Arrow Lube for 3D archery

The Three Little Pigs and Arrow Lube On a Retractor

In childhood we heard how the “The Three Little Pigs” were threatened with “huff and puff.” Enshrined in our culture is the saga of a big bad wolf, brick house, and a boiling pot. Like our tip for today, it is “huff and puff” that set the wheels of innovation in motion.

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3D archery shooters attempting to extract arrows from stubborn targets understand “huff and puff.” Its no fairy tale when tugging on carbon arrows tightly pinned in foam. That’s why most 3D shooters won’t be without their favorite arrow lubricant. Stored in neat little applicator bottles this slimy stuff is essential for extracting arrows.


Arrow lube is not something you want to lose during a 3D shoot. Once again the threat of “huff and puff” got the pigs thinking. With some creativity they set out to find a better way to keep the lubricant handy.


Think – Fly Fishing


arrow lube


Gadgets and gear in the fly-fishing world are frequently attached to retractors, often known as “zingers”. When the tool is not in use it is stored neatly in its place. When the tool is needed just give it a tug and its convenient tether will reach where you need it. When finished, let go of the implement and its spring loaded cable retracts to its original position.


Using a double retractor we set out to outsmart the wolf. With the retractor pinned neatly on the inside of the quiver pocket, the lube stays conveniently located. The arrow lube bottle is fastened to the retractor using a “fly floatant” holder. Now you can effortlessly use the lube and ‘whala’ the retractor takes it right back home. For convenience we also elected to fasten our bow string wax in the same way. This tip may not build a brick house or boil the “Big Bad Wolf” but it might save you some “huff and puff.”


3D arrow lube

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