Safe keeping for the Cuddeback Cuddeview X2 Field Viewer

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The Cuddeback Cuddeview X2 Field Viewer® is an essential piece of scouting gear. Allowing you quick and easy access to your trail camera photos, the Cuddeview X2 makes viewing and downloading your trail-cam photo’s a cinch.


With the possibility of damage to the display and controls when transported with other gear, we set out to find some form of additional protection for the viewer. Searching for durability with a custom fit, we hit the jackpot with the Pelican 1020 Micro Case Series®. Durable, waterproof, and a perfect fit, made the 1020 Micro Case a no-brainer.


As if tailored for the Cuddeview X2, the Pelican 1020 removes all risks of damage associated with storing or transporting the Cuddeview X2 Field Viewer®. Adding Sony’s padded SD Card storage sleeve into the lid of the Pelican 1020 gave additional protection to the viewer, along with extra storage for multiple SD cards.


For added protection of your Cuddeview X2 Field Viewer check out the Pelican 1020 Micro Case Series®.


Cuddeback Cuddeview Field Viewer

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