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Lone Wolf Treestands

How to Silence Your Lone Wolf Treestand

When attempting to harvest an animal that survives by its acute instincts, the margin of error remains razor-thin. A quarry as vigilant as a mature whitetail leaves little room for mistakes. Getting in close to a trophy whitetail takes wolf-like dedication.
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Understanding the stealth and dedication necessary for the treestand hunter,Lone Wolf Portable Treestands is committed to being the hunters confidante. With a reputation built on lightweight cast aluminum stands, the Lone Wolf brand remains separated from the pack. Staying quiet even in the coldest conditions, the Lone Wolf stand design is optimum when pursing wary game.


While hanging the Lone Wolf Alpha this season we had a few unwanted moments that were based on human error. These instance were caused by the strap buckle swinging into the aluminum body and creating a loud metal-to-metal clang. Realizing this careless mistake could cost us our trophy for the season; we decided to look for a solution.



Searching for a combination of neoprene and rubber to cover the strap buckle, we stumbled upon: Yakgrips – Comfort Kayak Paddle Grips. Designed to reduce fatigue and prevent blisters for kayakers, the Yakgrips were exactly what our “quest for quietness” called for.



The inside of the Yakgrip sleeve is rubber lined, making a tacky surface that will adhere to the buckle. The outside of the sleeve is neoprene, making it quite and water-resistant. A perfect solution to eliminate noise caused by buckle-to-treestand contact.


Step 1


Measure the Yakgrip into equal parts and cut exactly in half. Each portion should measure approximately 3 inches in length.



Step 2


Select your favorite household dish soap and drop a few drops into a cup of water. Slosh the soap and water until bubbles appear. Lather the interior of the Yakgrips with the soapy water.



Step 3


Slip the trimmed pieces of the Yackgrips over each of the Lone Wolf strap buckles. Allow to air dry before tightening or loosening the strap.


Lone Wolf Treestands


With the Buckles covered, your Alpha treestand is the epitome of stealth. If the buckle should swing into the aluminum body it remains quiet. This same tip can be applied to the straps for the Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks or the Lone Wolf One Piece Ladder Stick.


If you would be interested in Lone Wolf Treestands offering neoprene buckle covers, please leave us a note or comment. Lone Wolf is very curious as to your interest.




In God we trust, On Lone Wolf we stand.

For more information on the Lone Wolf brand please visit Lone Wolf Portable Treestands