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Turkey Hunting Tips

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He was an accomplished turkey hunter, yet very eager to share his turkey hunting tips. As I sat mesmerized by the display of iridescent feathers shimmering in the morning light, serenaded by thunderous gobbles and humored by the duo of dancing birds, this opening act in wild turkey theatrics sealed our fate. While seated in the shadow of the Oklahoma oaks during a premier Rio Grande performance, I listened as my mentor explained turkey hunting tips in that old fencerow. That morning became the birthplace of a passion – a passion to hunt the wild turkey.
Champion call maker Bill Barker with a beautiful Oklahoma Rio Grande turkey.

Since that memorable morning when champion call maker Bill Barker shared his turkey hunting tips and introduced us to the wild world of clucks and purrs, turkey hunting has been on the roster of passionate pursuits. Whether the Merriam’s wild turkey in the mountains of Idaho or the Rio Grande wild turkey in the flat land of the Southwest, we have attempted to chase these bearded birds each and every spring.


Displaying a collection of blocky beards or tacking a tail-fan to the wall has been just a small segment of the success. A greater sense of satisfaction is found in passing along the passion to first time turkey hunters through sharing the turkey hunting tips that had been shared with us. 


Where it all began …

If you are new to the world of turkey hunting and don’t have a clue where to begin, here are some turkey hunting tips to get you started. Whether you’re curious about how to locate turkey’s, call turkey’s or clean the bird you’ve bagged, that information is included in these helpful recourses. Hopefully these instructive articles will push aside trepidation, kick “I can’t” in the tail and help you to get out there and getcha’ some gobble.


For all things turkey hunting tips – click on the links below.


Turkey Hunting Basics: A Beginners Guide to Chasing Long-Beards by Dustin DeCroo


1. Scouting for Turkey 


Tips For Scouting Wild Turkeys by Cole Daniels  – ForemostHunting.com 

6 Tips for Scouting Spring Turkeys by by Doug Howlett  – Outdoorlife.com

Spring Thunder Video – Scouting/Bowhunting Tips – MidwestWhitetails.com

Spring Turkey Scouting Tips by Philip Bourjaily  – FeildandStream.com


2. Sounds of Turkey 

How to Call Like a Turkey By Doug Howlett – AmericanHunter.org

Beginner’s Guide to Turkey Calls & Calling – NWTF.org 

Understanding Turkey Calls and Turkey Sounds – TurkeyHunting.com

Turkey Calls, Tips and How To’s – HuntingOurUSA.com  


3. Setup for Turkey 

Choose a Setup by John Higley – TurkeyCountryMagazine.com 

Turkey Hunting Tips With Scott Ellis: Where to Set Up – TurkeyandTurkeyHunting.com
Turkey Decoying To The Next Level by John Fletcher – Bowhunting.com 

Setting Up on Gobbling Turkeys to Hunt More Efficiently by John Phillips – NighHawkPublications.com


4. Shot placement on a Turkey 

Shot Placement on a Turkey – Where to Aim – TrophyHuntingObsession.com

Chasing Spring Gobblers with a Bow by Brandon Wikman – HuntingLife.com

Wild Turkey Vitals and Shot Placement – IdahoSportsman.com 


5. Savoring your Turkey 

Cleaning a Turkey – ForemostHunting.com 

Cleaning Your Wild Turkey – NWTF.org

Recipe: Walnut Parmesan Wild Turkey Strips by Tiffany Haugen – TiffanyHaugen.com

Recipe: Blackened Wild Turkey Alfredo – Ohio DNR


6. Showing off your Turkey 

Mounting Your Own Turkey Tail and Beard By Larry Beckett – BigGameHunt.net

Preserving a Turkey’s Trophy Parts by Lovett Williams – TurkeyandTurkeyHunting.com

Turkey Fan Mounting – NWTF.org


No matter the outcome of your first Turkey hunt, it will be a memorable one. Here’s to a great hunt!


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