.
Hawk Hunting Products Tactical Tree Hook
Hawk’s Tactical Tree Hook is rated for 60 pounds and has a rubber overmolded body making it both extremely quiet and durable.

3. Hawk Hunting Products: Jab’ Handle Tree Hook

They say necessity is the mother of invention and the Hawk Jab’ Handle was born out of those frustrating moments when a bowhunter struggles to get a gear hook into a stubborn or frozen tree.
Hawk Hunting Products Jab Handle Hook
The Jab’ Handle features a flip-out locking AugerTip that acts much like a pocketknife. Pull out the AugerTip and it locks securely, press the release and it retracts neatly back into the Jab’ Handle. Not only can Hawk’s Jab’ Handle be used to hang essential gear, but it can also be used to start a pilot hole when attempting to hang other treestand accessories.
Like other Hawk Hunting Products, the Jab’ Handle is also overmolded with rubber making it very quiet and rigid.

4. Hawk Hunting Products: Xtendible Bow Arm

Hawk Hunting Products launched two styles of bow arms at the 2014 ATA Show. The Hawk Xtendible Bow Arm is the smaller of the two and is designed for the bowhunter who desires a bow arm that is both packable and light. Measuring in at only 8.5″ collapsed and 16.5″ extended, the Xtendible Bow Arm packs perfectly, yet offers more than sufficient length to keep your bow within reach.
Hawk Hunting Products Xtendable Bow Arm
Across the years I’ve tried several different bow arms and come to prefer a longer bow arm in order to keep the bow as close as possible. So, I wasn’t for sure how I would like the Xtendible Bow Arm until putting it to use in the state of Alabama. Overall, the bow arm performed flawlessly. Featuring a heavy duty auger thread the bow arm threaded into the tree very easily, was very stable, had plenty of horizontal adjustment and was extremely quiet when setting up and while in use.
The Xtendible Bow Arm has become my go-to bow arm due to its packability.
Hawk Hunting Products Xtendible Bow Arm
Overall we were extremely impressed with each of the treestand accessories and look forward to seeing what other products Hawk will develop for the avid bowhunter. For more information on these and other products visit Hawk Hunting Products.