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Simple Steps For A Scent Free Trail Camera

No matter what our individual regimen’s for scent reduction might look like, as whitetail hunters we understand the importance of scent control.
From scent free soaps, scented dryer sheets, chlorophyll pills, or scent elimination sprays, there are a host of opinions as to what works and why. The non-debatable issue is – it’s tough to fool a whitetail’s nose. So shouldn’t scent control begin with a scent free trail camera?
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Whitetail enthusiasts spend millions each year trying to avoid detection. While there is no such thing as a magic potion, there are benefits to going the extra mile when attempting to reduce human odor. And limiting the impact you have on any given area you hunt, will undoubtedly increase the odds of success this hunting season.
Whitetails survive day after day by being acutely aware of their surroundings. When a hunter positions a trail camera in the living room of a trophy whitetail, precaution should be taken in order to avoid ‘tipping off’ your quarry. From the bolts, bungee strap, or security box that holds the camera, to the camera itself, taking the time to eliminate as much odor as possible will only work to your advantage.
Here are some simple tips that will help you hang a scent free trail camera.

  • Before setting up your camera make sure it is clean and free of any foreign odors. This also applies to all hardware used to mount the camera.


  • When setting up your camera, use a pair of surgical gloves. This will limit the amount of human odor left on the camera during mounting and setup.


  • Bring along a clean rag, stored in a zip lock bag and a small bottle of scent elimination spray. Spray the camera and all hardware and use the clean rag to wipe the camera lens of any residue.


  • When retrieving your SD card or changing batteries, wear surgical gloves. Before leaving, clean the camera with a scent elimination spray of your choice.


  • Rainy days are the preferred time to check trail cameras. The rain naturally eliminates human odors.


  • Last but not least, always wear ‘clean’ rubber boots when checking your cameras. Odor control is especially important when entering and exiting any area you plan on hunting.

We hope these simple tips not only help Mr. Talltines to pose for your camera, but you’ll have a chance to see him in season as well.

If you have any additional tips for a scent free trail camera, please feel free to share those with us!


Scent Free Trail Camera Tips