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After School Bowhunting Success

The ‘thump’ of book-filled backpacks sounded throughout the vehicle. Another school day had ended and the three boys I had just picked up couldn’t have been happier
“Dad, I’d like to go hunting. Can you drop me off?” It was more than a question. The young man’s inquiry was the result of his passion for bowhunting and derived from deep desire to be in the outdoors.
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His question brought back a dozen memories. When I was his age, after school meant checking trap lines, shooting squirrels and exploring what was beyond the next bend in the trail.
I delayed my response until I had checked the wind direction. “It’s a perfect wind, son! And with the approaching storm it should be a good evening.” A bad head cold meant I wouldn’t be able to join my son, but I had the confidence he would be just fine by himself.
This is the first year we’ve hunted the farm my son was wanting to go to. It’s located in an urban area and the farmer wants as many deer taken off the property as possible. The urban deer population cost the farmer a significant amount of money each year, and with a lack of hunting pressure, there are few checks and balances for herd management.
Since we can hunt this farm until the end of January, we have been trying to save it until the late season. With several bucks and does on trail camera, it should provide plenty of opportunity.
As we drove through the countryside my son and I discussed different outcomes of the hunt and how he was to respond to each scenario.
“Check it out, there’s a buck!” I came to a complete stop for a better look. Standing in a freshly picked cornfield was a young buck who paid us little to no attention.
“That’s only a few hundred yards from the blind.”
I was hoping this was a sign of good things to come. Although, when hunting Indiana’s urban archery season each hunter is required to ‘earn a buck.’ Meaning the hunter must kill an ‘antlerless’ deer before he or she can fill their buck tag—this young buck was safe.
Hardly an hour had passed when my phone rang. An excited voice on the other end of the line said, “I just smoked a doe.”
He was elated and so was I.
The ‘doe’ ended up being a button buck, but I couldn’t be happier for my son. His shot placement was perfect, the meat will be delectable and the farmer will be happy to have us back again.
Thank you, Lord for another successful bowhunt.