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In Pursuit by Zeke Pipher

Book Review: In Pursuit by Zeke Pipher – Devotions For The Hunter & Fisherman

Dipping his pen in a vast resource of pithy thoughts and personal experience, Zeke Pipher has compiled a captivating devotional tailored especially for the avid outdoorsman. In Pursuit reflects Pipher’s unique ability to aim for the heart by offering simple but spiritual truths in a way that moves one to look beyond the mundane to things most important.
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In Pursuit – Devotions for the Hunter & Fishermen contains 90 devotional readings written in thought provoking style and carefully crafted in order to directly relate to those who live for the outdoors. As a regular contributor to several well-known outdoor magazines, including Deer & Deer Hunting, Petersen’s Bowhunting, and Bow & Arrow Hunting, Pipher’s extensive knowledge of the outdoors adds a unique perspective to each devotional reading. Whether it’s chasing elk, reeling in trout, flushing pheasant, or waiting out a trophy whitetail, each devotional takes us someplace we all enjoy and points us to Someone we all need.
Pipher pens in his foreword, “Several years ago I realized that the only thing better than going into creation and enjoying all that it has to offer is letting the Creator come into me and enjoying all He has to offer. This change in my frame of mind as an outdoorsman completely altered the way I entered the fields and woods.” And Pipher’s passion for a closer relationship with the One who created it all is clearly conveyed through the pages of In Pursuit.
Beginning with devotional number one, entitled “The Gigantic Secret” and ending with number ninety “A Strong Finish,” Pipher leaves few stones unturned as he traverses the grand subject of pursuing Jesus Christ within in the context of all things outdoors. There is little doubt the pithy reflections found on the pages of In Pursuit will challenge you, convict you, and help you to celebrate the most important pursuit of all.

“Pursue God more than you pursue wild game this season.” – Zeke Pipher

As an avid reader there are books I read in order to learn and then there are books I read for enjoyment. Pipher’s unique style has qualified In Pursuit to be read for both reasons. (Even my wife and kids have enjoyed its contents.) If you’re a hunter or fisherman, don’t pass up the chance to own this life-changing book — you won’t regret it.

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In Pursuit is more than a book. It’s a way for you to join other hunters and fishermen in pursuing a closer walk with God this fall. By purchasing In Pursuit along with the In Pursuit Challenge t-shirt, you can join fellow outdoorsmen in what is being called the 90-Day Sportsmen’s Challenge.
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