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Whitetails from Ground to Gun by Neil and Craig Dougherty

Book Review – Whitetails: From Ground To Gun by Neil and Craig Dougherty

Through collating more than two decades of whitetail hunting experience and innovative land management strategy, Whitetails: From Ground To Gun – A Guide To Growing And Hunting Mature Bucks by Neil and Craig Dougherty, provides an entire library of whitetail wisdom in a single volume.
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Although countless so-called whitetail ‘experts’ are writing books today, few can argue with the success of Neil and Craig Dougherty. Having created hundreds of world-class hunting properties, the resumes of these two men speak of mastery. Now through the pages of Whitetails: From Ground To Gun any hunter desiring to become more knowledgable about his quarry can learn from those who have become accomplished in the science and art of harvesting mature whitetail.
By narrating details from their own life the authors have done more than simply write another book around the subject of hunting. Presenting instruction in sensible fashion, Whitetails: From Ground To Gun offers a constructive two-part approach to whitetail management and harvest. No matter if your hunting property is leased, private, or public, within these pages the Dougherty’s take time to provide both valuable knowledge and countless tools for those wanting to know how to better manage and hunt mature whitetail.
The reader will find this book to contain a collection of proven hunting tactics, whitetail behavior studies, and tips for quality deer management that any hunter can benefit from. Whitetails: From Ground To Gun also includes both practical application and personal illustrations from veteran whitetail property managers Neil and Craig Dougherty.
Whitetails: From Ground To Gun should be considered a ‘must have’ resource for any die-hard whitetail hunter.

Chapter Overview – Whitetails: From Ground To Gun

Whitetails: From Ground To Gun is divided into two sections totaling twelve chapters. Filled with useful information, the Dougherty’s work is well rounded in addressing all aspects of whitetail hunting. Bonus photography from Charles Alsheimer provides numerous illustrations within this classic work.
Neil and Craig Dougherty whitetails from ground to gun review
Part I – The Land Connection

Chapter 2 – What Deer Need

Chapter 4 – Evaluating Property

Chapter 5 – Creating The Perfect Property
Part II – Mature Deer & How to Hunt Them

Chapter 7 – Whitetail Personalities

Chapter 9 – Getting the Rut Right

Chapter 12 – Herd Management & Harvesting Does

Book Excerpts

Chapter 2 of Whitetails: From Ground To Gun details the basic needs of whitetail. These needs are a fundamental yet vital part of understanding whitetail behavior and how it relates to the property we hunt.
(Excerpt) – Chapter 2 – What Deer Need
“Fundamentally speaking, deer are driven by the need to stay alive and the need to reproduce; 90% of their energy is dedicated to staying alive, 10% to reproducing. They can’t do either without food, cover, and security and this is what we look for in a hunting property be it private or public. One or two out of three doesn’t cut it. You won’t have good hunting if you can only offer deer food. What you will have is a bunch of night time visitors who spend most of the night feeding and hanging out on your property and are long gone by daylight. Combining food and cover is better but if your cover’s security is breeched every other day by hunters or ATV’s or even roaming dogs, it offers little to deer. Fundamentally, you need all three to find good hunting on any kind of land.” – Whitetails: From Ground To Gun – A Guide To Growing And Hunting Mature Bucks by Neil and Craig Dougherty – Page 30
Chapter 3 of Whitetails: From Ground To Gun provides valuable insights in how to evaluate the long-term potential of current or available hunting property.
(Excerpt) – Chapter 3 – Evaluating Hunting Property
“Deer thrive in quality “weed” fields. They eat the forbs, flowering plants and woody stemmed brush species and even some native grasses that grow along with broadleaf weeds. They regularly chow down goldenrod, ragweed, Queen Anne’s lace, and about 200 other variety of weeds. Bottom line, if it makes a flower or berry, deer will probably eat it. Whitetails eat weeds all the time, especially in spring and early summer when weeds are tender and nutritious. A good weed field has good nutrition (18% protein in some forbs) and is rich in minerals. Whitetail also use overgrown fields for cover and a place to raise their fawns.” – Whitetails: From Ground To Gun – A Guide To Growing And Hunting Mature Bucks by Neil and Craig Dougherty – Page 62
Chapter 11 of Whitetails: From Ground To Gun outlines the necessary elements every hunter must consider if he or she desires to harvest a mature whitetail.
(Excerpt) – Chapter 11 – Hunting Mature Bucks
“But not every hunter gets beaten, at least all the time. We’ve had our share of success on big bucks and plenty of hunters have had the same. If you’ve been skimming your way through this book and not paying attention to the embedded messages, you may be still looking for the part that tells you how to kill big bucks. Stop reading now, go back to the beginning of this book and this time pay attention. If you think being an effective hunter begins when you load your gun and head to the woods, think again. If you think it’s about the caliber of rifle you shoot, or what type of broadhead you use, you’re missing the point.

It’s about understanding deer and the world they live in…“ – Whitetails: From Ground To Gun – A Guide To Growing And Hunting Mature Bucks by Neil and Craig Dougherty – Page 206

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