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Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On II Review

The Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On II signifies not all adventures have to take place on a mountainside or in the African bush. This treestand represents the fact that for some, the most fulfilling challenge can take place 20-feet off the ground.
Cast for a different breed, the Lone Wolf Alpha combines state of the art technology with “made by bowhunters” ingenuity in order to offer essential gear designed specifically for the diehard treestand hunter.
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With A Name Like Lone Wolf – It Should Tell You Something

When it comes to treestand manufacturers, there are countless companies trying to carve out a niche in the treestand market. But when it comes to quality, all treestands are not created equal. Lone Wolf Treestands rises above the masses by offering superior crafted products that have been engineered for both performance and durability.
Lone Wolf’s flagship treestand is the Alpha Hang On II. This stand offers the bowhunter both optimum security and versatility. Having earned a reputation by living up to its namesake, countless bowhunters have made the Alpha Hang On their treestand of choice.
Constructed on a proprietary cast aluminum platform, the Lone Wolf Alpha is as robust as the passion that propels this company. Undaunted by cheap imitations and noisy knockoffs, the Alpha Hang On remains one of the quietest and most versatile treestands on the market today.

Alpha Hang On – Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Platform

No matter if you’re hunting early season when temperatures are downright hot or late season when temperatures are bone chilling cold, the Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On’s cast aluminum design allows the Alpha to be your silent hunting partner no matter the conditions.
The Alpha’s cast aluminum platform is engineered to be as quiet as your quarry. Its solid design insures there are no hollow chambers to amplify sound and no nerve-racking creaking experienced with expanded metal.
If hunting in rain, sleet, or wind, the Lone Wolf Alpha offers a secure non-slip platform designed to provide stability in all types of weather. Your potential trophy doesn’t wait on good weather to move and neither should you. The Alpha Hang On provides a distinct advantage when facing unpredictable elements, which in turn allows more days in the field.

Offset Bracket

Most treestands demand you locate a tree that is ramrod straight in order to fasten your stand securely. Lone Wolf Treestands knows nature better than that. Not all trees grow straight and no way in creation will you always find a straight tree in the exact location you need it to be in.
Taking into consideration that hunters want to spend more time hunting a trophy than hunting for a tree, Lone Wolf developed their “Offset Bracket.” With the Lone Wolf Alpha’s offset mounting bracket there are four points of contact when securing your treestand to a misshaped tree. This feature allows you to find the best location first, and then pick the tree, not visa versa.
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Stealth Attachment

Lone Wolf is well versed in the ways of aged animals whose instincts allow little margin of error. To insure you stay undetected, Lone Wolf has incorporated wolf like features into the Alpha Hang On design.
Outside of the roomy 30×19.5 inch platform, our favorite feature of the Alpha Hang On is what Lone Wolf calls their “Versa Buttons”. The Versa Buttons allow quick and easy attachment of the Alpha’s straps without unnecessary noise or frustration.
To fasten your stand, simply wrap the straps around the tree, then attach the strap loops around the Versa Buttons and tighten the straps securely. This unique feature makes hanging the Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On both quick and quiet.
Lone Wolf Treestands

Easy Leveling

Each Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On stand is also equipped with adjustment features that allow easy leveling of the platform and seat. By simply adjusting the platform cables to rest in the appropriate notch, the hunter has a level surface to stand on. To adjust the seat there is a convenient adjustment located within arms reach. These added features provide extended comfort on those all day hunts.


In order to harvest a mature buck, Lone Wolf understands mobility is not an option. With its folding features and low profile design the Alpha Hang On allows for mobility not found with other bulky stands. Equipped with shoulder straps the Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On can easily be packed into your favorite hunting spot without hassle.
Even with its solid cast aluminum platform, the Alpha Hang On weighs in at only 14 pounds. This convenient weight allows the Alpha to be taken wherever you choose to set up in pursuit of allusive game.


What is your life worth? Just throw out a number. I guarantee you said more than $259.
I often get asked, why would you spend that kind of money on a treestand. The answer is simple. When my life depends on what I’m standing on, I’m going to put my trust in something I know won’t fail.
Furthermore, I have used Lone Wolf Treestands in every kind of weather that Mother Nature can throw at you – without incident. Both my sons have Lone Wolf Treestands and the same goes for them.
The dependability and security offered by the Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On is worth every dollar. Why fuss about the cost of the very thing we trust our life with?

Summary – Like A Wolf

Having hunted out of the Lone Wolf Alpha for the last two seasons, it is without question that I believe this treestand is one of the best on the market. Its aluminum construction has provided a solid and silent platform on various size trees and in extreme weather conditions. This stand has been hung and hauled down more times that I can remember and continues to be as good as the day it was unboxed.
The only thing I added to the Lone Wolf Alpha were covers over top of the tension buckles. These neoprene covers help prevent any accidental metal to metal contact during the hanging of the stand. Read how to add these covers here: Silencing Your Long Wolf Treestand

With its countless features the Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On is a piece of bowhunting gear created by passionate bowhunters who believe that I deserve to have the best in quality and dependability. Plus, I have the added confidence of knowing the Lone Wolf Alpha is made and assembled right here in the United States.

Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On Details

  • 30″ x 19.5″ one-piece cast aluminum platform
  • Distinctive 3-D camo platform design
  • NEW In Cast Bow Holder accommodates most parallel limb bows
  • Large, contoured foam seat pad for great comfort
  • Fits trees 4″ – 22″ in diameter
  • Seat size 14″ x 12″, height 21″
  • 350-pound weight rating
  • Backpack straps included (optional padded straps available)


For more information visit Lone Wolf Treestands today
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