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Talk the walk deer call

Talk The Walk Deer Call: Replicate A Whitetail’s Walk

The Talk The Walk deer call is the invention of Pennsylvania resident and bowhunting veteran, Valentine Wtorkiewicz. Having spent countless hours watching how whitetail respond to the sound of their own species, Valentine set out to create a call which would replicate the sound of a whitetail’s walk. And by reviewing this product, I’d say he has succeeded.
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Whitetails are communicative by nature and are known to respond to visual, vocal and olfactory cues. By producing a variety of sounds and smells an entire deer herd is able to communicate, breed, and establish dominance.
Hunters understand the effectiveness of mimicking both the sounds and smells of whitetail and do so by using grunt calls or attractants such as deer urine. The outdoor marketplace has no shortage of calls and attractants due to their ability to produce definite results when used properly.

Talk The Walk: It’s All About Replicating A Whitetail’s Walk

So what if we could replicate the sound of a walking deer? Or have a small handheld call that would add the sound of rustling leaves to our rattling sequence? Most bowhunters would agree these sounds could only add a positive dimension when calling whitetails. And that is exactly why Valentine set out to make a simple but useful call that can be taken anywhere and used in a multitude of hunting scenarios. While it may sound completely insane to some, the avid bowhunter will immediately recognize the theory behind the Talk The Walk call.
Valentine states, “I also got the idea from doing things differently many years ago and still apply this technique today. When getting 200 yards from my stand, on those dry, calm days I would start walking, toe, heal, toe, heal, pausing at different times. Because of this I was approached by deer many times over. At first I thought it was just blind luck but the more it happened the more I got involved with researching whitetails and how they respond to environmental sounds associated with their own species.
If you really take note and watch how deer respond and move toward the sound of their own species the next time your out in the woods you will understand more on why this is essential to the whitetail world.
The bucks in PA are high pressured animals and I know grunting alone is how most bucks can tell the difference between a hunter and the real deal. But adding the environmental sounds is truly a ground breaking technique that will revolutionize the way we hunt.”
So does it work? This video will give you a first hand account of just how well it does work.

Valentine has also taken the time to provide a helpful tutorial. There is a definite cadence to a whitetail’s walk and the call’s creator has figured out how to replicate it. Check it out.



Few things can compare to rattling in a shooter buck. But, knowing my rattling sequences left out the sound made by the fighting buck’s feet has always bothered me. For several years I’ve used Walmart bags, Ziploc bags or some form of noise to sound like rustling leaves during a rattling sequence. With the Talk The Walk deer call, that issue is solved.
Having spent time talking to Valentine, he continually stresses the fact of the call being very effective when used as a stand alone call. It does not need to be accompanied by a grunt call or by rattling. You can view the multiple videos on his website to see how deer respond to the call when used just by itself.
While I cannot attribute any harvest’s to this call, I do believe it is designed with a solid theory behind it and will continue using it again this year.
The call is very easy to use. Simply squeeze the bag style call in the proper cadence and it will produce the desired sounds. The Talk The Walk deer call is also light weight and will fit into most any day pack.
The only thing I wish was different about the call is the shiny material inside the call that actually produces the sound. Due to the cloth shell being thin enough to allow sound to escape, you can vaguely see the internal shine from outside the call. If hunting in direct sunlight you’ll want to keep the call somewhat hidden.
For more information on the Talk The Walk Deer Call visit: thecompletedeercallingsystem.com
For the bowhunter, this call brings new meaning to ‘Talk The Walk.’