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Under Armour Fat Tire Review

Under Armour Fat Tire GTX Trail Running Shoe

The thing about running shoes is I’ve never really found a pair that had it all. Sure, there have been some that offered just the right amount of stability but left a lot to be desired in comfort. Some were comfortable but didn’t hold up to the long hours of rigorous workouts. And then some were just disappointing all around.
However, the radical, outside the box, Under Armour Fat Tire GTX Trail Running Shoe is something much different. In my opinion, it might just be the perfect running shoe—at least for me.
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Nothing on the market today looks like the Under Armour Fat Tire shoe. Likewise, I think you will be hard pressed to find anything that performs like it either.

The Foundation

If you’re going to build something then nothing is more critical than getting the foundation right. It only takes a glance to see that the Under Armour Fat Tire was built with a unique (and highly effective) foundation.
Drawing its inspiration from the highly popular Fat Tire mountain bikes, the GTX is constructed of a Michelin (yes, like the tire) Wild Gripper outsole rubber compound that cradles your feet in nearly 2-inches of unmatched, impact absorbing comfort! And, while the sole has a unique, slightly curved shape, it doesn’t hinder walking or running. Instead, it adds to the already soothing feel of the shoe.
Under Armour Fat Tire GTX Trail Running Shoe

The thick sole of the Under Armour Fat Tire might have a different look to it but only after trying it out for yourself will you truly appreciate everything it does.

Running proves these points in spades as the composite textile and foam construction found on the inside of the Under Armour Fat Tire absorbs impacts with the road, rocks, treadmill—you name it. And, when the shoe does meet an obstacle you can hardly notice due to the Michelin material and the amount used. In addition, the unique traction lugs on the bottom of the Fat Tire offer unmatched cross-slope grip with performance over all types of terrain.
Under Armour Fat Tire

The grip of the Under Armour Fat Tire is superb for just about any conditions you may find yourself running in.

Performance On the Outside

The great features of the Under Armour Fat Tire GTX don’t stop at the sole. On the outside users will be pleased with the solid construction and durability that Under Armour garments are known for world wide. This includes the 100% waterproof Gore-Tex membrane that provides a barrier between your foot and the elements. This feature also allows for air flow to keep your feet cool and comfortable yet dry.
Under Armour Fat Tire GTX Shoe

The new Under Armour exclusive Ridge Reaper camo is highly attractive and adorns the outside of the GTX Fat Tire model.

Lace It Up

Adding to the performance list of this shoe is the BOA Closure System. With this you can literally tighten the shoe to your exact comfort/performance specifications in a matter of seconds. No old-fashioned laces to contend with. Simply push the BOA dial in and turn clockwise to tighten. To loosen, pull the dial out and the steel lace, nylon guides release themselves from the spool.
This feature might be one of my favorites simply because it adds a custom ‘dialed-in’ fit to the shoe depending on the situation at hand. Sometimes I like my shoes tight when I’m hitting the trail pretty hard. Other times, when I’m just kicking around, I like them loose; but not too loose. The BOA system gives me the option to meet both circumstances effortlessly.
Under Armour Fat Tire Running Shoe

The BOA Closure System eliminates the hassle of stretch and weight found in ordinary lacing systems and is guaranteed for the life of the product.

The Scent That Kills

Under Armour fans are familiar with the great lengths the company has made to keep hunters undetected in the field. The Under Armour Fat Tire follows this same mind set with the incorporation of Cupron on the inside of the shoe. What is Cupron? It is an anti-bacterial, copper infused sock liner that kills 99.9% of athletes foot fungus after 12 hours of contact.
And, while this product is marketed as a running shoe I can see it being used in certain hunting situations. With the addition of Cupron Technology the Fat Tire provides high performance during training but also won’t contribute to game-spooking odors (should you take it afield) the way ordinary running shoes can or will.

When The Rubber Meets The Road

So how does the Under Armour Fat Tire perform? Flawlessly! I’ve honestly tried to find something about this shoe that I dislike but I can’t. If I wanted to be picky I guess I could point out that if the BOA Closure System were to fail it would take more than a shoe string to fix. However, as I mentioned it does have a lifetime warranty so it’s really no concern to me.
Nevertheless, the first time I slipped these shoes on my feet I knew they were unique and special. As a former athlete in high school and college my body (particularly my knees) doesn’t always agree with the constant pounding that goes with trail running or just running in general.
Under Armour Fat Tire GTX Shoe Review

Do yourself a favor and try to find a flaw with the new Under Armour Fat Tire.

The Under Armour Fat Tire is honestly the most comfortable running shoe I’ve ever used, simply because it creates such a fine cushion between my feet and the road. This translates to less shock on my knee joints and even my back. Both of which allow me to train harder for hunting season or just overall better health.

Moving Forward

One change I would like to see made to this shoe is the introduction of a slightly more aggressive tread for really rugged terrain. Why? Well, if I could take the overall feel of this running shoe and incorporate it into an all-out hunting boot—look out. That would really be something special.
However, the UA Fat Tire GTX Trail Running Shoe is already special in so many ways. The only thing missing—is your foot.