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Backyard Buck Rinehart Target

Video: Backyard Buck Inspects Rinehart 18-1 Target

How else can you describe this incident, but with the word, ‘insane?’ While sinking arrows into the old Rinehart 18-1, I had an unexpected visitor walk right to the target and check out my shooting skills. This was totally unanticipated.

Behind the church we attend is a large area providing more than ample room to shoot my bow. Most of the time my kids like to join me in shooting their bows, so the large lawn offers plenty of elbowroom.
In the fading light I noticed movement under an apple tree at the back of the property. In a few minutes this curious ‘movement’ became the object of this video. Pulling out the trusty iPhone we attempted to capture the episode.
Obviously this buck wanted to know just how well I can (or can’t) shoot. Hopefully his body language and quick departure signal he was impressed with my accurate arrow delivery. Check out what happens next!
Who knew you could use a Rinehart 18-1 as whitetail attractant?
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