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Real Avid Turkey Tool: Cut, Carry and Calculate

When attempting to earn the title of ‘Genuine’, there is fierce competition against countless wannabe’s. In this rivalry there are frauds; packaged and labeled nicely, but in reality they are nothing but flimsy facades. The vying also draws imitators who dress the part but never perform. Thankfully, there is a company making authentic hunting gear that has secured the sought after title. Introducing – Real Avid.

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Real Avid plays by a different set of rules. Think… Exemplar! Real Avid is dedicated to making premier tools for honest-to-God sportsman. Each piece of gear they manufacture is designed to withstand harsh and uncompromising environments. By designing tools with industrial-strength materials this company is changing the game.

Enter – Turkey Tool.


Ingenuity coupled with integrity makes this tool downright ‘trick’. Beyond its brawny aluminum side-plates, it possesses the tools every turkey hunter needs. Made with 440 stainless steel the Turkey Tool’s implements are constructed to meet and beat natures strongest and most stubborn situation. Tucked neatly into its ergonomic design are:


  • Brush and game saw
  • Knife
  • Choke wrench – .410-10ga
  • Pin Punch
  • Carry Hook
  • Beard and spur ruler
  • Cordura Sheath Included


Being the only one of its kind qualifies the Turkey Tool as a true trophy. Light weight and concealable makes it perfect for the turkey vest. Need to brush in a blind, lop of a pesky limb or tighten that choke tube, its all here. With its exclusive Carry Hook and rubber cushioned grip you can now tote your turkey with added ease.

 real avid turkey tool


Measuring and scoring your Tom has never been easier. With the Turkey Tool you have a flexible ruler that can help you take a tally. Real Avid even includes instructions how to properly score your bird. Tucked neatly into its Cordura sheath the Turkey Tool is compact and just as committed as you are. Cut, carry and calculate – all in one tough package.


turkey tool


Real Avid – all about the “genuine article” impostors need not apply.