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Review: S4 Gear LockDown – Optics Deployment System

The S4 Gear LockDown – Optics Deployment System takes into consideration the deep appreciation outdoor enthusiast have a for quality optics. From the bird-watcher to the big game hunter, who spend hours if not days glassing for their quarry, binoculars are considered an invaluable asset. Avid outdoorsmen also understand the fatigue and frustration that comes with most binocular straps. Binocular retention systems have been known to leave your optics exposed to the elements and dangling from your neck.
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With an average binocular retention strap the motion of stooping or bending sends the optics swinging in a pendulum like motion. When running or climbing the notorious ‘bino-bounce’ occurs. Not to mention when belly crawling closer to game, normal bino straps allow optics to drag in the dirt and undergrowth. Some retention systems even put constant tension on the optics, which leads to fatigue when glassing. S4 Gear took all these negatives into consideration and came up with a solution, the S4 Gear LockDown – Optics Deployment System. 


The S4 Gear LockDown – Optics Deployment System is revolutionary in design. Rejecting all previous concepts, S4 Gear designed their system to meet the needs and necessary objectives of most binocular users. The S4 Gear LockDown was designed to:


1. Eliminate neck strain by using the shoulders to support the optic’s weight.

2. Retain the optics close to the body, regardless of the awkward position of the wearer.

3. Reduce glassing fatigue through tension-free use of the optics.

4. Protect the optics through a system that has little bulk or obstruction.

5. Improve the user’s experience by keeping the system simple and reliable.


No more neck strain


S4 Gear LockD own was engineered to keep the weight of the optics off your neck. The padded straps of the s4 LockDown distribute the weight of the binoculars evenly across the shoulders. This design also allows unhindered movement of the shoulders and neck. Gone are the chaffing and strain caused by the ordinary binocular strap. The s4 Gear LockDown is also lined with quick drying breathable mesh, which allows for proper moisture transfer. With its fully adjustable features the Lock-Down allows for proper fit and placement, providing the wearer with unparalleled comfort.


Stop the swing and bounce


With run-of-the-mill retention systems, any motion on the part of the wearer causes the optics to either swing outward or bounce upward and downward. S4 Gear LockDown eliminates this ‘swing’ and ‘bounce’ once and for all. This is done through a combination of two features. The first feature is a 360° waist retention strap that keeps the LockDown system from swinging outward. Fully adjustable and incorporating quick-release buckles this feature allows the wearer to adjust the tension as desired. The quick-release buckles also allow for a quick removal of the entire system. The second feature that keeps the binocular stationery is the adjustable aluminum pouch. Held in place by a moldable aluminum core and shock cord fastener, your optics are ‘locked’ in a secure position. So whether your running, climbing, hiking, horseback riding or spending time on your ATV, the s4 Gear LockDown lives up to its name.


The tug-of-war has been won


With the invention of the LockDown, S4Gear eliminated the constant tension felt with popular retention straps. With other styles of binocular retention systems, extended periods of glassing caused fatigue. S4 Gear’s unique design of the LockDown eliminates this fatigue and allows tension-free use of your optics. Fastened with Shock-Cord security straps your optics have maximum security without the tension.



Keep it compact


Unlike some bulky bino systems the LockDown is very streamlined. Designed to mold around any size of binocular this system remains very compact. The moldable aluminum body is covered in durable PVC and lined with neoprene, keeping your lenses safe from debris. With its fully adjustable features the low-profile protective pouch keeps the optics secure and snug against your body. Even when wearing the s4 Gear LockDown under a tree stand harness or backpack, all straps and adjustments have been properly placed for a comfortable fit.


Combining strategy and simplicity


Easily adjustable, the s4 Gear LockDown is user-friendly even in low-light or complete darkness. The S4 Gear system allows for rapid placement without the frustration of untangling multiple straps. Each feature on the LockDown is fully adjustable meaning that it can fit any sized hunter or outdoor enthusiast. All adjustments on the LockDown are positioned so as to be 100% accessible when wearing a backpack or tree stand harness.


In comparison the S4 Gear LockDown in a class of its own. To the avid binocular user the LockDown is an indispensable tool. From bowhunter to birder this retention system is sure to give you more comfort and protection in the field. With the two sizes available the S4 Gear LockDown is sure to fit your need. To learn more about the S4 Gear LockDown visit www.s4gear.com.


LockDown for optics 6” to 7.5” in length.
LockDown Micro for optics 4.5” to 6” in length.